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Pinning... Winning! Make Money on Pinterest by Content Sharing: My Best Tips

Hey, busy blogger! I have some awesome Pinterest profiting tips for you to snag and run with.

I love having a list because I get to inspire people to take action (I hope), and initiate profitable partnerships. This is a really cool thing. So, there's been some Pinterest chatter lately. I've seen marketers are on Facebook promoting courses that teach you how to make money on Pinterest.

I use Pinterest to get new signups to my list. I like the fact that it's so categorical, and you can create a new board on the fly, as you're pinning, with just a few clicks.

One thing that helps also, is sharing content that others have posted, as part of your library. So I don't just have PLR categories on my Pinterest page. I also post things that interest me, in categories such as Inspiring Quotes, and Cool Things to Know.

As far as making money on Pinterest via content sharing, here's the biggest tip I can offer you. Start getting graphics-proficient if aren't already. One fairly common trick of health bloggers is to create a really attractive info-graphic.

Make sure the picture relates to what you're saying. Make sure the text gets them curious. An example: "Repel Ticks Naturally Using These 3 Essential Oils." (Then they must click through to your blog to get the answer.)

Use bold, easy-to-read fonts. Lay it out in a pleasing fashion. AND... here's where articles come in... make sure that your infographic leads back to an info-rich post on your blog where people can learn more about the topic, click PPC ads, and otherwise prompts them to take action.

Their action could be to sign up for your list, purchase an e-guide, join a membership, purchase Amazon products through your link, or something else.

So if you used the "Repel Ticks Naturally" lead-in, then the related blog post would be a recipe for tick repellent that includes lemongrass, clove and peppermint, and maybe a list of Q&As like where to put it on your dog, how often to apply it, how much to use and such.

One thing that's really annoying about Pinterest posters: some people just have the pin lead back to a general page on their blog... so the question never gets answered. This is the red flag of a spammy junk blog, and of course you don't want to be that person. So take care to post helpful articles that people will truly benefit from.

I have some Pinterest-ready written content packs already. One is Natural Cures for Insomnia. The other is the Magic of Garlic. If you chose to pin these, here's what you'd have to do.

1. Open up the articles and take a good look at them. Pull out and edit snippets of the content that would make good Pinterest posts.

2. Make Pinterest-friendly tips from the information. For example, a garlic tip could be "Shrink your belly bloat! This centuries-old remedy can help balance your gut flora to reduce inflammation and improve digestion."

3. Find a matching image, maybe it's a woman holding her stomach or something. The image should be striking and compelling. Then take one of the articles in the PLR pack, for example Historic Medicinal Uses of Garlic," and post it on your blog along with images, Amazon links, a member signup, and PPC ads.

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