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Make Money by Helping Solve Problems via Your Website and Online Business

Are you helping your readers solve problems? THAT is what the real purpose of your website should be: to share information that helps people solve problems. This is the case for whatever niche you may be publishing to. 

And: there's a big difference between what society claims will solve certain problems, versus what people actually do to solve them that works.

Word of mouth and real-life experience ALWAYS reveal the true solution. The alternative method is often the best method.

Why is life like this? Mostly because the bigger mouths (corporate dollars, government) drive the messages that we see online, in ads, and the media. What is *said* typically doesn't align with what is TRUE. What is true and what works is often EASY, simple and cheap. There's no corporate money to be made in that, so you won't hear nearly as much about it.

This why people turn to the internet when they have a real problem that they're having trouble solving. 

I'll give you a quick example of this. A friend's daughter was diagnosed with ADHD. He was given a prescription for her. What he thought was going to be weekly support and guidance turned out to be a "pill mill" kind of scenario. The pills didn't seem to be working the way they had hoped, either.

My friend is now searching for other means of treating ADHD. That's what generally has to happen to bring people to the internet, to a website like yours. The offered solution DOES NOT WORK and WAS NOT what was expected.

Let's take a look at common problems from the lens of whatever industry you work in or niche that you publish to online.

Life coaching or psychology:

Example, your clients enrolls his or her child in insurance-covered therapy. But each week they attend a session, he or she ends up feeling like they're being read to off a script. The therapy is depthless, there's no real empathy, and the by-the-book solutions that are being fed to your client only work in theory: not in the actual, given circumstances of how people live.

What's the answer? You, as their coach, offer affordable ebooks that can help them solve common problems - like improving their relationship with teens, parenting without yelling, balancing home and work life, and all of the common issues. One or more of the issues is bound to hit home for your client, and the info can help them improve their situation.

Let's do another: home and family.

People have lots of problems in their daily lives, especially when the laws change. After laws change, boundaries often get crossed, and confusion results. When you try to bring in an authority figure to rein in whatever is happening, there isn't a clear-cut answer.

Again: this is why people turn to the internet to solve their problems.

For our latest Home and Family content package, I've tackled a common problem that "on paper looks like there is a simple answer," but really, there isn't: Other People's Odors Coming into Your Space.

Apartment living presents its share of challenges. Odor nuisances are fairly common, but not a lot can be done no matter how good the "rules" are laid out on paper. Why? The landlord can state in the lease six ways 'til Sunday how this or that (smoking, cooking smells, garbage odors) can be considered a nuisance to neighbors that is in violation of the lease. But this is a gray area.

Everyone creates smells from time to time. And if the landlord considers that tenant whose outdoor cigarette smoking bothers the neighbor, BUT the smoker tenant has faithfully paid rent on time for 25 years... it's simply not in the landlord's best interest to give the smoker a hard time. 

So the other tenant, the one who has complaints about a smoke smell nuisance, will likely only have their problem addressed on paper but not in reality. The actual smoker who feels it's their right to enjoy a cigarette outside, is not going to change their behavior for someone who is barely an acquaintance. 

Getting around to my point: your blog should address common problems that people have. In the case of needing but not being able to find good therapy, that's a big problem. The odors from the neighbor's apartment is a smaller problem, but a problem nevertheless. These are the kinds of problems people type in frustration into the little Google search box, hoping for a magical solution to appear. 

If you address that problem in your blog, and share some good advice, along with a product or service or info source that may be of use in helping solve it, you'll be creating income for yourself that helps other people live better. 

Because honestly, no matter how the laws are worded, no matter what the common cure of the day is... the problems are actually solved for real in obvious ways, using simple solutions that people don't easily see on their own. So if you offer to solve these problems, you get to be the expert. And that's how you gain a loyal following and make passive income online.

Our Pot Luck PLR Club offers blog-ready content that you can edit and post to your website/blog, share on social media or email out to your list. The idea is that we tackle problems that plague people and offer them manageable solutions. 

The latest problem that I used in the second sample, is How to Stop Unwanted Smells from Your Neighbor's Apartment. I've just added content to the Pot Luck PLR Club that covers this topic in detail. It's enough to make one or two blog posts, and/or an email, and/or a social media poste, and/or a PDF download.

In addition to some great, practical advice, I've also included products that your readers can order on Amazon to help cleanse, block odors and purify the air of their place. You should definitely use this content, and share your Amazon affiliate links to the included, recommended products. These solutions really work! I wouldn't share them if they didn't.

If you're already a Pot Luck PLR member, you can download this content immediately. Just log in and grab the doc to use as you wish. 

If you've not signed up, this membership contains lots of great value!  Here's a quick copy and paste of a sample from the content doc. 

Create negative air pressure via strategic use of fans and vent blocks.

Air slips in through various spaces that you would not expect. This includes drain pipes, outlet covers, heating and air conditioning vents and poorly insulated windows and doors.

To reduce the amount of air coming in from outside or from other people's apartments, seal the cracks or plug the openings. Try the following products:

Electrical outlet covers

The very same plastic outlet covers that keep toddler fingers from venturing where they should not go and preventing a safety hazard can also stop unwanted air from slipping through electrical outlet spaces....

Activate Your Pot Luck PLR Membership and Start Downloading Done-for-You Blog Posts Immediately.

Download here if you're already active. Renew here and then download, if you're not active but want to be! The full list of Pot Luck downloads can be found here. Most of the content samples can be read here.

I hope this note reminds you of why we're all here, publishing to the internet. To help people find real solutions to the problems that plague them.

Thank you for your support of Wordfeeder PLR! We're offering you the best quality informational content that we're able. Hope it helps you AND your readers, while working to create profits via your website.

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