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PLR - Frequently Asked Questions

If you have never used PLR before, you probably have at least a few questions about it.

Many people who make the switch from writing their own content or hiring a writer to create it for them, are shocked at the high volumes of content available as PLR. The price of PLR is considerably lower. Is this legit? What is PLR, anyway?

Frequently asked questions about private label rights content (PLR):


What is PLR?

"PLR" stands for private label rights. When you purchase PLR content, you are actually buying the RIGHTS to publish the content under your own brand and name.

Anyone who has ever hired a copywriter before knows that the copyright to ownership of the content transfers to the buyer once payment has gone through. This is not the case with PLR.

The best I can explain is to say that PLR is a DRAFT that more than one customer will purchase, and hopefully make into their own, unique message.

Why purchase PLR?

The main advantages of buying and publishing PLR content are:

It will save you money. If you get a good source, you can save a TON of money on prewritten articles while greatly compounding the volume of content you publish online.

You'll save thousands that you would have paid copywriters or VAs to create or edit content for you, and you'll also end up with tons and tons more content to turn into marketing AND sellable products.

It will save you time. The most successful, high visibility web publishers know that publishing often and in many places, is key. PLR helps you accomplish this goal. Just think of how long it takes to write a single blog post.

Now imagine yourself with 10 done-for-you blog posts for $10. That's a dollar a post, and you saved yourself about 20 hours of writing.

It will help you make more money online. How? Smart publishers use PLR to grow their lists. They purchase packs of articles and make them into ebooks, special reports, whitepapers, planners, and mini courses. Then they offer these for free download from their websites, in exchange for new signups.

Most people nowadays understand that getting on your list means they're going to be sold to. If they change their minds, they can just opt out. Or they may just return later if you catch their attention again.

It will get you noticed. If you take PLR and turn it into blog posts, website articles, video content, social media posts and email newsletters, you will be better able to keep up with the high publishing volume required to rise to the top of the search engines.

Can I edit PLR?

Yes, and I would encourage you to do so. The more you edit it, including changing the order of the points made, adding your own examples and stories, adding a splash of colloquial you in the headlines and body text, more more original the content will be.

Can I use one article in different places?

YES! Do this! I would feel free to copy and paste sets of articles together to make an ebook or course that you can sell.

Ten articles covering a single topic can be made into a mini course lead magnet. Five of those 10 articles could also double as 5 blog posts.

Maybe you select 2 of the same articles to share on email and tell your readers about the free ebook that contains even more great info.

How do I brand PLR articles to seem more like me?

Work on the voice of the content. Edit to sound like you, the way you'd convey yourself if writing advice on email or in a discussion forum. Play with the tone, so that people feel like this is coming from a real human being with a personality.

If you buy PLR that doesn't reflect your exact philosophy or views, all is not lost. It only takes a few tweaks to make it yours.

People who don't know where to start with their marketing find PLR very useful as a jumping point. Think of it as a draft that someone just turned in. You're going to polish and perfect this, make it your own.

What other tips do you have for publishing PLR?

The idea is to use bits and pieces of private label rights content as a publishing shortcut. So if you're looking at an article that also includes 10 tips, you can publish the full article in your blog. Take the intro and pop it into an email to send to your list with a "read more" link.

When people start out online they really don't have a strong understanding of just HOW much or HOW often they should be publishing new content. They also don't realize that people miss a lot.

Maybe you sent an email and you thought everyone read it. They didn't! People often envision that everyone has seen their website. If you're not publishing something new at least twice a week and driving traffic to your posts or pages via social media, probably very few have seen your website.

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