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Coaches, Speakers and Experts...

Do Your Clients Dream of Selling a Course Online?

What stops you from teaching them? Is it lack of knowledge? Lack of a plan?

Do you just not have the time in your day to run step by step through the how-tos of selling online courses?

Well, that's about to change, thanks to done-for-you content from Wordfeeder!

Brand New and Done for You: Creating and Selling Your Ecourse - 6,708 words total

There's a lot of confusion out there over exactly what it takes to make money on the internet. But hooray, now you can set the record straight for your people, and make some bank in the process.

I've got a 6,000+ word, done-for-you ecourse that's all ready to put your name on and offer to your online business, work-from-home, or internet marketing audience.

Sell an Ecourse that Teaches Your Readers How to Sell an Ecourse!

This Superb PLR content pack takes your readers step by step through all of the pertinent details.

This content pack with private label rights includes 11 articles total, all ready for you to brand, edit, put your name on, and publish in an ecourse that you use to teach people how to sell an ecourse! Titles include:

  1. Brainstorming Your Ecourse Niche

  2. Step By Step Ecourse Creation

  3. Nailing Your Ecourse Idea

  4. Where to Get Good Written Content For Your Ecourse

  5. Where to Find Great Images for Your Online Course

  6. Style Your Ecourse

  7. Creating Your Ecourse Cover

  8. Choosing an Online Course Platform

  9. Pricing and Accepting Payments for Your Online Course

  10. How To Sell A Course Online- the Marketing Strategy

  11. Beginner's Guide to Creating Your Ecourse Checklist

Niches this Works for:

How to Use this Pre-Written Ecourse Content to Make Money:

  1. Edit the content to suit your niche and speak in the voice of your brand.
  2. Add your signature branding - headlines, clever turn of phrase, fonts, images, formatting
  3. Sell as an instant-download ebook via your blog AND/OR offer as an 11-part autoresponder series, AND/OR run as a 10-day ecourse creation challenge on social media
  4. Offer as a FREEBIE in exchange for new signups to your list.
  5. Sign up to become an affiliate of the many companies listed inside this 11-part training series - so you can earn money each time someone new signs up for a particular service.
  6. Publish as 11 stand-alone blog posts that lead the reader to sign up and read the rest of your ebook that they can either purchase or download for free.
  7. Publish snippets of this content with a "read more" link to follow from social media (think: PINTEREST!) back to a sign-up form on your blog.
  8. Offer your ecourse as part of your coaching program or an incentive to sign up for your private paid membership. It's the perfect step-by-step guide to utilize when helping your clients create ecourses of their own.
  9. Print it out OR share by email, and teach it as a small group workshop!
  10. ...and the BEST PART? If you have never sold an ecourse, you'll know exactly how to do it step by step by the end of this tutorial... and you can use what you learn to teach others by sharing or selling the content!

Here's a screen shot sample so you can get an idea of the Writing quality:

Delivery: MS Word file. Arrives via email upon receipt of PayPal payment. Your file will also be accessible each time you log into the Wordfeeder member area.


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PS: Don't forget! In addition to these high quality articles, you also get a TON of free content once you log into the Wordfeeder member area. Check the top menu and look under FREE PLR to see what's offered.

THANKS for supporting my freelance business. CHEERS to you in yours!