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No More Procrastination... No More Overwhelm. When it Comes to Content Creation, Wordfeeder Has Your Back.

One way to solve your content publishing backlog problem and start running your online business right, is to have done-for-you content drafts available. Just imagine if you had a personal helper, busily writing fresh articles each day that you could edit as you like, and use to help people learn new things, be happier, and live better.


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Let Wordfeeder BE your personal content creator. Each month, we will HAND you 30 fresh articles. All you have to do is log in, download your content, change it however you like, and then USE IT by sharing it with the people on your list!

What kinds of articles will your audience go for?

Your readers are relying on you to provide information that…

Connects with their emotions

Teaches a skill

Solves a problem

Shares information

Infuses a perspective

Imparts wisdom

Tells true stories

Provides resources

Wordfeeder's done-for-you articles promise all of that and then some. Our customers routinely tell me that Wordfeeder PLR's some of the strongest writing they've come across in this industry.

When you sign up for our monthly PLR membership at a flat rate of $11.97 per month, here's what you get:

A total of 15 brand new, done-for-you articles. That's technically 15 days to drill down intensely into a topic of interest that your audience will love to learn more about.

(And search engines will love the fresh information, too!)

Here's how the monthly membership works:

ONE (1) MS Word document containing 15 articles will be added to your member account during the first half of the month.

ONE (1) MS Word document containing 15 more articles will be added to your member account during the second half of the month.

These articles are being sold as PLR - Private Label Rights Content.

That means that you get to edit, change, brand, and publish them under your own name in the following ways:

As blog posts or website articles. Posting a series on a single topic that you cover for a full month is a great way to get targeted readers. Share links to your blog on social as well!

As articles shared on social media. If you host a group online, it helps to post information your readers want and need. Post your articles there with a link back to your blog.

As ebooks that you share to grow your list. An opt-in gift is a common way to get more people interested in you and what you do.

As PDF ebooks that you sell under your own brand name.

As courses sent via email or hosted privately in an online conference room or private social media group such as Facebook

As email and social media challenges (think 30-day challenge, or 21-day challenge)

As email courses or an email series of tips. Autoresponders can be sent out every day for 5 days, every week for 4 weeks, or however you'd like to set yours up to go out automatically after people sign up.

As Pins. An eye-catching infographic and compelling lead-in brings them from Pinterest to your blog where they can learn more and sign up for your list!

As PowerPoint presentations - slide by slide, file delivered via link in an email.

As video slide shows. One short blurb or tip per slide, set to music, with images, works great.

As video tutorials - featuring you as the teacher, speaking about a topic. You can share the videos publicly to get known in your field. And you can also offer an upgrade option for people who may want a more in-depth learning experience.


Our Life Coaching and Mental Health PLR Monthly Membership will include a variety of articles in the following niches:

Marital Challenges
Family Dynamics
Motivation and Self Help
Positive Thinking
Relationship Help
Stress Management
Self Coaching


Below please find our 2019-2020 Self Help/Life Coaching/Mental Health PLR Publishing Schedule for Monthly Paid Members:

This membership was launched in October 2019, so everything that is already in the member area as part of this membership is YOURS with one low monthly payment! The below listed article titles are now listed from most recent and upcoming, to least recent.



Titles include:

1. Intro
2. When People Play Mind Games – What Are They Trying to Accomplish?
3. Mind Games People Play
4. Mind Games That Play Out in Social Situations
5. Mind Games and Your Family
6. Undermining: a Powerful Psychological Mind Game
7. Mind Games Can be Subtle – So Watch Out!
8. Mind Games: What Emotions Drive Our Behavior, and Why?
9. Mind Games as Part of the Social Pecking Order
10. Ditch the Mind Games: You Can Do It!
11. Mind Games and Human Behavior
12. Should You Become Intimate With Someone Who Plays Head Games?
13. How to Get Good at NOT Playing Mind Games
14. Gaslighting – the Most Insidious Head Game of All
15. Is There Ever a Time When Mind Games are Fun or Healthy?


