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Use PLR to Create Great Blog Posts

You've been told that great content, published in your blog, is the way to build a thriving online business. This is true. But now you probably also know from experience that it takes about 2 hours to create a good, solid blog post that holds value for your readers.

You need enough blog posts to build out your website (blog) in a variety of interest areas. Let's use health as an example. Say you're a health blogger.

You want people to find your healthy recipes. But healthy recipes are plentiful on the web. So how will you make sure your blog gets found for the recipes you share?

How to Use PLR Articles for Your Blog Content

Post lots of blog posts. One post per day is manageable, but not a lot if you think about it.

Use keywords. Example: "healthy soup recipes"

Categorize the posts. Like this:

Then, under each of those categories, you might add a list of sub-categories. So, Low Carb Thanksgiving Recipes might list:

Use PLR Articles to Build Out the Deep Content Pages of Your Blog or Website

We're using the term "blog" and website" interchangeably here. Basically a blog is a WordPress self-managed website (though "blog" used to refer to an online diary or journal of sorts).

Now, clearly the main challenge is that it it takes a lot of time to write the volume of blog content that it takes to build out deep content pages of your blog. You want enough to start ranking for certain topics - like healthy recipes, as we mentioned.

This is where PLR content comes in. At Wordfeeder, we take great care to develop high quality written articles that you can easily copy and paste, then edit into your own, unique blog post.

Want to Try Using PLR to Create Blog Posts? Sign Up for Our Basic PLR Membership, and Download PLR Articles to Publish Immediately.

Sign up for a Basic Wordfeeder PLR membership here.

Oh, and please use an email address that you check daily yet where I will not be interrupting your daily workflow. I want you to be HAPPY to find our mails in your inbox. :)