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Does Your Money Mindset Hold You Back from Charging What You're Worth?

Here's a 4-Step Plan to Help You and Your Clients Manifest Wealth, Raise Your Rates & more

Hey, Coach or Expert! You work so hard, and you put so much thought and care into serving clients. So what stops you from charging more? It could be your money mindset.

Do your clients have the very same issue - they can't bring themselves to raise their rates? But yet they need and deserve to be compensated for their time and talent.

Pricing is tricky for coaches, but it's a double-edged sword. You know you're worth more than you're currently charging. But if you raise your rates, clients might not be on board with the plan. You worry that they might even decide to stop working with you!

How do you (or your clients) make the leap and command a higher rate for your services? Why is this a struggle? It's probably due to a money block. A money block associates asking for what you're worth with guilty feelings. Well, it's time to transform your/and your clients' attitude toward money, and open the floodgates to bring in more each month!

Yes, we're about to share exactly how you can give yourself a raise, minus the fear, shame and backpedaling!

What is a Money Block?

A money block is an attitude or belief about money which may be holding you back from truly prospering.

Why would someone find themselves mentally blocked from attracting wealth? It's very likely a limiting mindset we were surrounded with growing up. From the time that we're small children, our parents send us messages about money through their words and actions. This is the real reason why some people seem to be better than others at attracting wealth and then keeping it growing.

The next question, then, is: are money blocks cemented in stone? Surely you've heard of people who grew up in impoverished circumstances who turned their lives around and made millions. That's an extreme situation which is not typical for sure. But yet, what it tells us is that if someone who starts out with nothing can tap into wealth, maybe we can also - and it all starts with that simple attitude shift. Release the money blocks!

Action Steps for Manifesting More Money

What is manifestation? It sounds like some new-age woo-woo hype, but actually it's just the term for taking actionable steps to make something happen. So let's explore how, once a person releases their money blocks, then can then move forward with plans to actualize the higher numbers flowing into their bank account. Below, find some possible actions, with suggestions for implementation:

  1. Raise your rates. If you're going to hike up prices, you've got to be consistent across the board. Your first affirming step to take is by revamping your listed prices wherever they appear on your website. Next, make the official announcement to your clients. Remember that if some clients opt out after they hear of a price increase, you must stand your ground. This will open the door to new clients, who recognize your worth and are willing to pay for it.
  2. Make an exclusive offer to your email list, offering value instead of discounts. If you constantly offer discounts to your packages, people won’t value your services. Instead, offer a coaching package or group coaching plus something in addition, such as a special report, checklist, chapter(s) from your eBook, or an audio class.
  3. Ramp up your networking effort. Don’t limit yourself to just online or in-person networking. After all, you never know where your next client will come from.
  4. Create lower-priced offers for those who can’t afford one-on-one coaching. Don’t ever let someone’s excuse of “I can’t afford it” push you away from developing a relationship. For those not ready to make the leap, consider offering group coaching. Put together a special package of resources and tools that might hold value for them, and offer at an attractive price point. This is not a discount; this is simply a less expensive, less personal option.

Ready to Delve into Money Blocks for You and Your Clients?

The newest planner from Coach Glue is all about Busting Your Money Blocks and it comes complete with exercises you can work through on your own to discover what your money blocks are and how to overcome them. Once you understand the source of the block, you can do so much more to conquer those blocks and live the life of your dreams! Get the planner here



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