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Ways to Run a Gratitude Journaling Challenge that Endears Your Followers AND Matches Your Coach Marketing Goals

The thought of running a gratitude challenge... delightful, yet daunting. The end game is a feel-good connection with your followers. Positive thinking, calm and ease all around. But it's more than that.

Whenever you run a journaling challenge, you get the choice to match your delivery to your comfort levels, ease of use, and goals for your coaching business.

Let's do a quick punch list of ways you can EASILY set up 30 days (or another number) of gratitude journaling exercises. These will work to engage your followers AND plant the seeds for future sales and business growth.

'Tis the Season to Run a Gratitude Journaling Challenge. Good Thing the Content is Done-for-You....

Our done-for-you gratitude challenges include...

Go here to explore each gratitude content package

Don't miss this chance to guide your followers to greater gratitude, run a terrific group challenge and connect minds and hearts this festive season.