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Summer Grilling Season is Coming! Written Recipes with Private Label Rights for Your Low Carb Lifestyle or Cooking & Food Blog

19 Delicious, Low-Carb Summer Recipes for Grilled Meats and Healthy, Fresh Sides - All With Private label Rights to Publish as Your Own

The weather's heating up, and so is the backyard barbecue. Your blog readers and email subscribers are hungry for some fresh recipe ideas with a summer grilling theme.

Meet (Uhh, Meat?) Their Need for Low-Carb Grilling Recipes

Wordfeeder has packed up for you a set of 19 incredible, low-carb summer recipes - grilled meat or fish main courses, with sides to compliment each. There are enough recipes here for 7 complete meals - all using fresh, nutritious ingredients.

The Main Features of This Grouping of 19 PLR Low-Carb Recipes for Grilled Meats and Healthy Sides are as Follows:

They're arranged as healthy, balanced "meals." There are 7 meal ideas here altogether - a week's worth of meals, with 2 or 3 recipes per meal. Your readers can feel free to make, eat and enjoy the suggested main courses and sides for lunch or dinner... OR, they can mix and match. This would make an awesome, week-long online series delivered by email!

These recipes contain very low amounts of carbohydrates. The most carbs in any one recipe might be tomatoes and onions.

These recipes would pass muster with the Low Carb or Keto Audience. Please remind your readers that when it comes to exact carb counts, portions and other factors make a difference. We have a carb counts reference available for free when you click BUY NOW at the bottom.

These recipes contain NO processed sugar, NO bread, cereal, pasta or processed grains of any kind.

These recipes also do not contain any commonly eaten, high-carb fruits and vegetables. There is NO corn, squash, carrots, potatoes, bananas, oranges, apples or other common fruits. Also NO beans or legumes.

These meals contain NO sugary condiments, or table sugar of any kind.

These meals do not contain processed foods (with the exception of low-carb, "miracle noodles" in one).

The ONLY fuits used in any of these 19 recipes are berries that get the nod of approval from keto diet experts because they're extremely low in sugar.

The food combinations used in the meals provided have been designed to facilitate digestion and good health. Meats and healthy fats, low-carb green vegetables, healthy oils and acidic additions such as vinegar and lemon or lime, are artfully combined for flavor and for their high nutritional value.


Ketogenic Diet, Facts and Stats:

How to Profit Online Using Ketogenic Dieting Articles and Tips:

Stage and photograph these recipes while kitchen/grill testing them in your own backyard. Use the pictures you take to release a new series of blog posts, or create a summer cook book for low-carb readers to enjoy.

Offer a set of FREE keto recipes in exchange for email signups to your list. Your signups become customers who will buy more information products on this topic from you. (We have a starter pack of recipes for you to try... you'll see them in the checkout area if you opt to purchase this pack.)

Set up a private membership area on your site where people can either join for free or pay a low monthly subscription to receive information, recipes, encouragement, advice and support around the topic of low-carb dieting.

Make a professional-quality ebook (online cook book) and sell at an affordable price to thousands of eager buyers that you've collected and added to your publishing list.

Use portions of the content to make blog posts that entice people to sign up and learn more. Include your Amazon affiliate links to products that they can purchase after reading your blog post. Also include pay per click ads.

To get more traffic and eyes on your blog posts, pay for Facebook advertising exposure that directly targets keto and low-carb readers.

Paste segments of this and other keto content and recipes into social media posts that share your blog link and sign-up form for people to give up their email address and hear from you on a regular basis.

Set up an autoresponder series that shares one "summer grilling meal" for seven days... PERFECT

Publish a sales page that announces your new summer grilling low-carb recipes online cook book (ebook), or online series via email

Turn the tips into videos that are hooked up to your PPC ad account. Each time a video is viewed, there's the possibility of getting paid via a click. (But please don't have the content read by one of those creepy computer voices... I can't stand those!) Hook your videos up for high-volume traffic on social media.