Screen shot sample:



November ARticles Set 1: Channel Your Anger – PLR Articles – 15 Total - 8,497 words

  1. Intro
  2. Seek the Source of Your Anger
  3. Come to Terms With Your Anger
  4. Give Yourself Permission to Feel the Feelings
  5. Working Through Anger
  6. Why it's Unhealthy to Hold in Your Anger and What to Do About It
  7. Get Comfortable with Your Feelings
  8. What Are You Angry About?
  9. Transform Your Anger into Positive Action
  10. How to Let Anger Fuel You With Purpose Instead of Detract From Your Goals
  11. It's Normal to Feel Angry Every Once in a While
  12. What to Do Instead of Being Angry
  13. Use Your Anger as Motivation to Develop Self Control
  14. Your Anger is a Sign that Something Needs to Change
  15. Your Anger Has a Message, Time to Tune in and Evolve 


Check Out a Writing Sample:

October Articles Set 2: Self Coach Your Way to Happiness PLR - 15 Articles Total - NOW INSIDE YOUR PAID MEMBER ACCOUNT

Titles include:
1. What Is Self Coaching?
2. Why Self Coach?
3. What Can You Accomplish With Self Coaching
4. The Vast Benefits of Self Coaching
5. Are You Self Coachable? Take the Quiz
6. Self Coaching Must-Have Resources
7. Tuck These Self Coaching Tools into Your Back Pocket
8. Write Your Way to Self Coaching Success
9. A No-Fail Method for Setting Self-Coaching Goals
10. Self Coach Your Way to a Great Life!
11. Self Coach Your Way to Personal Betterment
12. Assessment to Get Clear on Self Coaching Priorities
13. Find Support on Your Self Coaching Journey
14. The Downside of Self Coaching and What to Do About It
15. How to Fit Self Coaching into Your Busy Life



October Articles Set 1: Kindness PLR: Defining & Creating Kindness in Your Life – PLR Articles – 15 Total -7500+ words

  1. Kindness and Why It Matters
  2. What is Kindness?
  3. Is Kindness Back in Style?
  4. Simple Ways to Show Kindness in Your Daily Life
  5. Kindness is About Having Mercy on Each Other
  6. Signs a Person is Inherently Kind
  7. How Does Being Kind Improve Your Wellbeing?
  8. 5 Ways to Pay Kindness Forward
  9. How to Be Kind to Your Family
  10. How to Be Kind to Your Friends
  11. Defining & Creating Kindness in Your Life
  12. International Kindness Day
  13. Simple Ways to Celebrate International Kindness Day
  14. Pay It Forward Kindness
  15. Teaching Children Kindness 

Screen Shot Sample of the Content:


September Articles Set 2 of our Life Coach PLR Monthly: Download instantly with sign-up.


"Gratitude in Challenging Times" - 15 Articles, 8000+ words with PLR Rights to Share or Sell as Your Own

Article titles include:

  1. Intro
  2. Positively Grateful
  3. How to Get into a Thankful Mindset When Times Are Tough
  4. Examples of How Gratitude Can Guide You Through a Difficult Situation
  5. Daily Gratitude Practice: Embrace an Attitude of Gratitude
  6. Gratitude Around the Dinner Table – Any Time of Year
  7. The Ripple Effect of Gratitude
  8. How Can Gratitude Strengthen Relationships at a Tough Time?
  9. How Can Gratitude Boost Team Morale?
  10. Gratitude Shift: Team Exercises to Increase Gratitude
  11. Reasons to be Grateful for Difficult Times and Transitions
  12. Why Be Grateful for People Who Cause You Problems?
  13. Go Deep with Gratitude Journaling: An Afternoon Challenge
  14. Grateful for the Simple Pleasures
  15. Grateful for Our Health  


September Articles Set 1: Ending a Relationship PLR 15 Articles – 8,532 Words Total - NOW AVAILABLE INSIDE YOUR PAID MEMBER ACCOUNT.

  1. Intro
  2. Signs Your Relationship is Nearing the End
  3. What to Do When It's Time to End a Romantic Relationship
  4. Where to Find Emotional Support During a Painful Break-Up
  5. Good Reasons to End a Relationship
  6. Why Do Relationships End?
  7. Nonverbal Cues that It's Time to End Your Relationship
  8. The "Why" of a Failed Relationship
  9. Breaking Up: What to Do First
  10. How to Nurture Your Own Spirit During and After a Breakup
  11. What To Do About Unsupportive Friends During a Breakup
  12. Is Your Partner Disrespecting You? Signs It May be Over for Good
  13. Reasons Why It's Great to be Single Again
  14. Final Actions to Take Before You Break Up With Him for Good
  15. Journaling Exercises to Help You Heal After a Break-Up 

Screen Shot Sample of the Content:

August Articles Set 2: Break the Cycle of Your Toxic Family - 15 PLR Articles - 7900+ words - Now Inside Your Paid Member Account

