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Guide your followers from overwhelm to focus... stress to patience. Shallow relationships to depth in connection. The world needs more mindfulness. Be the coach who leads the way.

This Illuminating, Mindfulness 10-Day Challenge with Private Label Rights Can be Yours to Teach, Coach or Offer as a Digital Product

  • Are you ready to launch a digital product that teaches the art of true mindfulness?

  • Want affordable, ready-to-go journaling challenge content?

Help people affordably while creating profits for you. Our Mindfulness Challenge includes a Word doc, sales copy, and Canva template for you to customize and launch as a digital product.

What You Get:

This 10-Day Mindfulness Journaling Challenge Coaches Your Audience on how to...

  • Understand the importance of staying mindful in today's fast-paced world
  • Become more aware of mindfulness in our relationships and experience of life
  • Discover simple ways to practice mindfulness
  • Become more mindful in everyday tasks
  • Grow in mindfulness with family and friends, in our careers, in your self-care, and with hobbies and interests
  • Recognize that mindfulness has far-reaching effects
  • Observe the ways mindful living influences your level of success, health and wellness, joy of living, and in how we relate with other people 

This is about 5800 words total, including both an MS Word document and a matching Canva template to edit. Just add a bit of info about your company, tweak, save as a PDF for your buyers to download, and go.

Each day's journaling lesson includes:

  • a brief set of concepts and tips
  • a pre-journaling rumination
  • a series of questions or thoughts to write about for the day's journal entry
  • blank journaling pages to write on if the end user decides to print this out.

Titles of Your 10 Journaling Lessons:

Grow in Awareness

Awareness Exercise
A Mindful Morning
Before You Journal: Morning Mindfulness Exercise
Mindless vs. Mindful Comparison Sheet

Staying Mindful for Our Daily Tasks
Before You Journal... Mindful of My Day's Work
Mindless vs. Mindful in Your Daily Tasks and Chores

Mindful at Mealtime
Slowing Down to Savor
Before You Journal... Mindful About My Meals
Mindless vs. Mindful About Food and Eating

Relating Mindfully
Being Present for the People We Care About
Before You Journal... Practicing Mindfulness in Relationships
Mindless vs. Mindful in Your Relationships and Dealing With People

Mindful of Our Self-Talk
What's Your Inner Voice Saying to You?
Before You Journal... Mindful Self-Talk
Mindless vs. Mindful Self-Talk

Mindful Self-Care
Be Engaged in and Committed to Good Health
Before You Journal... Mindful Self-Care in Practice
Mindless vs. Mindful About Your Self-Care

Mindful Positivity
Be the Conscious Optimist
Before You Journal... Becoming the Mindful Optimist
Mindless vs. Mindful About Any Topic on Your Mind

Mindful Companions
Being Present for Our Pets
Before You Journal... Offer Your Pet the Gift of Mindfulness Today
Mindlessness vs. Mindfulness in How We Treat and Care for Our Pets

Self-Care Leads to Mindful Living
Before You Journal... Schedule Self-Care with a Goal of Being Mindful
Mindless vs. Mindful Self-Care and Stress Relief

DAY 10
Grow in Mindful Awareness
Before You Journal... Set Mindful Intentions

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  • Canva template with copy inputted
  • Sales page copy to set this up as a digital product

File Deliverables:

  • 1 MS Word document containing sales page copy to promote this, and the Mindfulness 10-Day Journaling Challenge in text form
  • Link to a Canva document of the same journaling challenge, but as a Canva template with blank lined journaling pages and space for Mindful vs. Mindless comparisons


Screen shots from the Canva template...

Screen shot of some of the journal pages including the editable cover...

Screen shot of one of the Canva template pages...

Screen shot of content in the MS Word doc...

Screen shot of the file being edited in Canva (this is what you'll do after you log in)

How Will You Launch This Done-for-You Journaling Challenge?

The included sales copy is meant for coaches who plan to set this up as an email autoresponder series and include a PDF download for clients to work on this on their computer as needed.

You can also set up your course as a series of password-protected blog posts, a group social media challenge, or an in-person coaching workshop that meets once per week to discuss each person's journal entry.

If you decide on one of these alternate options, you'll need to rework the enclosed sales copy to reflect those details. 

This complete 10-Day Journaling Challenge Package is available with your Life Coach PLR monthly membership.

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