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FREE Weight Loss PLR:

"Raising Healthy Eaters" - 2278 words with private label rights

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Hello, are you in search of some top quality private label rights content? Need some good words to use in your blog, ebook creation, social media sharing and more?

Wordfeeder routinely publishes weight loss, healthy lifestyle and fitness tips for your personal use. You can put your name on our content, brand it with your logo and images, and turn it into beautiful, high quality information products and resources for your own website members to learn from.

I want to tell you how this content came to be. I was visualizing a kind of simple infographic, like you'd create in Canva. I picture a kind of bullet list that people can scroll through really quick, for a mini bite of inspiration.

The topic is "Raising Healthy Eaters" and it's supposed to illustrate how "old school" attitudes toward food can lead to food issues and weight gain down the road.

For each "point", I've listed the "old school" way and the modern, better method for handling common challenges with getting kids to eat healthy and appreciate good, nutritious food.

Here's a sample of what ONE of the bulleted points would look like:

Old School: Tell child she is a "good eater!"
Better: Encourage rather than label. "Mmm, this tastes good. It's fun to try new foods together, isn't it!"

"Why it Works" short couple of paragraphs after each point. So if you wanted to also paste the longer version of this into an email series or short ebook for download, you could easily do that.

Now you have a free giveaway infographic AND a potential paid email course!

Free PLR: Raising Healthy Eaters - 2278 words (or… Cultivating a Healthy Mindset Around Food and Eating)

This content comes with PLR rights to sell or share as your own. Our only rule is we ask that you do not resell this as PLR.

Tip for Use: Make an infographic that includes the "short version" - which would include ONLY the "Old School" and "Better" copy points listed below.

Use the longer version, which includes Old School, Better AND "Why it Works," to create a short email series that customers can pay a few dollars for. Or, paste all of the content into an ebook that you sell!

Here's a writing sample so you can see the quality and visualize this as an infographic:

How to Access Your FREE Weight Loss PLR Document to Make into an Awesome Infographic Lead Magnet to Get More Signups

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