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Need Cheap Article Writing? Try Private Label Content

Searching for cheap content that's also well-written and informative?

If you're in the marketing for cheap article writing, then let me introduce you to PLR.

PLR stands for Private Label Rights content. It works slightly differently than paying a writer to custom-create content for you.

Reasons to RUN to Our Low-Priced, High Quality PLR Articles:

  • You're late sending out your email newsletter
  • You want to launch an affordable group coaching class but can't think of a topic
  • You haven't blogged in (weeks, months, more)
  • You're caught up with client work *which is GREAT -- BUT now you're behind on your own content publishing.
  • Your social media group engagement has dropped
  • You want to sell an ebook
  • You're speaking at an event and need a topic

The advantages to PLR articles:

  1. It's economically priced. Instead of $100 per page of article content, PLR costs just a few dollars per page... sometimes less if you catch a sale.
  2. It's plentiful.The ongoing challenge with web publishing is there's always a shortage of content. Not so when you purchase PLR articles to customize and brand with your company name.

Right now, internet writers are busily researching hot content topics that work with your niche. The information is accurate, the grammar up to snuff.

And the content itself delivers great information that your readers definitely would be interested in knowing about.

Okay, so if PLR content is so great, why don't more people use it?

First, they just might. You never know who's transformed PLR content into something completely new and different.

But the other problem is that most PLR content is... well, a little vanilla. Bland, run-of-the content mill. But not so with Wordfeeder!

Wordfeeder's PLR articles are anything but vanilla. Welcome to the Rocky Road of PLR.

Our PLR articles are a little different... dare we say... better than those you'd find elsewhere. Mainly, that's because I hail from a professional copywriting background.

I know quality writing, produce quality writing, and only work with writers whose quality standard matches what we offer here.

Why is PLR not like hiring a writer... but yet you get written content?

At Wordfeeder, you still get cheap, good article writing. But instead of offering you a service, we're presenting a finished product: pre-written website content.

Do you know that moment when your hired writing helper hands you a draft, and you can't wait to whip out your red pen? That's what you get from Wordfeeder PLR... without the wait!

Instead of waiting for the content... the content is waiting for YOU. Just download the file and get to work immediately, changing it to make it yours.

Done-for-You Website Content is the Future!

As a discerning copywriter, I can assure you that quality won't suffer if you buy and publish PLR content. So let me brief you on how this works.

The Process of Purchasing and Publishing PLR Content to Use in Your Web Marketing and Product Creation Tasks:

Instead of you knocking on our door and asking for a specific set of articles on a particular topic... we research what's trending and then write the articles first. Then, we upload them to the member area and advertise the finished product on its own sales page.

This allows you to essentially shop for PLR articles whenever you visit our site.

We've connected with the best producers of PLR content on the web. Each day we find something new and exciting to add to our collection of high quality website content.

You can plan your website and newsletter, coaching materials and more, with just one PLR-shopping escapade on Wordfeeder.

Bunches and Batches of Excellent Website Content

The articles that we showcase here are sold in topic-specific batches! Here's how to work with that:

You can ALWAYS edit the articles we sell here. And you SHOULD edit them.

We encourage you to add your own examples, stories, and images to make your brand "pop!"

Find the buzzwords that your audience would recognize for this particular topic. Wherever possible, sub those in for the terms that our writers have used.

That's the best way to make this content your very own! And that's the best way I can tell you to make PLR content go from "pretty good" to extraordinary.

You Just Can't Beat the Price of PLR Content

The greatest thing about PLR content is the value - so much content for so cheap! Why? Multiple parties purchase the article packs, until a certain amount of sales have been reached.

Then, the articles are removed from circulation, and a new series of hot topics is unleashed on the public, with a brand-new set of articles to follow.

Need to Publish Some Great Content Quickly? Sign Up for Our Basic PLR Membership to Sample our Articles.

Or... Get Straight to the Good Stuff. Shop for PLR from our online store, below.

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