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Back to School PLR: Hot Home and Family PLR Topics to Blog About in August, September and Early October

Hey, work-from-home moms and home and family bloggers... just like that, back to school season is upon us.

If you blog for profit (either full-time from home, or for fun and extra cash in your spare time), then you KNOW you need to keep fresh content coming in if you want to drive traffic and passive clicks and sales your way. Thankfully, I've got a whole bunch of mom-friendly content here on Wordfeeder that would work perfectly for September publishing. 

Speed-order some terrific, discounted articles, I've made it easy for you to do it right from this post. Here's a list of our "back to school/September" themed article packs.

So if you'd like to give our content a whirl right now, click the link at the bottom of this message and you'll see a checkout page. Once you order, your files will arrive via email. You can also access them any time you log into the Wordfeeder member area. Any trouble, email dina at wordfeeder.com. Thanks!


Autumn Social Images from Shannon and me - 10 Total, beautiful pics of pumpkins, falling leaves... sweet sentiments too.

Raising a Compassionate Child, 10 Articles Total - written by Steph

6,939 words, perfect for use as individual blog posts or website articles, ebook content, newsletter articles, or social media posts.

Titles include:

1. Why Today's Kids Are More Self-Focused
2. How to Teach Empathy to Your Kids
3. Pets Can Help Kids Learn Empathy
4. Using Technology for Good, Not Harm
5. Living by the Golden Rule
6. 6 Ways to Practice Kindness at Home
7. 7 Ways to Raise a Child Who Cares About Others
8. 5 Proven Strategies for Fostering Empathy in Children
9. 4 Activities to Help Kids Practice Empathy
10. How to Raise Empathetic Children

Essential Oils Immune Boosting Blends from Dina

Word count of this Essential Oils PLR pack is 3,354. Titles include:

1. Essential Oils Overview
2. Best Germ Fighting Essential Oils - Derived from Common Garden Herbs
3. Rosemary Oil as an Immune Booster
4. Rosemary Oil Diffuser Blend Immune Boosting Recipe
5. Rosemary Oil Foot Rub to Fight Cold and Flu
6. Clary Sage Oil as an Immune Booster
7. Clary Sage Massage Oil for the Body and Feet
8. Clary Sage Diffuser Blend for Immune Support
9. Thyme Oil as an Immune Booster
10. Thyme Oil Foot Rub - "Immune Assist" Blend
11. Thyme Oil "Cold and Flu" Diffuser Blend
12. Oregano Oil as an Immune Booster
13. Oregano Oil Diffuser Blend - Boosts Immunity Naturally
14. Basil Oil as an Immune Booster
15. Basil Oil Sinus Rub
16. Basil Oil Diffuser Blend for Cold and Flu
17. Even More Germ Fighting Essential Oils - Derived from Popular Kitchen Spices
18. Clove Oil as an Immune Booster
19. Clove, Cinnamon and Lemon Oils - Immune Protectant Diffuser Blend
20. Ginger Oil as an Immune Booster
21. Cinnamon Essential Oil as an Immune Booster
22. Nutmeg Oil for Immune Boosting Benefits
23. Orange Nutmeg Eucalyptus Foot Rub
24. Orange Nutmeg and Eucalyptus Diffuser Blend for Sinus Congestion, Cough, Fever and General Malaise

MYO Essential Oils Bath Products from Carol -1,550+ words
This content pack includes:

  1. Choosing the Right Containers for DIY Essential Oil Bath Products
  2. Creating DIY Body Wash with Essential OilsHow to Make Essential Oil Scented Sugar Scrub
  3. Make Your Own Body Butter With Essential Oil
  4. Which Essential Oils Should You Use for Bath Salts

Natural Cures for Insomnia Articles - 9 Articles Plus 15 Social Media Posts. Article titles are:

1. Yoga for Insomnia
2. Balance Your Nervous System Before Sleep
3. Meditation for Insomnia
4. Eat Healthier if You Want to Sleep Better
5. Herbal Teas for Insomnia
6. Healthy Living Practices to Ensure a Good Night's Rest
7. Stress Reduction to Help Cure Insomnia
8. Hormone Imbalance and Insomnia
9. Exercise as a Cure for Insomnia

Wise Woman's Way: 58 Productivity Hacks to Help You "Make Room for the Best While Managing the Rest" PLR Social Media Blurbs or Tips

In this instant-download MS Word document containing 5,250 words, you'll find 58 productivity tips in total covering the following topics:

I've placed ALL of the above listed Back to School themed packs on a single checkout page which you'll find when you click BUY NOW, below:

Just check off the ones you'd like. Thank you so much from me and my hardworking writers!

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