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Homemade Dog Food PLR | Q&A Content on Making Dog Food from, Err, Scratch | Ebook PLR | Blog Posts | Recipes

Homemade Dog Food Recipes, Blog Posts, Q&A Content

Pre-written articles and Q&A content on how to make dog food at home using healthy, wholesome ingredients

Hey, this is Dina from Wordfeeder. Do you make money online by running a dog blog or simple living website? Do you email helpful tips and information to dog lovers?

I know that managing a dog blog can be, well, a little ruff sometimes.

Here's some great news if you're hungry for high quality PLR content that speaks to either of these audiences - dog people, or simple living fans. I just finished writing some brand-new, private label rights content on how to make homemade dog food from scratch (no pun intended)!

There's a ton of great content here that you can do all sorts of things with:

"Doggy Dinners" Homemade Dog Food PLR - 6,639 words total

Content Includes:

• A quick history of dog food
• What's in store-bought dog food?
• Homemade dog food can improve your pet's overall health
• Can you feed table scraps to dogs?
• Homemade dog food can reduce allergic reactions in your dog.
• What human foods can dogs eat?
• Can my dog eat beans?
• Can dogs eat vegetables? What veggies should I add to my homemade dog food recipes?
• What about cruciferous and green leafy vegetables such as broccoli, kale, spinach and cabbage for your dog?
• What foods are not safe to feed your dog?
• What types of human meals should not be fed to dogs?
• Perfect Homemade Dinners for Dogs
• Main ingredients of homemade dog food:
• How much homemade dog food should you feed to your dog?
• Economical choices for buying meat to make homemade dog food from
• Dog Dinners: Some Homemade from Scratch, Some Leftover, All Good
• Do you need to gradually change your dog's food from store-bought to homemade?
• Dogs and bones
• How to cook dog food from scratch
• Can people eat homemade dog food?
• How long should you cook homemade dog food for?
• How to store homemade dog food
• If you run out of homemade dog food, what should you do?
• What if your homemade dog food makes your dog sick?
• Will your dog get enough vitamins if you make his food from scratch?
• Is it okay to feed your dog leftovers from your own meals?

• How to thaw frozen dog food in a hurry
• Homemade Dog Food Recipes
• Beef, Potato and Carrot Stew for Dogs
• Chicken Livers, Peas and Brown Rice Homemade Dog Food Recipe
• Trout and Brown Rice Medley
• Chicken Vittles, Rice and Sweet Potatoes Homemade Dog Food Recipe
• Pork, Rice and Veggies Homemade Dog Food Recipe
• Dog Burgers - Homemade Dog Food Recipe
• Dog Turkey Meatloaf - Homemade Dog Food Recipe
• Venison Stew - Homemade Dog Food Recipe

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Homemade Dog Food Recipes, Blog Posts, Q&A Content- Writing Sample

Homemade Dog Food Recipes, Blog Posts, Q&A Content- Writing Sample

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Homemade Dog Food Recipes, Blog Posts, Q&A Content

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