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As video tutorials - featuring you as the teacher, speaking about a topic. You can share the videos publicly to get known in your field. And you can also offer an upgrade option for people who may want a more in-depth learning experience.


Our Life Coaching PLR Monthly Membership will include a variety of articles in the following areas:

Positive Psychology
Self Esteem and Self Confidence
Family Dynamics
Good Mental Health
Motivation and Self Help
Positive Thinking
Relationship Help
Stress Management
Self Care
Self Coaching
Abundance Mindset
Law of Attraction
...and much more


Here's what you get after signing up for our Life Coaching PLR Monthly Done-for-You Content Membership in 2021:


November: Mindfulness Every Day PLR - 15 Articles Total or 8K words. Now Live!

Mindfulness articles with private label rights! 15 total or 8K words. Titles include: Mindfulness Every Day PLR Articles - 15 Total - 8K words

1. What Does it Mean to Be Mindful?
2. Mindfulness Relieves Stress
3. Mindfulness Increases Happiness
4. To Life More Mindfully, Simplify
5. Clear, Clutter-Free Space Helps us Live Mindfully
6. Mindful Eating Keeps Us in a Healthy Physical State
7. Learn to be Mindful with Your Tech Use
8. Want to be Mindful? Clear Yourself from a Full Day of Plans
9. Trouble Staying Mindful? Handicrafts Calm the Nervous System
10. Gratitude and Mindfulness Go Together
11. Get Better at Mindfulness, Stop Multitasking All the Time
12. Practice Mindfulness with Your Mate
13. Be Mindful When Spending Time with Family
14. Take a Mindfulness Lesson from Man's Best Friend
15. Journal Your Way to a Mindful Life

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December: Finding Your Way Back to a Happy Marriage and Life, coming soon!


Article titles include:

1. Where Did Your Love Go Astray?
2. Marital Problems? You're Far from Alone
3. What to Do When You Can't Talk to Your Partner
4. Pinpointing the Issues So You Can Get Back to Loving Each Other
5. Work On Yourself, Then Work on Your Marriage
6. 4 Caveats of a Happy, Satisfying Married Life
7. How to Fight Fair When You're Married
8. Why Do Good Marriages Go Bad and What Can You Do?
9. Rules for Separation Under the Same Roof
10. Making Health and Fitness a Shared Goal
11. Wishlist for Your Marriage: An Exercise in Reconnection
12. Finding Your Way Back to Each Other
13. Exercise in Empathy: Do It for Your Marriage
14. Is There a "Right Way" to Do Marriage and Family Life?
15. How to Handle Parenting During a Bumpy Phase of Marriage

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October: Thankful, Grateful, Blessed - 15 PLR Articles + 15 Emails Series. Now live!

1. Thanksgiving is More than an Afternoon of Eating
2. Into the Spirit of Giving Thanks
3. Being Thankful is Good for Your Health, Here's Why
4. Getting into a Gratitude Practice: Nightly Ritual
5. Simple, Daily Joys to be Thankful For
6. A Simple Gratitude Ritual for the Nightly Dinner Table
7. Seeking to be Grateful Even in Difficult Times
8. Please Pass the Gratitude: Thankfulness is Contagious
9. Cultivate a Grateful Mindset in Your Kids Sets them on the Path to Happiness and Contentment
10. Thankful for Difficult Moments, for the Lesson Will Bring You Strength
11. Thankful for the People Who Hurt Us, for They Made You Powerful
12. Thankful for the Moments Between the Moments
13. Get Immersive With Your Gratitude Practice
14. Grateful and Blessed to Have So Many Choices
15. Write an I Love Life, Firsts, or favorite things List: Let Your Gratitude Flow!

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Here's a screen sample of the writing:


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September: "Learning to Say No, Gratefully and Gracefully" - 14 Articles or 8500+ words LIVE

Titles include:
1. The Importance of Saying No
2. Are You a Yes Person?
3. Saying No Means Setting Healthy Boundaries
4. What Happens When We Never Say No
5. It's Not Wrong to Say No, and Here's Why
6. Your Family Will Thank You if You Say No
7. Saying No is Good for Your Health
8. How to Say No Without Offending People
9. Graceful Tips for When It's Time to Say No
10. No Doesn't Mean Never
11. What to Do About People Who Don't Respect Your No
12. Figuring Out Your Yeses, Maybes and Definite Nos
13. The Art of Saying No With Finesse
14. Saying No Actually Makes Your Better at Life, Here's How


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August 2021: "Power of Positivity" PLR Articles - 7800 words total NOW LIVE AND INSIDE YOUR PAID MEMBER AREA

Titles include:

