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Life Coaches and Empowerment Coaches... this content is done for you!

For the July Wordfeeder coaching content release, we have a special presentation for you to teach if you pick up this content with private label rights. It's meant to increase personal power for you, your clients, and anyone whose life this content touches.

Welcome to the Self-Talk 10-Day Journaling Challenge with Private Label Rights to Teach or Sell as Your Own

It includes the typical Word document plus you get a free Canva template with a 10-day self-talk journaling challenge already added. Just tweak what's there, add a page or two at the back with your coaching bio and product upsells, and you're good to go.

Why an empowering self-talk journaling challenge? It's useful to help us...

Who can benefit from the Self-Talk 10-Day Journaling Challenge?

This content speaks to people, including your clients and followers, who are wanting to increase positivity in their lives, and catch themselves when they are using negative self talk so then can turn it around to something positive.

The purpose is to transform your inner dialogue from something negative and self-defeating, to empowering words that help bring positive emotions and purpose to your life as well as to those around you.

We, meaning anyone who reads this, but also and especially your clients, may not realize how deeply we have been affected by the words that our family and friends, colleagues and caregivers chose to use with and about us throughout our lives.

Coach, Guide Them to an Evolved Way of Thinking and Being.

So many people fall into a defeating habit of being negative, sarcastic and jaded even in their own minds. If a person has children it's really a smart idea to grow in awareness of those negative words that stayed with us so we don't pass them along to our own kids. Instead we can find better, more empowering words to help our children go into life armed with good feelings, an empowered mindset, and healthy self-esteem.

If Your Clients Want to Transcend Their Life Position and Elevate Their Mindset, This Journaling Challenge Will Help.

Negative self-talk may originate with what's being called the generational curse - toxic ways of being passed down from family. We can help ourselves and others break out of and evolve this mindset if we grow in awareness. The Self Talk Challenge from Wordfeeder helps with that.

Even if you don't have kids, you can seek to evolve your life by becoming cognizant of the negative messages you send yourself and others every day so you can change them.

Worry and Stress Less. Beat Yourself Up Less. Move into Quicker, More Positive and Effective Problem-Solving

This 10-day self-talk journaling challenge is meant to help people break out of these negative patterns and move on to empowering, reason- and logic-based thought.

The purpose is to get ourselves out of those negative cycles more quickly and into a positive, assertive and problem solving state of mind.

In doing this, we can grow in confidence, effectiveness and find greater and more meaningful purpose for our lives. Once we tune into our own self-talk, we become better equipped to turn positive thoughts into habit.

From there, move on to the next level which is choosing positive words in how we communicate to ourselves and with people around us.

Become Aware of Negative Self-Talk so You Can Change It

Negative self-talk shows up in several areas of our life. This includes but is not limited to how we deal with family, personal relationships, at work, in everyday problem solving, health matters, and finances.

If you wish to improve in any of these areas of your life and how you handle them, then it all starts with your self talk, and awareness of it. That's what we will explore with this enriching series of 10 journaling exercises.

This content is perfect to use with your psychology and life coaching clients. It can be customized to include your own branding and your own ideas.

This 10-day journaling content will work for you as a digital product in a variety of ways.

How to launch this 10-day self-talk journaling challenge:

NOTE: This is more than just a journaling template. It contains valuable written content. Find out exactly what you get on the product page, linked below.

To learn more about this content package, click through here

Thanks for tuning in. I hope you flow into an easy, enjoyable day today!

Dina at Wordfeeder PLR