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Near-Effortless Promotions Planning and Creation - for Coaches, Consultants and Entrepreneurs | Wordfeeder PLR

Online Coaches and Experts... Do You Feel Like Your Promotions Just Aren't Getting the Love They Deserve?

Do You Suffer from This Common Problem?

"My clients don't want to pay high hourly fees to have my team create their content from scratch... only to have barely anyone see it anyway!"

Having to write all of your marketing materials on your own can deplete your business of thousands in billable hours that are FAR better spent creating new income sources that your list will love because they're both awesome AND affordable.

Having to persuade your clients to hire you for hours and hours of work is NOT fun, and NOT even necessary for you to pull in some good cash in your business!

After all, you could be impressing the heck out of them with content shortcuts and productivity enhancers that make use of pre-researched, pre-written articles and must-have tips.

So here's where Coach Glue's latest comes in. They've just put the final touches on another beautiful, brandable content production kit that promises to make your life as a coach or online expert SO much easier.

Here's what you get with the Content Promotion Planner

The Step-by-Step Planner Covers (23 PAGES):

To Grab Your Copy of This Awesome Promotions Planner, Go Here.

Buy Now button opens up to a page on Coach Glue's website where you can learn more and order.)