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How to Customize PLR Content for Your Audience

Wondering how to make PLR (Private Label Rights) unique to your business? Let me show you a simple formula for doing this.

Decide how you plan to purpose the PLR articles you bought. Will you make them into set of blog posts? Email blasts or an email challenge? Or do you plan to set them up as a digital product, like a PDF download "ebook"?

Preliminary step: Do some keyword research first. You don't have to do this, but it might help if you know what people online are searching for so you can use the right words for your topic.

Ready to turn PLR into your own publication? Let's do this.

  1. Make an outline for how you envision your presentation. Write your own plan for the following:
  2. Title of the Publication (try to picture it styled like an ebook cover)
  3. Create unique headlines for each article you plan to publish. List the titles in order in a way to present the info that makes sense.
  4. Open your existing PLR document on the left. Make a new document that includes your title and headline list, on the right.
  5. Copy and paste each article from the original doc to the new doc, from left to right.
  6. Add an intro that you write from scratch, or edit the existing intro if the PLR pack you purchased supplies one.
  7. Tackle EACH article for the purpose of changing it. First, re-order the points if that works and makes sense. Do this for all articles in the set.
  8. Then go back and read EACH article slowly, editing any wording that could use improvement, doesn't reflect the voice or your brand, or doesn't make the point you'd like to make.
  9. Rewrite the intro to each article. This is especially important if you're publishing the articles in your website or blog, as opposed to making a PDF info product.
  10. If you are making an ebook, add ebook elements like checklists, charts, summaries, journal prompts, goal checklists, and anything else that fits the topic and goal of the publication.
  11. Proofread the entire presentation from start to finish. Do this several times until everything flows right and there are no mistakes.
  12. If it's an ebook, proceed with adding images, styling text, adding clickable links and a bio/upsells page to the back (plus any other needed elements like a cover, legal disclaimers, TOC, etc.
  13. If this is for your website, search for images to publish along with each blog post. Add a call to action and sign-up to the end of each article. This is how you use the PLR content to build a following.

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Oh, and please use an email address that you check daily yet where I will not be interrupting your daily workflow. I want you to be HAPPY to find our mails in your inbox. :)