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Italian Soul Food Complete Single-Recipe PLR Pack:


Download this recipe slide show in MP4 format when you purchase this complete pack today!

Escarole Soup Recipe PLR - with Private Label Rights to Share or Sell as Your Own

Escarole Soup Recipe PLR - with Private Label Rights

Use this content as a video slide show, PDF recipe download, blog post, social share, email newsletter, or anything else you can think of to sell or share on your own website!

This content pack includes:

Comfort Food Recipes - Cooking PLR from Wordfeeder

Get a Taste of the Good Life with our done-for-you cooking content.

Hi, friends! As a fellow creator of cooking PLR, I know how important it is to get personal in your recipes. Sure, you'll always want to share step-by-step instructions and cooking tips. After all, you've got an audience of eager cooks in search of how-to cooking content.

But... I also KNOW that it's not always possible to keep up with content flow. So when life gets in the way and you just don't have time for all the involved steps that it takes to make new cooking content from scratch... there's done-for-you cooking content from Wordfeeder and friends!

I've got recipe PLR for you to share when you need a food blogging shortcut

Will your cooking blog be getting clicks, signups and sales this season?

It definitely will great recipes like these on your side. Plus, this content has been specially created for you to quickly and easily share in myriad places - your blog, newsletter, social media groups and pages, on YouTube and more!

What can you do with PLR cooking Content? Make and sell recipe books... and so much more.

Create a little cash flow with ready-to-go recipe content on your side. Add some images and branding to this document, turn into a PDF and share it to get more people on your list. Or... put these up as individual blog posts that you link to via social media. Get them looking and clicking! The more people on your list, the more you profit.

Another option is for Creative cooks to give away the ebook as a way to get more people to join your membership.


The recipe content we offer here is sold as PLR - Private Label Rights Content.

That means that you get to edit, change, brand, and publish them under your own name in the following ways:

The PLR REcipes that you receive from Wordfeeder will help you accomplish the above publishing goals and more!

Recipe PLR on How to Make Escarole Soup - Italian Soul Food at its finest!

Need some comfort food recipe ideas to share this fall and winter? Serve up some goodness and make it easy to get more signups, subscribers and profits from your cooking blog. Remember, home cooking is a thing right now and it's only going to get more intense as we move into 2021.

Again, what comes in this complete, single-recipe PLR pack Featuring Escarole Soup?

Recipe PLR on How to Make Escarole Soup

Written recipe with step-by-step instructions and fun facts.

In-process cooking photos (18 total, large JPG files) to make a recipe slide show, ebook, web page, blog post, social post or anything else you may want to create!

Actual video slide show - MP4 format. Contains 15 slides containing recipe images and instructions. Upload to YouTube, tack on your own cover and end slide, and you're good to go!

NOTE: Credit for this recipe goes to my Italian mom, and her mom before her... but I have changed a few things to make this unique! That's how great cooking is done. ;)

It's easy to brand this ready-to-go recipe video slide show as your own on YouTube.

Upload the MP4 file to your YouTube channel.

Add a cover slide and end slide that contain your message, company name and URL.

Publish and you're done! Takes mere minutes!

Screen shot of the Recipe content:

Recipe PLR on How to Make Escarole Soup PLR Writing Sample

original Images Included with this Download

As a bonus, you also receive "in-process" recipe images to use when publishing this content. I took these pictures myself when I created the recipe. You're invited to have this as part of the ready-to-go set that's included here.

Here's a screen shot of the 18 images that are included with this pack: Medium (about 1100px across) JPG files:

Recipe PLR on How to Make Escarole Soup Images

This content can be up your website, social pages and sent out via email as soon as tomorrow!


Grab Your Recipes and Get to Publishing.

Add This Content to Your Collection Right Now.

Save countless hours and dollars thanks to our well-researched, expertly written or created PLR content!

This content purchase grants private label rights. Edit, publish as your own, sell or give away. Do not use our name or offer as PLR. This content is personal-rights use only.

You are mere minutes away from accessing this professional quality content download via email!

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