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FREE Resource for Coaches, Consultants, Freelancers, Writers, Niche Marketers: How to Get Your Book Published

Being a published author puts you and your clients leagues ahead of others in the same category.

How so? Most people now know how to get a blog up and running. Even more are active on social media, sharing what they know every day.

But when it comes to getting a book published, you can't seem to start. Why? Lack of knowledge. And lack of a plan. It's that simple.

A published, printed book is the mark of a true expert. The problem, though, is that the exact process that one would need to get a book published remains a secret.

Well... not really a secret. But it feels like a secret because you only seem to get bits and pieces of information from here and there. Then you don't write it down... and you forget.

Truly, It's these little details that stop you from moving forward with your plan to write and publish a book.

I was given a gift earlier this year. I worked for a woman who wanted to get her first book published. It just so happened that a man with a background in publishing shared with me the exact steps needed to write, publish and sell a book.

This is an overview. I don't have the "down to the small details" instructions for you. But it's enough to get you going with a plan.

Wordfeeder is offering a quick resource, "How to Get Your Book Published," for customers who purchase private label rights and have a membership on our website.

Who can benefit from having this information?

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So if you sign up for this, that's what you'll get. I'm just warning you. :)

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