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Making Money as a Vitamin Supplement Affiliate

Do you wonder what kinds of health and wellness products you can earn money from via your health and wellness blog? Do you wonder if you may be able to make affiliate sales by posting links to vitamin supplements on Amazon, Vitamin Shoppe or another website?

At Wordfeeder we have an information-rich Vitamin PLR pack. I see a lot of profit potential with vitamins, and I'll tell you why.

Inside the Mind of Your Typical Vitamin Buyer

I myself buy vitamins! So yes... I am part of your target market, so let me tell you about my purchasing mindset. This will help you know what sort of info to share on your health and wellness site.

As a health conscious consumer, here's what it takes to make me trust, and purchase from a particular vitamin company.

I want my vitamins to be of the highest purity.

I want my vitamins to be easily absorbed, which means that the formula has to be just right.

And finally, I prefer my vitamins contain as few allergens as possible.

So I trust (and BUY... yes, I BUY these brands of vitamins, and so will your readers) names like TwinLabs, Rainbow Light, and Source Naturals. You can find, and link to, all of these brands on Amazon.

Buying Habits of Vitamin Consumers:

Vitamins are a staple for the health conscious, and they're also an impulse purchase.

A vitamin buyer might have a multi that they trust and have set up as a recurring purchase on Amazon.

That same buyer might buy vitamins to cure specific ailments at specific times.

Maybe your reader's looking for a cure for their anxiety. They discover that B vitamins help this affliction. They're... dare I say it, anxious to fix what ails them. So they click the link from your blog and buy those B vitamins on impulse.

Wordfeeder has the Vitamin Content You Need to Start Making Money from Affiliate Links to High Quality Vitamin Supplements

My Vitamin PLR was JUST released, and contains tons of useful information on Vitamins A through K. And, even sweeter music to your ears... I lowered the price from $47 to $37 and now to $17!

Here's what's included with Wordfeeder's Vitamin PLR Multi Pack:


Word Count: 6,530. Delivery: MS Word document via email.

This PLR vitamin content pack includes:

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