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Thank You for Your Interest in Wordfeeder's PLR Membership.

Are you in search of a reliable source of high quality content with private label rights?

Let Wordfeeder's Monthly PLR Membership be Your Done-for-You Content Solution.

If you run a business online, you know the grind. Create new content. Share on all platforms. Send out in your newsletter. Grow your list by sharing freebies. Sell info products. Repeat.

These are the things that successful online businesses do to make money!

But if you're NOT tackling the tasks because you just don't have a viable source of new, original articles… then you'll never reach your goal of making it in online business.

And yet, as you've probably seen… lots of coaches and experts have turned their passion into profit and they're killing it in online business each and every day.

HOW are they doing it?

Psst… the short answer is... they DON'T write ALL of their content from scratch.

Instead, they BUY prewritten articles, then edit and change them for use in their everyday publishing schedule.

(That is 100% true, and it's also something I failed to realize for YEARS as an online consultant myself.)

So let's talk more about how you can make your dream of a web-based business reality.

The below business-building activities are a definite MUST if you'd like to be a list-building success story online:

Routine blog post publishing

Newsletter creation

Social posting

Are you letting these tasks slip through the cracks because you lack the time and energy needed to create content from scratch?

And what about digital products that actually make you money?

You know you need to keep up with…

No More Procrastination... No More Overwhelm. When it Comes to Content Creation, Wordfeeder Has Your Back.

One way to solve your content publishing backlog problem and start running your online business right, is to have done-for-you content drafts available. Just imagine if you had a personal helper, busily writing fresh articles each day that you could edit as you like, and use to help people learn new things, be happier, and live better.

Let Wordfeeder BE your personal content creator. Each month, we will HAND you 30 fresh articles. All you have to do is log in, download your content, change it however you like, and then USE IT by sharing it with the people on your list!

What kinds of articles will your audience go for?

Your readers are relying on you to provide information that…

Wordfeeder's done-for-you content promises all of that and then some.

Our customers routinely tell me that Wordfeeder PLR's some of the strongest writing they've come across in this industry.

Go from Chronic Content Shortage to Abundant Articles to Share and Monetize, Each and Every Month

It's time you got serious about transforming your blog or website into a moneymaker. Wordfeeder has the prewritten content you need to check off your most important publishing tasks, each and every week!

Save thousands on articles that can be made into ebooks, courses, video slide shows, blog posts, newsletters and more!

Our current monthly PLR membership options include:

Life Coaching/Self Help/Mental Health Monthly

Business PLR Monthly

Weight Loss Monthly

How The Membership Works

For each of our 3 memberships, you will be billed $11.97 per month and receive 15 new, high quality articles with private label rights.

You will be notified via email each time new content hits your account.

If for some reason Wordfeeder is unable to fulfill our promise, we will provide you with a coupon of equal or greater value to redeem on any PLR item in the Wordfeeder store.

When you sign up for our monthly PLR membership at a flat rate of $11.97 per month, here's what you get:

A total of 15 brand new, done-for-you articles. That's technically one article each day for 15 days to drill down intensely into a topic of interest that your audience will love to learn more about.

(And search engines will love the fresh information, too!)

Here's how the monthly membership works:

ONE (1) MS Word document containing 15 articles will be added to your member account EACH month.

You will also have instant, constant access to our PLR Freebies that we routinely give away in appreciation of our wonderful customers!

These articles are being offered as PLR - Private Label Rights Content.

That means that you get to edit, change, brand, and publish them under your own name in the following ways:

The PLR articles that you receive from Wordfeeder will help you accomplish the above publishing goals and more!

Your file will be sent automatically via email. You will also be able to log into your account and access your files again, to download to your computer, any time you need them.


Choose from the Following PLR Memberships:

Business PLR Membership

Our Business PLR Content Membership includes a Variety of Articles in the Following Niches:

Life Coach (Self-Development) PLR Membership

Our Life Coach and Self-Development PLR Membership includes a variety of articles in the following niches:

Weight  Loss & Low Carb PLR Membership

Our Weight Loss PLR Monthly Membership includes 15 New Articles and/or Recipes and/or Product Descriptions Each Month in ONE OR MORE OF the following niches:

How Much PLR Content Will You Receive Immediately?

When you sign up for one of our 3 PLR memberships, you get to log into your Wordfeeder account and find the most recent 15 articles.

You also receive all article packs released for this year and the prior year. Every 2 years, we remove the articles from 2 years' prior, to keep the content membership deliverable fresh and relevant.

What are the most recent content deliverables?

Business PLR, Life Coach (Self Development) PLR, Weight Loss (Health Coach) PLR... HOT topics! 7K fresh words delivered EACH month.

October PLR Articles - Fresh New Content NOW LIVE

Business PLR: Seriously Strategic Social Media: LIVE NOW

Life Coach PLR: Reconstructing Your Life PLR: Articles on Divorce and Breakup Recovery, Financial Rescue Plan, Self-Care Priorities, Relationships Overhaul, Escaping from a Trapped Life LIVE NOW

Weight Loss PLR: Healthy and Comforting Soup Recipes to Help You Lose Weight NOW LIVE



Pot Luck PLR Club for the Home, Family and Frugal Living Audiences:

October Pot Luck PLR Content Club:

Sign up here, then download!

NEW PLR Membership: The Neurodiverse Content Club.

September's content:


Next month's content releases can be found right here.


This Digital Product is Offered as PLR: Private Label Rights Content. Use it to Create Profits for Your Coaching Business or Niche Website.

Create and launch digital products & coaching programs. Help people solve problems and live better, affordably.

Offer PDF courses by email or hosted privately.

Launch a multi-media course on a site like Teachable.

Create a paid video course

Launch an email course or challenge.

Make into client learning materials.

Get new signups and connect with your fans and followers.

Offer an ebook, whitepaper, special report or series of tips as an opt-in gift.

Turn into an article feature for your email newsletter.

Use the content to make a short, free webinar to give your followers a taste of what's to come.

Grow your brand and increase your reach by publishing authoritative content.

Share as blog posts or web articles.

Post the articles on social media with a link back to your blog or sign-up page.

Make video talks, slide shows or tutorials to share on your channel.

Add to Pinterest pins to drive traffic back to your blog.

RULES: Edit, brand, copy, cut, paste, add to and change this any way you like. Do not publish originator's name. Do not resell as PLR. You may offer personal rights to your customers.


Work SMARTER, Not Harder

NO paying a writer to create this from scratch for hundreds of dollars

NO more slaving away at the computer for weeks and weeks to create this on your own

YES this can be branded with your name and business details. You can edit it, add to it, change it, and publish any way you like - give away, sell as an ebook, it's up to YOU.

Add This Content to Your Collection Right Now.

Save countless hours and dollars thanks to our well-researched, expertly written or created PLR content!

This content purchase grants private label rights. Edit, publish as your own, sell or give away. Do not use our name or offer as PLR. This content is personal-rights use only.

You are mere minutes away from accessing this professional quality content download via email!

Buy Now opens up to a new window so you won't lose this one.

How to Access Your PLR Content:

Once your order processes, you will be asked to create a login to the Wordfeeder member site. Do this, then check your email for a confirmation, plus another email containing your delivery of the files.

If you have any questions or trouble with your download, email me and I'll get back to you as quickly as possible.

THANKS for supporting our freelance businesses. CHEERS to you in yours!