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How to Disguise PLR and Make It Your Own

Ever worry that if you buy PLR, someone else will have the same article on their website?

Here's how to make sure that your articles come up on search engines for YOUR keyword terms, even if you bought them.

Be strategic about your key phrases. If you buy a set of articles about vitamins, make the keywords specific for the page you publish the article on.

So your article/page about vitamin E could be titled "Vitamin E for Heart Health and More" even if the article that you purchased covers a multitude of benefits for this vitamin.

Replace the first paragraph. If the PLR article you bought makes a point you don't agree with, completely change it. If it's generic and informational, then take a strong stance, hopefully one that supports whatever affiliate item you're linking to in your article.

Change the order of all the supporting points. You really have to get used to copy and paste, because that's what this industry is all about. You can reorder them from most to least important, or just mix them up. If some points don't make sense to you, just get rid of them and add your own. It's much easier than you think.

Edit the first sentence of each supporting point. If you do this, please make sure everything flows together nicely. If that means making some small tweaks, so be it.

Draw your own conclusion. Your conclusion should ideally set up the reader to buy  or sign up for something. Otherwise, why bother with all of this effort, right? So whatever conclusion came with the PLR can be totally ditched and replaced.

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