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Create a Gardening E-Guide that Sells Year After Year

Ever think about selling a gardening guide? You can easily make thousands on gardening guides you sell online, year after year. New gardeners really value this type of information and will pay to have their own desktop e-guide to consult, rather than Googling each time they want to plant something new or have a question.

here are some quick tips for you to keep in mind when creating and selling a gardening guide that's built from PLR (private label rights) content:

Decide if you'll be editing, or publishing as-is. If your name is on this content and you want to make it your own, I'd do a good job of editing to make it unique. Remember that PLR can serve as the "research" portion of your draft if you want it to.

But if your site is a more generic website where you aren't going for authorship status, then I'd say it's okay to sell a gardening guide using unedited PLR content if you want. It's really up to you and how you intend to make use of the information.

Change article titles, headers, subheads and lead-ins. Even if you don't plan to edit the articles, at least give everything a facelift by adding your own headlines. There are so many ways to say the same thing but make it sound more colorful and unique. If you enjoy wordplay, this is the time to have fun with your headlines so go for it!

Brand the content to match the look of your business. Add your logo. Use your signature fonts and colors. Keep the layout consistent with other ebooks you may have already published. This keeps you recognizable while saving you time. You should have a pre-designed template that you can paste the copy right into.

Location plays a big part. Gardening is a competitive niche if you keep your content generic. But I'll you what people are really searching for. They want specific planting and gardening information for their hardiness zone. You can share the best article on how to grow strawberries, sure. But if it doesn't contain helpful tips that pertain to your part of the world, you'll probably lose the reader.

PLR makes this super easy to accomplish. You already have the planting instructions in front of you, if you bought articles that cover this in detail. So now, to make it region/zone specific, all it takes is a quick Google to find planting and harvesting dates. Or you may learn that only certain cutivars of certain plants grow in some hardiness zones.

I've got a few friends who have done the heavy lifting up front to create gardening PLR articles that you can grab and make a sellable e-guide from. Kitchen Bloggers has a special 3-pack gardening PLR bundle at a great value. It's called the Food Gardening Mega PLR pack. You get 4 sets of articles on 3 hot gardening topics: tomato-growing, herb gardening, and the vegetable gardening double PLR pack. Not only does Trish offer excellent information that your readers will really appreciate, but her photos are the best quality around!

Grab Kitchen Bloggers' Food Gardening Mega Bundle Now

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