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Coach's Helper PLR: Done-for-You Client Project Templates for Freelancers

Coach's Helper PLR: Done-for-You Client Project Templates for Freelancers

Swipe These Handy Project Templates to Use with Your Own Clients

Save yourself countless hours of typing the same questions over and over each time a new client emails asking for a new marketing or business communication project. Fill-in-the-blank templates let you simplify and streamline your work for clients, customizing as you go.

If you've been meaning to create copy-and-paste client project templates to use when new clients come to you wanting to flesh out new projects, but you haven't got the time, I've got the solution for you.

These are the VERY SAME copywriting and marketing project templates that I pop open from my hard drive, fill in the blanks to my new clients' specifics, and send off via email within just a few minutes of receiving a new project request via email.

If you can really use a great practical tool to help your copywriting, marketing, web/print design and business coaching clients get clear on new project specs that you'll be helping them with, you've come to the right place.

Wordfeeder's professional quality client project templates can be yours to put your own business name, branding and special touches on.

working with clients

You can download them to your own computer in as soon as five minutes from now!

Save these helpful PLR project templates to your computer in a properly labeled folder. When a new client comes knocking, you'll be ready to open up the document, speed through the questions, add anything else that might help this particular person, and your new client project is underway!

What is PLR?

PLR stands for private label rights. When you purchase these fill-in-the-blank client project templates, or any other done-for-you content available on Wordfeeder, you're getting the rights to the content. Download the document draft right to your desktop. It becomes yours to copy, paste, edit, customize, add to other projects, put your branding touches on, and publish under your own name.

No one ever has to know that you swiped these gems from me - a seasoned freelance copywriting expert who has been successfully teaming up with web and graphic designers, pro bloggers and VAs since 1996!

Just think, instead of spending countless hours typing out the same exact, arduous series of questions that you'll need answered before beginning work on new client projects… you can grab these and put them to use immediately!

Oh, and being able to quickly and easily guide clients through the project kickoff phase isn't the only reason why my done-for-you copywriting, marketing and business templates will be perfect to use as your own.

When you use these done-for-you client templates for new projects, the customers who get to work with you will be…

What's Included with These Done-for-You Coaching and Consulting Project Templates?

You'll receive 19 MS Word documents in a zipped folder. Each of the 19 Done-for-You Client Project Templates comes in its own Word document. The templates you will receive include:

  1. Article Writing Campaign Preliminaries
  2. Article Writing Questions for a 6-Article Project
  3. Bio Development Preliminaries
  4. Bio Writing Questions
  5. Ebook Writing Questions
  6. Email Newsletter Management Questions
  7. Postcard Copywriting Questions
  8. Postcard Design Preliminaries
  9. Press Kit Development Project
  10. Press Release Publishing Preliminaries
  11. Press Release Writing Questions
  12. Sales Letter Copywriting Questions
  13. Sales Page Design Preliminaries
  14. Squeeze Page Copywriting Questions
  15. Squeeze Page Design Preliminaries
  16. Tagline and Logo Preliminaries
  17. Tagline Writing Questions
  18. Website Copywriting Questions for a New Site
  19. Website Creation or Relaunch Preliminaries

Here's a screen shot of the folder contents that will arrive in your email inbox after purchase:

Done-for-You Client Project Templates- Screen Shot of the Content

Done-for-You Client Project Templates- Screen Shot of the Content

File Delivery:

Once your online purchase goes through, you will receive an email order confirmation. Your downloadable, zipped folder containing all included files will be attached to the email. Please save it to your computer!

If you lose your files, you can re-download them again and again each time you log into your Wordfeeder member account.

If you have any trouble accessing your files, please contact us via email!

One more time, why do we love done-for-you client project templates?

They're the ideal shortcut to run through the initial project discovery phase with new clients!

Most of the major online business and print/online marketing projects are covered here:
Article writing, bio development, ebook writing, press release creation, press kit development, sales page writing and creation, squeeze page creation, tagline brainstorms.

You will receive TWO documents related to EACH of those listed projects:

Just think, thanks to these professional quality fill-in-the-blank templates, you may NEVER have to write out another set of new project questions again!

These will dramatically cut the amount of hours that it takes to extract answers from clients who are embarking on new online, print marketing and copywriting projects.

Yes... you will get back thousands of hours per YEAR of preparing new project questionnaires for clients to fill out.

You will also eliminate going back and forth with unnecessary emails that can easily break down to just ONE single email that contains ALL the necessary questions up front!

Are You Ready to Streamline Your Client Work and Save Ton of Time by Putting these Project Templates to Use Immediately?

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You are mere minutes away from accessing this professional quality content download via email!

Includes 19 Client Project Templates Total

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