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Coach, Guide your readers to More peace and happiness in their everyday lives...

Launch the "Peaceful Christmas" or "Peaceful Holidays" 10-Day Journaling Challenge

Your content's already written. this is just what your readers need to slow down and do The Holidays just right.

Give them permission to let go of stress, ease their troubled minds, and enjoy a slower, more mindful holiday season full of peaceful moments.

Therapists, Coaches, Counselors... are you in need of done-for-you content to connect with the people on your list, get more signups, and continue educating your readers? Heads up if you publish content to the following audiences:

  • Life coaching
  • Health and wellness
  • Home and family/parenting
  • Mental Health/psych
  • Relationships
  • Self improvement/self help

Wordfeeder's next done-for-you content pack is all ready for you to run with. It's the beautifully and thoughtfully written Peaceful Christmas 10-Day Journaling Challenge.

This is a perfect way to connect with your followers, fans and clients this December. And what's more, the holiday season is the perfect time of year to pursue a more peaceful life.

Attract Positive Attention to Your Business... Establish Yourself as The Go-To Expert in Your Field... Get More Subscribers. This Content is Yours to Edit, Add to, Launch and Sell or Share.

Coaches, psych professionals, self help experts: do your readers crave more peace in their lives? Launch a 10-Day "Peaceful Christmas" or "Peaceful Holidays" Journaling Challenge and help them embrace peace in every moment.

Each of the 10 "days" includes 1 article, 1 exercise, 1 journaling prompt and 1 intention to set.

This beautifully written content arrives in your email inbox in a 33-page MS Word document containing 9,316 words. You will also be able to access it each time you log into your Wordfeeder member area.

Set this up as an email autoresponder series. Add images and save as a PDF to sell as an ebook. You can also give away the ebook to grow your sales! The lovely thoughts here can also be presented as a live journaling workshop that meets twice per week for 2 weeks. Another idea: convert this to video format and lead a journaling challenge. The possibilities are endless when you have thought-provoking content on your side.

If you need more insight into who might be interested in this, take a look at the intro that's included in this document:


This challenge will be perfect to follow along with if you…

  • Recognize that peace is something you very much need to seek out in order to feel grounded and secure.
  • Feel deeply affected by negative people and stressful situations… and want to turn this around.
  • Carry around with you a sense of impatience or anxiety- knowing deep in your heart that it's time for positive change, and a shift to inner peace.
  • Are drawn to the company of people who carry a certain stillness and grounded peacefulness wherever they go.
  • Know deep in your bones that you are a true empath, and that peace is necessary for you to survive and thrive.
  • Want to truly practice what's often preached at the holiday season - and find ways to put peaceful thoughts into action.
  • Deeply hope for more peace - know that this is the real key to your heart's happiness - but aren't sure of where to start.
  • Know that real, inner peace, is the key to living fully-- and that peaceful people are often healthy people.
  • Seek a mindset shift from "Do more, be more" to "Live more mindfully. Notice more. Feel more. Share peace with your fellow humans, not just at holiday time, but each and every day.


Here are a few ideas of how you can use this private label rights content:

Make into an ebook that new subscribers get as a free gift in exchange for signing up to be on your list

Sell the ebook at an affordable price point for your audience who may need a lower priced option than therapy or coaching

Use this content to share with life coaching or therapy clients who would like to work on decreasing stress and enjoy a greater sense of peace and contentment in their lives.

Add this content to your private library of member resources - adds value and helps people!

Sell or offer this free as an autoresponder series delivered one article at a time via email

Drive targeted traffic to your website or blog by posting each "day" of the challenge for 10 days.

Use this as workbook material for your next in-person support group

Incorporate this into a helpful video that you share with subscribers who may want to sign up for your coaching or counseling services

Add this to a more comprehensive guide or webinar that you may be creating

Anything else you can think of!

What's In this Package, again?

35 pages of high quality content, word count 9,316, delivered in an MS Word document via email and also accessible from inside of your Wordfeeder PLR membership account.

This content is brand new, created over the past week, and ready to launch as a peaceful Christmas or Peaceful Holidays 10-Day Journaling Challenge. You can upload it to your social media group, make into an ebook to send out, set up as an autoresponder series of 10 emails, or release 10 blog posts, one day at a time for 10 days. Here's what's included:

"Peaceful Christmas" or "Peaceful Holidays" 10-Day Journaling Challenge - 9,316 words - with Private Label Rights

EACH Day includes one article, 1 exercise, 1 journal prompt and 1 intention.

For a FULLY immersive experience that is just as good as if you offered 10 days of one-on-one coaching on how to create a more peaceful life.

Contents include...


Day 1:
ARTICLE: Peacefulness Comes from Within
Stretch your way to peaceful feelings.
(JOURNAL IT and "For the Future" Intention also included)

Day 2:
ARTICLE: Finding Peace in Nature
EXERCISE: Make your way into nature today, and be inspired by the peace that it brings.
(JOURNAL IT and "For the Future" Intention also included)

Day 3:
ARTICLE: Be the Peace Maker
Practice living peacefully, yet with purpose.
Be a peace maker even when you disagree with others.
(JOURNAL IT and "For the Future" Intention also included)

Day 4:
ARTICLE: Simple Pleasures Bring Us Peace
Rediscover the joy of simple, peaceful pleasures.
(JOURNAL IT and "For the Future" Intention also included)

Day 5:
ARTICLE: A Time for Quiet Reflection
Find peace in the poetry of Mary Oliver.
(JOURNAL IT and "For the Future" Intention also included)

Day 6:
ARTICLE: Breaking Bread Together Peacefully
Practice being peaceful around the table.
(JOURNAL IT and "For the Future" Intention also included)

Day 7:
ARTICLE: A Peaceful Response (to Stress and Conflict)
Practice Choosing the Peaceful Response.
(JOURNAL IT and "For the Future" Intention also included)


Day 8:
ARTICLE: Peace in the Winter Garden
Plant the seeds for peace in your own life.
(JOURNAL IT and "For the Future" Intention also included)

Day 9:
ARTICLE: What Does it Mean to Have a Peaceful Heart?
Seek a peaceful heart.
(JOURNAL IT and "For the Future" Intention also included)

Day 10:
ARTICLE: Ordinary Ways to Invite Peace into Your World
Make time for peace.
(JOURNAL IT and "For the Future" Intention also included)

Closing Remarks


Just think, if you had a copywriter create this for you from scratch, it would run you anywhere from several hundred to possibly a thousand, and that's on the low end depending on edits and other factors. This is a complete, polished DRAFT that you get to do whatever you want with and make your own.

Here's a Writing Sample Screenshot:

Another writing sample:

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You get 3 different versions of this content for the price of just one!

PLEASE NOTE! This file has been versioned for either "Peaceful Christmas" or "Peaceful Holidays". When you order the "Peaceful Christmas" 10-Day Journaling Challenge, you will receive TWO versions of this. BOTH files are available in your member area under YOUR DOWNLOADS after purchase.

You ALSO receive the Peaceful Summer 10-day Journaling Challenge as an added bonus!

Savings Breakdown:


Peaceful Christmas or Peaceful Holidays Challenge - 9300+ words, 35 pages

70 hours

70 hours at $50 per hour = $3,5000.00

This content is regularly priced at $38 for the entire 10-day challenge which includes 1 article, 1 exercise, 1 journal prompt and 1 intention for 10 days


How to Access Your PLR Content:

Once your order processes, you will be asked to create a login to the Wordfeeder member site. Do this, then check your email for a confirmation, plus another email containing your delivery of the files.

If you have any questions or trouble with your download, email me and I'll get back to you as quickly as possible.

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