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Is it Worth Targeting the Emotional Health Niche?

Are you wondering what's a good and profitable niche to hone in on as a blogger? The Emotional Health niche remains one of the biggest profit generators. Whether you are a life coach, therapist, counselor, run a mental health or relationships blog, or just want to offer emotional support to your home and family or health and wellness readers, there is no shortage of a need for new and helpful advice in this niche.

So let's examine why it makes so much sense for you to publish content for people seeking support around their emotional health.

The need for support in this area is ONLY getting stronger. Here's why.

First, let's take a look at who people turn to when they need emotional support.

  • They could go to therapy. But therapy costs money, or requires a level of health insurance coverage that many people don't have as part of their family plan.

  • Maybe they do go to therapy, but feel as though their counselor is just reading back a checklist of motions to run through. Maybe they're not getting the breakthrough they are in need of. They could be blocked in moving forward with making a better life.

  • Perhaps they have band-aided their problems with prescriptions, but it's not enough.

  • They could hire a life coach or pay a counselor to listen to them. Again, if insurance coverage is insufficient, this is a financial commitment that many cannot afford. Maybe they attend couples or family therapy - but this group dynamic isn't permitting them to speak their truth, out of fear or frustration.

So basically, they're in need of some help, advice, a plan of action... something to move them out of this chronic state of lack. And this is the real reason why self help books, ebooks, email courses, group sessions and other alternatives to therapy remain popular year after year!

Think about the habits of your target reader: someone who suffers from anxiety, depression, life setbacks...

Every time someone experiences a real struggle in their relationships, with feelings, with self esteem, who do they turn to in this day and age? Maybe they Google a meme to match their emotional state. Then they cryptically post it on social media.

What do others think and do when they see that? Will the person get a call? If they do get a call... it will be on their cell, likely when they're driving or running from one activity to the next. Or the family member won't be able to hear what they're saying.

Or they will text, but the words will be misunderstood. The internet age is a bizarre time to be alive! I'm showing my age (mid-forties) when I say this. :D But all of this has more people turning to search engines for help and advice.

When they reach out to the great Google gods to solve their emotional problems, will you be there? You might if you pick up this emotional health content from JR Lang. And I just want to tell you: if you're growing a list that speaks to this audience you're doing a really good and smart thing. So thank you for helping the people of the world who may feel alone and unsupported at times. :)