Ideas for What Products to Link to Via Your Blog:

What You Get with This Written PLR Content Pack:

7 Low Carb Grilling Themed Meals, including 19 Recipes - 3,743 words total

Grilled Pork Loin with Olive Oil, Lemon and Herb Dressing
Asparagus, Grilled and Chilled

Jalapeno Jack Cheese Burgers with Bleu Cheese Topping
Summertime Cabbage Slaw With Fresh Cilantro

Grilled Portobello Mushroom and Fresh Mozzarella Over Mesclun Greens
Avocado, Onion and Tomato Salad with Crumbled Bacon


Skewered, Grilled Shrimp Jamaican Jerk Style
Greek Yogurt Dressing
Cucumber and Onion Salad
Lightly Grilled Strawberries Over Baby Spinach With Balsamic


Marinated Grilled Chicken Thighs
Grilled Eggplant, Mushroom and Bell Pepper Trio With Garlic and Vinegar Dressing
Fresh Berry Medley


Tangy Peanut Chicken Kabobs
Ginger Sesame Shirataki Noodle Salad
Green Beans and Scallions


Lamb Burgers
Cold Curried Cucumber Soup
Tomato Mozzarella Salad

How to Access Your 7 Days of Low-Carb PLR Summer Grilling Recipes

File delivery is a single, MS Word document of WRITTEN RECIPES, zipped and delivered via email. Once your order is processed, you will receive an email asking you to confirm your membership, and another email that contains the file/content you just paid for. Your file will also be available from the member area of our Wordfeeder website. So don't forget to put your login info in a safe place!

Here's a screen shot of the content that you'll be receiving:

Here's a screen shot of the content in production. The word count is 3,743 total. Delivery is an MS Word file. Be one of the first to grab this excellent deal on the highest quality PLR content!

Instant delivery of an MS Word document via email.


This Digital Product is Offered as PLR: Private Label Rights Content. Use it to Create Profits for Your Coaching Business or Niche Website.

Create and launch digital products & coaching programs. Help people solve problems and live better, affordably.

Offer PDF courses by email or hosted privately.

Launch a multi-media course on a site like Teachable.

Create a paid video course

Launch an email course or challenge.

Make into client learning materials.

Get new signups and connect with your fans and followers.

Offer an ebook, whitepaper, special report or series of tips as an opt-in gift.

Turn into an article feature for your email newsletter.

Use the content to make a short, free webinar to give your followers a taste of what's to come.

Grow your brand and increase your reach by publishing authoritative content.

Share as blog posts or web articles.

Post the articles on social media with a link back to your blog or sign-up page.

Make video talks, slide shows or tutorials to share on your channel.

Add to Pinterest pins to drive traffic back to your blog.

RULES: Edit, brand, copy, cut, paste, add to and change this any way you like. Do not publish originator's name. Do not resell as PLR. You may offer personal rights to your customers.


Work SMARTER, Not Harder

NO paying a writer to create this from scratch for hundreds of dollars

NO more slaving away at the computer for weeks and weeks to create this on your own

YES this can be branded with your name and business details. You can edit it, add to it, change it, and publish any way you like - give away, sell as an ebook, it's up to YOU.

Add This Content to Your Collection Right Now.

Save countless hours and dollars thanks to our well-researched, expertly written or created PLR content!

This content purchase grants private label rights. Edit, publish as your own, sell or give away. Do not use our name or offer as PLR. This content is personal-rights use only.

You are mere minutes away from accessing this professional quality content download via email!


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How to Access Your PLR Content:

Once your order processes, you will be asked to create a login to the Wordfeeder member site. Do this, then check your email for a confirmation, plus another email containing your delivery of the files.

If you have any questions or trouble with your download, email me and I'll get back to you as quickly as possible.

THANKS for supporting our freelance businesses. CHEERS to you in yours!