1. Intro
2. Why Would You Want to be a Positive Person?
3. Are You a Glass Half Empty or a Glass Half Full Person? Take the Quiz
4. Positivity Brings Big Payoffs. Here's How.
5. How Can You Turn a Negative Situation into a Positive One?
6. Want to Be More Positive? Commit to the Change
7. Morning Meditation to Start Your Day with a Smile
8. How to Stop Letting Negative People Take Your Good Mood Away
9. How a Positive Attitude Impacts Your Professional Life
10. Being More Positive Helps Heal Your Relationships
11. Parenting Positively: Quick Tips for Success
12. Short on Positive Role Models? Here's How to Spot One
13. Finding Support on the Road to Living a Positive Life
14. Gratitude Practice to Help You Become More Positive
15. Improve Your Mood First, and Positivity Will Soon Follow

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July 2021: "For People Pleasers Who Want Stronger Boundaries" PLR Articles - NOW LIVE


1. Stop Being a People Pleaser
2. Is it Bad to be a People Pleaser?
3. Are You a People Pleaser?
4. Do People Pleasers Hold Themselves to a Higher Standard of Perfection?
5. Tame Your People Pleasing Ways by Discovering What You Need
6. Daily Mantras for People Pleasers to Create Balance in Relationships
7. Do People Pleasers Think Differently Than Everyone Else?
8. Practices to Put in Place to Lessen Your People Pleasing Tendency
9. People Pleasers Should Not Give Up on the World and Here's Why
10. People Pleasers and Codependence
11. Exploring the Reasons People Pleasers Struggle with Self Worth
12. People Pleasers Should Seek the Company of Gentle, Forgiving and Supportive Souls
13. Boundaries Pose a Special Challenge for People Pleasers
14. Tips for People Pleasers Wanting to Strengthen Boundaries
15. Ways for People Pleasers to Tend Their Own Spirit and Deliver Care to Themselves

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June 2021: Withholding Behavior and What to Do About It - 17 PLR Articles, 7K+ words - Live inside your paid member area!

  1. What is Withholding?
  2. Examples of Withholding Behavior
  3. What To Do When Someone Withholds Attention, Affection and Emotional Support
  4. When a Withholder is Being Toxic Again, Should You Call Them Out?
  5. Why Do Our Loved Ones Withhold?
  6. Are You Surrounded by Withholders? What can You Do?
  7. Withholding is Contagious Unless We Grow in Awareness
  8. How to Get Your Partner or Family Member to Stop Withholding
  9. Consequences of Withholding Behavior
  10. Long-term Effects of Withholding Behavior
  11. Identifying Withholders in Your Family
  12. Why do People Withhold Physical Affection?
  13. Why do People Withhold Emotional Support?
  14. Becoming Aware of Our Own Tendency to Withhold
  15. Withholding is Actually Fear Based Behavior
  16. The Importance of Using Tech for Good and Not as a Way to Exclude or Withhold
  17. Free Yourself from the Influence of Withholders 

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May 2021: Habits of Highly Effective People PLR - 19 Articles - now inside of your paid member account

  1. What is Personal Effectiveness and Why Do We Care?
  2. Personal Effectiveness Means Taking Aim in Your Life to Hit That Target Again and Again
  3. What Magical Things Occur When We Become More Effective?
  4. Becoming More Effective is About Taking Your Time Back to Use However You Want
  5. Highly Effective People Do This, and So Can You
  6. The Key to Being Highly Effective: Become a Task Masker Extraordinaire
  7. Embrace Habits of Highly Effective People: Search Out Role Models
  8. Become Highly Effective in Your Career: Advance, Get Respect, Make More Money
  9. Swap Out Bad Habits for Ones That Attract Wealth. Become More Effective in Your Work and Life
  10. To Become More Effective, Do Your Best Impression of Success
  11. Want to Have More Fun? Become Better at How You Work at Life
  12. How Effective are You? Take the Quiz
  13. Being Highly Effective is About Making the Best Use of Your Time
  14. Are You Too Old to Go After the Life You Want? 3 Refuted Myths to Help You Bust Through to Excitement, Variety and New Experiences as You Age
  15. Effectiveness 101: Aim Higher, Ditch the Habits that Don't Serve You
  16. To Be More Effective, Know What You're After and Why – That Means Core Values
  17. Effectiveness 101: Let's Work on Your Personal Goals
  18. To Be Highly Effective, Say Goodbye to Relationships that Take You Away from Who You Want to Be
  19. Serious About Becoming Highly Effective? Seek Out a Mentor

Here's a preview screen shot of one of the articles:

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April 2021 Articles: Ready to download!

Controlling Relationships: Warning Signs and What to Do – 9045 words total (that's a bonus gift of 2K extra words FREE)

Titles include:
1. Intro
2. Controlling Relationships Creep Up on You Slowly
3. Controlling Partners Put You Down
4. Controlling Partners Use Gifts to Manipulate You
5. Controlling People Keep it Vague
6. Controlling People Throw Epic Tantrums
7. What to Do When Your Controlling Partner or Family Member Throws an Epic Tantrum
8. Controlling People Have a Posse of Minions to Back Their BS
9. Controlling Partners and How They Misrepresent You
10. Should You Mess with a Controlling Person?
11. Fun Head Games to Play with a Controlling Person
12. Can a Controlling Partner Change?
13. Simple yet Significant Ways Controlling People Encroach on Your Boundaries
14. Leave a Controlling Relationship: First Resolve These Areas of Your Life
15. Leaving a Controlling Partner Can Make You Incredibly Strong and Resilient

Screen shot of the content:


March 2021 Articles: Getting to Know Me All Over Again – PLR Articles - 8087 words total - RELEASED AND INSIDE OF YOUR PAID MEMBER ACCOUNT


(that's a bonus gift of 1K extra words FREE!)

