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Where to Get GREAT Content for Your Website

If you're here, you've probably figured out that content marketing involves a ton of work. There are just so many tasks you must attend to for success in growing your business and creating a viable income online.

To have a successful business online, add these content marketing tasks to the weekly rotation. This is a MUST if you hope to create profits and experience real success!

If you think that's a lot, you're right! But the good news is, you don't have to nix paying for your kids' college just to get some good content up on your website. There are actualy plenty of content marketing shortcuts that you take.

If you don't enjoy, or don't have time for writing, then rest easy. At Wordfeeder, content writing is what we do. And by "shortcuts," I don't mean cheats.

I mean, tons of folks like myself and others like me, write content and sell it online. Yes, we often will be paid by the hour to write original content for ONE client, but that's not the shortcut I speak of.

The Content Marketing Shortcut You Simply Must Use in Your Online Business is called PLR - or Private Label Rights Content.

How PLR works:

A writer writes articles on a single topic,and sells them in bunches, for a low price, as a packaged info product.

As the purchaser of PLR content, you are granted the private label rights license to use the content. The best way I can explain it is if a well-known winery put their label on wine that was grown and stomped by some other wine maker. This is called private label products. It's quite common, and nothing new.

Once you have the content, you'll want to dress it up a bit if you're planning on sharing it in your blog.

How to Edit PLR Articles to Use in Your Web Publishing Projects:

Good ways to improve the PLR articles you purchase before blogging them:

What to Create from PLR Articles if You Want to Sell Digital Products:

Where to Share PLR Articles that You Edit, to Grow Your List:

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