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Welcome to the Wordfeeder PLR Monthly Membership! Here's How to Navigate Your Member Account

Thanks for signing up for a Smart Coach PLR monthly membership. Log in and take a look! You'll find...

Let's explore how that looks in your member area.

Content you paid for in the TOP MENU. 

Look for the NICHE that you signed up for. Example, if you're a LIFE COACH PLR monthly member, find your article packs listed under that category. Click each YEAR ie 2022, to find a list of article packs released that year for download.

Here's a screen shot:

Free bonus articles under FREE PLR.

Under each NICHE you'll find a GET MORE tab and YOUR DOWNLOADS tab. Click on GET MORE to add new products to your account.

The GET MORE links open up to an outside sales page that describes the product, what's included, gives a writing sample, and includes an order button.

Click on YOUR DOWNLOADS to access your files.

Screen shot of that:

Resources to grow your business and profits under SMART COACH Resources.

Click GET MORE to add resources. Click YOUR DOWNLOADS for a list of files you downloaded already.

Here's a screen shot:

Always Think in Niches.

The best way for you to navigate your Wordfeeder member account is to start thinking in NICHES. So if you can't find your downloads but you publish to a specific niche, like COOKING, find that tab in the top menu.

Screen shot:

How to Use Wordfeeder PLR Content in Your Daily Publishing Tasks

You should ideally be using Wordfeeder's content to make your publishing life easier. So if you haven't blogged in a while for your HEALTH AND WELLNESS blog, click on that tab in your member area.

Find an article your audience would like. Download it. Open the file. Highlight all, and copy. Log into your blog, and click PASTE. Edit on the fly. Add an image. Select a category. Make up a search engine friendly title. Hit PUBLISH. Check off the task from your list and move on!

Even better if you start to create online courses, email challenges and ebooks from the content we offer. This is your shortcut, so SELECT A TOPIC that your audience would love. Then create your digital products. Make a sales page. Hook it up to an order button and tell your list.

If you have any problems or questions, email dina@wordfeeder.com

Happy publishing and profiting!
Dina at Wordfeeder PLR