Articles and Exercises include:

  1. Who Am I?
  2. What Are My Best Qualities? Identify Your Core Values
  3. What Am I Good At Doing? Identify What Comes Easy for You
  4. What Do People Know Me Best For? My Uniqueness is Who I Am
  5. What Have I Accomplished?
  6. What Do I Like to Do in My Free Time?
  7. What Am I Afraid Of? My Fears Are Not My Authentic Self
  8. How Do I Develop My Unique Talents?
  9. Who Lifts and Supports Me in My Life?
  10. What Would I Like to Work On: Creating Habits that Change Your Life
  11. My Professional Goals for the Upcoming Year
  12. What Makes Me Proud to Be Me?
  13. What Are My Weaknesses?
  14. What Else Would I Like to Work On? 5 Steps to Figure Out What You Would Like to Do
  15. Top Six Activities That Bring Me Joy 

Screen shot of the content:


February 2021 Articles: How to Attract Good People into Your Life - 16 PLR Articles – 6140 words - download from your paid member area


  1. Intro
  2. What is a Good Person?
  3. Qualities of a Good Person
  4. More Qualities of a Good Person
  5. Why Surround Yourself with Good People?
  6. Do You Feel Worthy of Being Around Good People? Take the Test
  7. Where Are All the Good People?
  8. How to Know if Someone is a Good Person?
  9. Signs It May be Time to Find Better People
  10. To Attract Good People, Do Good Things
  11. Being Defensive Holds You Back from Meeting Good People
  12. Good People Bring Positive Change: Here's How
  13. Take Steps Toward Change, and Find Those Good People
  14. Things Good People Say
  15. Things Good People Do
  16. What Can You Accomplish with Good People on Your Side?

Writing sample screen shot:



January 2021 Articles: Let's Get Rid of Stress - 15 Total - Bonus Gift of 3K extra words included Free! for a total of 10,500+ words - download now


Titles include:

  1. Intro
  2. Smart Phone Stress? Yes. Take Control of the Tech for Less Stress
  3. Physical Signs You May be Stressed
  4. Emotional Signs of Being Stressed
  5. What or Who is Stressing You? Let's Make a List
  6. How Does Your Stress Affect the People Around You?
  7. Put Self Care on Priority, Learn to Manage Stress
  8. Too Much Stress? Get Good at Saying NO
  9. Conflict Brings You Stress? Get Good at Managing It
  10. Evening Stress Relief Wind-Down
  11. Seek Out Friends Who Save You From Stress
  12. Too Much Stress? Lower Your Expectations
  13. Stress Eating Getting the Best of You? Choose Foods to Help You Feel Less Stressed
  14. Stress Relieving Activities to Calm and Soothe You
  15. Reduce Sensory Overload to Feel Less Stressed
  16. Breathing Exercises to Ease Stress

Screen shot of the content:



Boundaries Volume 2: Getting Better at Boundaries... coming soon!

1. Boundaries can be Tricky, Here's Why
2. Signs You're Letting People Cross into Your Boundaries
3. How to Draw a Line When You're a People Pleaser
4. Boundaries are About Comfort Level
5. Boundaries Change When Intimacy Increases
6. Boundaries Change with the Circumstances
7. Finding a Person Whose Boundaries "Match" Yours
8. How to Become More Aware of Boundaries
9. Getting Good at Respecting Boundaries
10. Red Flags of Boundary Crossers
11. Becoming More Assertive About Having Boundaries: Tips
12. Rude? Cold? Mean? Or Just Healthy Boundaries?
13. What Healthy Boundaries Look Like
14. Were Your Parents Boundary Oversteppers? Take the Quiz
15. Testing the Boundaries: Figure Out What Feels Right, Then Follow Through


Finding Your Way Back to a Happy Marriage and Life

  1. Where Did Your Love Go Astray?
  2. Marital Problems? You're Far from Alone
  3. What to Do When You Can't Talk to Your Partner
  4. Pinpointing the Issues so You Can Get Back to Loving Each Other
  5. Work On Yourself, Then Work on Your Marriage
  6. 4 Caveats of a Happy, Satisfying Married Life
  7. How to Fight Fair When You're Married
  8. Why Do Good Marriages Go Bad and What Can You Do?
  9. Rules for Separation Under the Same Roof
  10. Making Health and Fitness a Shared Goal
  11. Wishlist for Your Marriage: An Exercise in Reconnection
  12. Finding Your Way Back to Each Other
  13. Exercise in Empathy: Do It for Your Marriage
  14. Is There a "Right Way" to Do Marriage and Family Life?
  15. How to Handle Parenting During a Bumpy Phase of Marriage


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