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A Reliable, Affordable Content Source for Website Designers

Wordfeeder might just have the ultimate solution for all of your content marketing challenges!

Hey there, busy web developer. Working with a copywriter can be tricky, am I right? You've got the client on one hand, and the writer on the other. How do you manage to get them both on the same page?

Thankfully, with PLR website content, blog posts and web articles, you don't have to worry about who's going to write all that content ever again.

That's because at Wordfeeder, we've already written the content for you! All you have to do is grab it and GO.

Here's why signing up for our Basic PLR Membership will be hands-down the best action you take for your web design business all year:

With Wordfeeder's PLR Content Membership...

We offer a variety of options for your publishing needs. To get an idea of what niches we serve and shop for content packs ala carte, visit our PLR Store and click on your chosen niche category.

We currently sell and give away PLR content that works perfectly for the following audiences:

Business Building, Life Coaching, Health and Wellness, Holiday and Seasonal, Home and Family, Parenting, Self Improvement, Weight Loss

You can do more with PLR than you ever dreamed possible... creating more than just website or blogs, but also using it to crank out ebooks, special reports, ecourses, videos, and tons more income-generating content that your clients will lose their minds over.

I know that web designers are notoriously busy. I don't want to waste a minute more of your precious time.

Get to the meat of why you're here: you need high quality content for ALL your clients' blogs and website development jobs.

Have your content manager edit this content to make it personal for the client. Write a new intro. Move the main points around. Add new ideas. Takes just minutes of tweaking instead of hours of writing from scratch!Ready to start downloading PLR content immediately?

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