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How to Spot and Avoid Poor Quality PLR Articles

(Because they're a waste of your money and will make you look bad)

I know a lot of people in the private label rights content industry, and many of them appear to have come from a legit marketing background like I did.

So every once in a while I venture out there and take a look at what these folks are offering. And I've got to say, as great as a sales pitch sounds... 85% of the time, the actual writing that they're trying to package up in a shiny red bow and sell to you for less money than a frozen dinner, is really poor.

Examples of Bad PLR

Pay Attention to the Quality of Your Content.

In fact if you're a PLR seller and you're reading this now, when was the last time you took a good honest look at the product you're putting out?

Delivering a quality content product is really important. Not just because you owe it to your customers, but because this is the web and there's a potential for the global body of content to go either way. We can offer life changing information, or the web can just become a mass accumulation of regurgitated junk.

If you're selling or publishing content, then you're contributing to the quality of the reading material that the world is getting their hands and eyes on.

Publishers Assume a Great Responsibility

Your responsibility as a content creator seller and publisher: Whether you're researching the content, writing the content, or buying the content and sharing it online, what we put out there reaches millions. That gives you great power if you're willing to accept it. And it also means that you're tasked with a great responsibility.

You can be one of those publishers who keeps shoveling out drivel. Or you can do your part to help make the world a better place by sharing valuable information and tips people can really use.

Think about the time social media users take to craft a well thought-out social media post. People spend hours trying to help other people on social media. They type and type into that little box hoping to share what they know.

Why would we offer any less to the world as content sellers? If anything, writing that we're passing off as professional quality should be even better than something that someone typed into a Facebook comment.

Don't Be Tempted by the Price Tag on Low Quality PLR

So let me tell you something, and I'm not going to sugarcoat this. A lot of the private label content out there is crap. It's really bad. Even people whom I legitimately like as human beings in this industry who are working hard... I'm looking at their content, and it's not good!!

In fact, I literally just scampered over to someone else's content site to see what they were offering... and right in the sample it was blatantly obvious that this was keyword stuffed. Why is that not good? Because people want information. If you're going to give them five points on a topic, they'd better be compelling points.

Here's an Example of Terrible Writing!

It's not that hard to deliver information, advice, compelling reasons and such. I don't want to see content that's written like this...

Great reasons to start your day early

Do you wonder what the reason is to start your day early? I'm going to give you a really strong set of points as to why getting an early start to your day is necessary and worth it. The first point of why starting your day early is important is...

Did you notice that three paragraphs there that only say one thing? It's not even anything interesting. Why would anyone even want to read this? And yet I'm telling you the truth, this is the kind of content PLR sellers are pushing.

Watch Out for People Pushing Bad PLR

I got an email from one of my customers who bought PLR from a third party that I had recommended based on what I knew of their quality. The content that was shown to me was written on the 7th grade level or worse... no substance at all, blatant mistakes. So I never recommended them again.

If I come across a content seller peddling fluff like this I'm literally just going to drop them from my recommendation list. They should not have been there.

At Wordfeeder, It's About Quality of Information.

It's not my policy to try and make a quick buck off junk. Because if I recommended content like that to you, I would be short-changing your readers, finagling you out of your hard-earned money, and delivering a subpar product. And as someone who's been writing professionally since 1996, it's just not acceptable to me to put your name and brand on content that says nothing.

Do you pay attention to what information you put out there? It's not that hard to give your audience valuable tips and advice. It's really not. If someone is selling you content that repeats the same phrase over and over and tries to tell you this is good for the internet they're just lying to you. Yuck!

We ONLY Recommend Top Quality Content Providers

Dig into your computer's collection of PLR right now and find something that is half as valuable as we offer here at Wordfeeder. There are only three, maybe four written content sellers that I can think of off the top of my head that deliver quality information. And I'm going to continue recommending them to you.

Accept the Challenge: Publish Information People Will Appreciate!

Are you up for working to improve the quality of content on the web? Do you want to sell ebooks and courses that actually help people, that inspire, teach, motivate, drive action?

If so, then please start by logging into your Wordfeeder account and downloading what we have written for you.

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We have plenty of good content that you paid for and plenty of free goodies as well. It's all good, and plentiful! Enjoy the rest of your weekend. :)

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RULES: Edit, brand, copy, cut, paste, add to and change this any way you like. Do not publish originator's name. Do not resell as PLR. You may offer personal rights to your customers.


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