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Profiting Via Pinterest: Helpful Tips for Dabblers & Die-Hards Alike

Hi, friends! Yesterday I took you on a little journey through the very popular website, Pinterest. The purpose of that exploration was to understand the benefit of opening up an account on that site and using it to funnel traffic to your blog or website.

So now that we have traversed the landscape of Pinterest, let's summarize a few good practices that will help you use the site to increase your profits online.

Set up your website to share great content.
Your website should share lots of helpful tips and articles. People are out there Googling because they want to know things about things. If you share tips, ideas, suggestions and solutions, you will attract their attention. What's your niche?

The main ones are business, health, self improvement, family, food, holiday, DIY, crafts, weight loss… okay so maybe there are more niches than I thought. These are a good start to figure out what niche(s) you plan to show up in.

Monetize your blog or website. Put in the Adsense code, set up Amazon product images and links to share so people can click through. If they purchase, you get the commission. If you have a Wordpress blog, there is a handy plugin that you can use in conjunction with Google Adsense.

Each time you type in a new post, you just activate one of your Google ads to show up by way of the handy plugin.

Start collecting leads. If you don't have a mailing list, you really should get one. Head on over to Aweber - one of the most trusted list management software systems out there. You can set up your list to automatically add people via email, and then put a sign-up form on your site to capture new leads. People can hop on or off your list as they like.

Hook yourself up with some great graphics. You need amazing visuals if you want other Pinterest users to save your pins. You've probably noticed that the images people share on Pinterest really catch attention. They're also "infographics" - each one either has a well-phrased lead-in, OR it actually imparts helpful information.

For example, yesterday we saw that someone took the time to visually explain which products get what types of stains out of your laundry. That type of pin is a keeper for sure. But you also want the graphics on your website to match what people see on Pinterest. Otherwise, they might leave your site because it seems spammy, or because they aren't sure how they ended up there in the first place.

Take your monetization to the next step:

Set yourself up to sell ebooks and email courses. You will need a few things in order to do this right. One, you should be growing your mailing list. Your blog will make significantly more money if you also send helpful tips to the people who have signed up to hear from you. In your emails, include a pitch for people to buy your ebook. A site like e-junkie makes it easy for people to purchase ready-to-download ebooks.

You can also launch a membership. If you haven't logged in much on my site, Wordfeeder.com, check it out. I sell done-for-you content as a product. I also have just recently launched a monthly membership. You can do the very same thing using a software such as aMember. Once you get used to managing the back end, hosting a member site is really fun and can be lucrative if you do it right.

Make sales pages. We saw one Pinterest person who started with a graphic of a cute doggy. The headline said something about Get Your Dog to Stop Barking. The link from the Pinterest pin led to a new page where she had posted a strongly persuasive sales message.

She utilized the storytelling feature and talked about dogs not barking on a plane. Then she introduced a related product that helps dogs stop barking. (I don’t remember what it was, I was looking at her marketing strategy rather than memorizing whatever gadget she was pitching).

Remember, Pinterest is the vehicle that drives people to your site, and then the content you share there gets people to sign up. And the reason why I'm compelled to talk about is because I have high quality done-for-you articles for you over at Wordfeeder PLR.

You can post the articles as is, or change them to reflect your brand and unique point of view.

We also have some new monthly PLR memberships in development if you'd like to explore those very affordable options in done-for-you content. Our Life Coaching, Self Help & Mental Health membership is now live!

I hope these tips inspire you to continue expanding your reach on social media sites like Pinterest, and utilizing the type of content we offer at Wordfeeder, designed to make your blogging life simple and fruitful. Make this week profitable and productive!

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