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Hot, Micro-Niche Topic for the Dog Niche

"Vitamin K for Rat Poisoning in Dogs" PLR Articles

Vitamin K for Rat Poisoning in Dogs PLR Articles

The truth is that stark, honest information is where the money is online. People are tired of being BSed by corporate giants with ulterior motives.

These days, they're doing their web searches under the cover of night, for the very real problems that most don't have the guts to speak out on. You can be the go-to authority on this topic of growing concern: accidental rat poisoning in dogs.

Anticoagulant poisoning in dogs is a sobering reality in 2017. Go to the home and garden or home improvement section of your nearest big box store, and you're likely to see shelves filled with cute little bags filled with a deadly toxin - namely, rat poison.

In the old days, the rat and mouse poison of choice was strychnine. But today, pest control companies have a new trick up their sleeves - it's high doses of anticoagulants, snuck into innocuous looking rat chow that would look mighty enticing to a curious neighborhood dog.

Yes, the same substance that a doctor might prescribe to someone with a heart condition, is being distributed on the open market in an effort to control the rodent population - and the world's dogs are getting into it and becoming very, very sick.

Keyword Analytics on "Rat Poisoning in Dogs" and Related Word Combinations

If you do a quick analysis of keywords on the topic of "rat poison in dogs," you'll see that quite a few people are searching for more information. Depending on the keyword combo that you type in, you'll even see a high volume of individuals worried about symptoms of, and treatment for, rat poisoning in dogs.

Vitamin K for Rat Poisoning in Dogs PLR Keyword Research

Most of what the search results spit back comes from online forums - individuals who have firsthand experience with their dog somehow ingesting poison and needing emergency treatment. But what you'll also notice is the absence of a pervading authority who can provide accurate and reliable information on how to address this very serious and life-threatening situation which is actually totally curable if caught on time and if proper protocol is followed.

The World's Vets are Prescribing Vitamin K for Anticoagulant Poisoning in Dogs

What most people don't know is that the new generation of rat and rodent poison actually has an antidote that can save your pet's life. The known antidote and treatment for anticoagulant poisoning in dogs is Vitamin K. If anticoagulant poisoning happens to your dog, you'll be racking up some high vet bills. But most people are not willing to part with their pet. So they shell out hundreds so that their vet can prescribe a supplement that you can get over the counter online for as little as $30 a bottle, in 50 mg. pills.

The more investigative types of web searchers who actually know about vitamin K being the antidote to anticoagulant rat poison, often are not familiar with the details needed to correctly administer the treatment to their beloved pets. They know that if they had the proper dosage and treatment, they could possibly save themselves hundreds as they save their pet's life. This is what they're searching for online. Thankfully, you have this topic thoroughly researched and expertly written for you, in the form of my 9-page PLR article pack on How to Use Vitamin K to Save a Dog Who Has Accidentally Ingested Rat Poison.

dog thinking

Why Choose Wordfeeder's "Vitamin K for Rat Poisoning in Dogs" PLR Pack?

By positioning your company as a credible authority on this topic, you can set yourself up for passive earnings on vitamin K supplements and other items you may need to purchase as your dog recuperates from this grave and dire, yet very often curable emergency situation.

If you want to create a niche website, here are some possibilities for domain names. If you decide to go for it, be sure to hit a sale as companies like GoDaddy are offering discounts all the time.




Again, another option would be to simply add a "Vitamin K for Rat Poisoning in Dogs" section to a more comprehensive dog care site that you already manage. The better job you do of defining the keywords in your page titles and H1, H2 headlines, etc., the more likely your site will come up for these searches, and the more you can potentially earn.

Here's What You Get With the "Vitamin K for Rat Poisoning in Dogs" PLR Article Pack from Wordfeeder (Sample text below)

Vitamin K for Rat Poisoning in Dogs PLR Writing Sample

If you're curious as to what topics are covered in the "Vitamin K for Rat Poisoning in Dogs" PLR article pack, I've posted the full list below. I recommend that you set up each section on its own page or post of your blog.

OR you can add images and branding and turn it into an ebook that you sell on your niche website. People definitely buy ebooks online, especially if they're on a topic of major concern such as this. I know because I make money selling them.

This is what's covered in this written content pack:

  • How to Use Vitamin K to Save a Dog Who Has Accidentally Ingested Rat Poison - Downloadable PLR Article Pack
  • Includes 9 MS Word pages of ebook-ready, blog-ready, or ecourse-ready content, for a total of 3,797 words.
  • Intro - one page
  • What type of poison is most commonly used to control rats, mice and other rodents?
  • What is an anticoagulant?
  • Why are rodenticide toxins especially dangerous?
  • Ways to prevent your dog from ingesting rodent poison
  • If my dog accidentally ingests rat poison, what are the side effects?
  • What are the symptoms of rat poisoning in dogs?
  • Will my dog die from rat poison?
  • Will activated charcoal work if my dog has eaten rat poison?
  • How long does it take for the rat poison to take effect?
  • What to do if you think your dog has eaten rat poison
  • What is the course of treatment for a dog who's been poisoned with anticoagulants?
  • What if I can't afford to take my dog to the vet after he's been poisoned?
  • Will my dog need a blood test if he's ingested rat poison?
  • What kind of Vitamin K is used as the antidote to anticoagulant poisoning?
  • What is the correct Vitamin K dose for my dog's size if he has ingested anticoagulant rat poison?
  • How long should my dog be taking Vitamin K to counteract anticoagulant poisoning?
  • What if my dog can't swallow pills?
  • Are there any possible side effects of giving vitamin K to dogs?
  • What if I accidentally forget to give my dog his vitamin K pill?
  • Will my dog survive having eaten rat poison?

How much will all of this pre-researched dog PLR cost?

I'm offering the full PLR pack of articles at a reduced introductory price of $17. This is an amazing offer that you should jump on immediately! After all, if you were to pay a copywriter to write this exclusively for you, it would cost hundreds of dollars. With draft editing and extra brainstorming, you could even end up paying thousands.

So take advantage of this very affordable version of pre-written, niche website content from a trusted, quality source - Wordfeeder.com! I've written ad copy and web content professionally since the year 1996. I love what I do and it gives me great satisfaction to offer you this superbly written PLR product at a great value.

Just think of the possibilities for putting this content to use, and for becoming a credible authority in the burgeoning pet care niche online.

How to Order and Download Your Dog PLR Instantly:

To order, just click the button below.

Your content will arrive in a file via email. You will also be able to access the file via our online membership, which you can sign up for at no extra cost as soon as your order is processed.

Don't forget to save the file to a safe place on your computer. You can grab it later on and pop it into your branded documents, saving countless hours of research and writing time. You can also eliminate the need to pay a VA to write it for you! So much savings here.

Not only is this content set up perfectly for a very specific niche that's crying out for a voice of authority... but in publishing it on your site, you'll be potentially helping countless pet owners who love their dogs very, very much and would do anything for them.

Thank you so much for purchasing PLR articles from Wordfeeder.com. If you like what you've read here, please share with a friend.

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