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A Shortcut Technique to Boost Affiliate Income from PLR


There was a time not too long ago when I didn't recognize the importance of being an affiliate in online marketing - that it's all part and parcel of being successful in this industry.


Everything is tailored for lower prices (meaning, versus a service-based business), lots of freebies to grow your list, monthly membership that offer freedom and flexibility, and everyone supporting each other by becoming an affiliate of each other's products.

I DIDN'T KNOW THIS when I first came online in 2004! I just had no idea. In fact, my very first client, a life coach kicking off a Christmas themed start-up, tried to introduce me to these concepts and I just did NOT get it.


I had this whole idea that I was bringing corporate expertise to the table and that more people should be following ME and my lofty ideals and standards. NOPE!

So, let me tell you a shortcut that probably a lot of the best affiliates already know about. But, as always, it takes me millennia longer than everyone else to catch up.

If you think of your favorite, high performing PLR and done-for-you content provider, what do they likely do/offer? They have freebies that get more people onto their lists. AND they announce new content releases with special price breaks.

So if your favorite content creator in a specific category announced their upcoming launch, AND you knew that you weren't going to be around on the day of the launch… what could you do to get more people buying through your link?

You could give YOUR list an advance heads up, and say something like, "Look at this! My fave producer will be launching a brand NEW offer and content on Monday… but in the meantime, why not get to know her style and quality by trying out this freebie from her, today!"

Then, when the launch day comes, even if you're already occupied with something else, your subscribers will have already signed up with said person and are hopefully receiving the big announcement for the new product. And who knows… some, or a lot of them, might even buy.


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