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Make Money in Your Sleep. Niche Blog Monetization Tips for Newbies

Ever thought that you might want to run a niche blog for profit? It's a great do-it-yourself money maker that you can work on in your spare time or ramp up to become a full-time business that makes you money even in your sleep. Here are basic steps, for those just learning about online income creation.

Step 1: Choose a niche.

You might initially think that your own hobbies and interests are the way to go in deciding to publish content to a niche. That's what I always thought. Then I realized... even if it's not a topic I'm personally into, the content is out there and readily available for you to continue adding to your blog and making money by publishing.

This site, Wordfeeder.com, is a great source for private label rights content!

Step 2: Create a blog.

You can do this using free blog software. Don't be shy. Open up a Blogger, Wordpress or Typepad account that you can log into using your email address and a password that you create. Log in, and take a look at all the features of your blog right at your fingertips.

Create pages for your website: Home, About, Services, Products, Articles, Contact. Or, other pages that work for what you plan to offer.

Make sure to include popularly searched terms that cover what you offer.

Add articles that you write. They don't have to be long. They must relate to what you plan to sell. You need the articles, and all the keywords, to help get you indexed on Google so people will find you.

Step 3: Grow your list.

Later, when people begin to discover your website, you want to grab their contact information. You need this so you can talk to them later and build a relationship with your audience.

Use a list builder for this. Aweber and Constant Contact are good places to host your list.

These companies supply the tools you need to do permission-based email marketing. Eventually, you'll send out your first newsletter that folks on your list will receive via email. Readers will become customers and referrers.

Step 4: Plug into social media.

Create social media profiles at all the hot spots where businesses want to be seen. Start with Facebook. If you don't have a personal page, this is where it all begins – so get one.

From there, you can create a Business Page on Facebook which is a separate entity from your personal page. Every time you write a new article on your website, you should also publish the link to your article on your Business Page over on Facebook.

Do the same for Twitter, and any other online communities you come across that relate to what you do. Create profiles for each one you join.

Don't forget LinkedIn.com. Most people who search your name and business online will peek at your LinkedIn profile, so don't leave anything out. LinkedIn.com is also the perfect place to collect testimonials (endorsements) from people with whom you've worked.

Are you a talker, instructor or performer? Take advantage of YouTube.com to publish videos that others can learn from which also share your web link and product or service details. You can share these videos right on your website or blog, too!

Step 5: Add content.

Be sure to add content to your website as often as possible. There's so much PLR content that's readily available for you to publish on a website that it's unreal.

Also share interesting links that others publish on their websites. Be sure the window to their site opens in a new window so that people won't be clicking "Off" your website once they click on theirs. They should be able to hop back onto whatever page they were reading from your site.

Step 6: Monetize your website.

Not only can you offer products and services on your site, but you can also publish e-books, add a sign-up for classes, link to your Ebay, Amazon or Etsy store, and pretty much utilize your website for its greatest passive income potential.

Start by signing up for a PayPal account. Also sign up for Google Adsense. From here, you can gradually learn how to earn money online while you sleep!

If you're serious about creating a niche site, let me give you a source for superb, done-for-you content. Wordfeeder, of course.

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