*March 9, 2023: Due to confusion, we have removed the "Basic PLR Membership" requirement on all PAID PLR forms. Thanks for your support!

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Create a Self Care Challenge to Profit from While Helping People. PLR Content Makes it Easy!

Here at Wordfeeder, we like to write content that teaches people things they didn't know.

This self-care content is well written and includes some of my favorite practices to help undo the damage of spending too much time frozen in one spot at the computer.

I know, because I live this, and I'll bet you and your readers do, too.

Do you and your people ever feel lightheaded and super-tense after working too long on your PC?

So did I, until I began my yoga practice... which changed my body, health, attitude and productivity, all for the better. So I wrote about this in the self-care pack.

Think your busy and motivated entrepreneur audience members may have trouble winding down after a busy day of business-building? Of course they do. We all do.

That's why I share "bed yoga" positions to help you sleep like a baby without having to commit to a rigorous yoga session.

What about loosening up tense neck, back and shoulder muscles after being on the computer for way too long?

This pack addresses that, too. I wrote up a series of easy stretches to bring relief and get your body back in balance.

There's an article on breathing exercises to help you relax and improve lung function. Another on how to get more vitamin D for better sleep and better health (lots of neat information in there - for example, did you know that your skin soaks up enough sunshine to make its own vitamin D in about half the time that it would take you to develop a sunburn?

So if you have light skin and can only spend about a half-hour in the sun before burning, you will uptake your needed rays for vitamin D-making in about 15 minutes.)

You'll also find tips on how to do yoga without leaving your computer desk!

And of course, articles on the best herbal teas to help you sleep better.

Finally, don't forget about the relaxation potential of magnesium which you can soak up thanks to an Epsom salt bath. Add lavender for even more soothing calm. And other, neat, nerdy factoids! 

Take it a Step Further! Run a 30-Day Self Care/Stress Relief Challenge with Done-for-You Content. Here's How

Order the Self-Care 10-Day Challenge from Wordfeeder.

Then order the Self Care for Small Biz Owners PLR pack

Here's what to do with all of the content:

Publish the 12 articles from my Self Care for Small Biz Owners PLR pack one by one as individual blog posts. Include a link for people to purchase the challenge. Also be sure to link to the blog posts from ALL your social media pages.

If you like, you can combine the content from the two packs to make a super awesome Self Care/Stress Relief Challenge for Busy Entrepreneurs (come up with your own unique name, think of Daily Om and the really good copy they write to sell their courses - then think of your own ideas). So you pretty much have a ton of ways to make money AND help people using this great, done-for-you written content.

Self-Care Challenge Done-for-You Health Coaching Content and Self-Care for Business Owners Pack, featured below. Use these to sell and market a self-care challenge!