    Titles include:
  1. Is Your Family Toxic?
  2. Some Families Are More Toxic Than Others
  3. Awareness is the Way Out of Toxic Family Patterns
  4. Take the Toxicity Test
  5. Toxic Family Dynamics Are Handed Down to the Next Generation 6. Identifying Toxic Communication in Your Family
  6. Identifying Toxic Behavior in Your Family
  7. The Impact of Toxic Family Patterns on Old Age
  8. It's Not too Late to Grow Out of Toxic Relationship Patterns, Even in Our Senior Years
  9. Show Your Children the Way Out of Toxic Behavior
  10. Break the Cycle of Family Dysfunction and Childhood Trauma
  11. Family Abuse is a Spectrum Disorder
  12. Grown-Up Signs that You Endured a Toxic Family Dynamic as a Kid
  13. Toxic Communication Stops With You
  14. End Toxic Cycles Without Being Toxic About It

    Here's a screen shot sample of the content:


August ARticles Set 1: "Protecting the Energy of Your Home" PLR - 7,000 words Total - NOW AVAILABLE INSIDE YOUR MEMBER ACCOUNT

  1. Protecting the Energy of Your Home - Intro
  2. Create Peaceful Energy Within Your Home
  3. What's Your Parenting Energy Exchange?
  4. How Does the Energy of Your Childhood Home Manifest in Adulthood?
  5. Extreme Closeness Means Shared Personal Energy
  6. Define the Energy of Your Home
  7. Want a Calmer Home? Exercise More.
  8. Setting Boundaries to Cultivate Safe, Peaceful Energy in Your Home
  9. Tips for Parents to Create Positive, Calm Energy in the Home
  10. Being Intimate With Your Partner Brings More Peace to the Family Home
  11. The "How" of Setting Boundaries to Create a Peaceful Home Life
  12. "Get Out of My Mental Feed": A Case for Quiet Time at Home
  13. How to Respect Others' Emotional Boundaries
  14. Can't Control Others? Control Yourself. Tips for Creating Good Energy in Your Home
  15. 5 Simple Ways to Cultivate Peace During the Stay-Home Order


July Articles Set 2: "STrive for an Authentic Life" - 15 PLR Articles - Now available Inside Your paid Member ACcount

  1. What Does it Mean to Live Authentically?
  2. Why Is It Important to Live an Authentic Life?
  3. What Can You Work on in Support of Being More Authentic Each Day?
  4. What Are Examples of Inauthenticity?
  5. How Does Life Pull Us Away from Our Authentic Self?
  6. Discover Your Authentic Self to Begin Living Your Truth
  7. Get Clear on What's Important so You Can Live Your Best Life
  8. How to Attract People Who Bring Out Your Most Authentic Self
  9. What Aspects of Your Life Can You Work on to Bring More Authenticity?
  10. Hone Your Best Qualities so You Can Live an Authentic Life
  11. Rid Yourself of Habits that Don't Serve You, Live Your Truth
  12. How Does Authentic Living Increase Happiness?
  13. Why Does Living an Authentic Life Increase Emotional Wellbeing?
  14. Teach Your Children the Importance of an Authentic Life
  15. Exercise: List Your Priorities and Goals in Support of an Authentic Life


Screen Shot Sample of the Content:



July Articles Set 1: "The Path to Emotional Healing - 15 arTICLES OR 8K+ words total - NOW AVAILABLE INSIDE YOUR PAID MEMBER ACCOUNT

  1. Identifying the Need for Healing
  2. What Has Caused You Emotional Pain?
  3. Emotional Healing Path: From Avoidance to Awareness to Acceptance
  4. Recognize Your Pain Points and Triggers
  5. Unhealthy Emotions Result in an Unhealthy Body
  6. Step Away from Negative People and Things While Healing
  7. 5 Activities to Avoid if You're Emotionally Fragile
  8. Write the Wrong: Use Journal Therapy to Heal Your Emotional Hurt
  9. It's Okay to Cry When You're Hurting
  10. Yoga for Emotional and Trauma Release
  11. Self Care to Heal You in Body, Mind and Spirit
  12. Solitude is a Healing Balm for the Soul
  13. Pets Provide Comfort When You're Emotional
  14. Let Your Creativity Flow on the Path to Healing
  15. Choose Friends Who Will Nurture You While Healing Emotionally

Here's a screen shot sample of the content:

June Articles Set 2: Honesty in Relationships PLR - 15 Articles Total - 9400+ words - NOW AVAILABLE INSIDE YOUR PAID MEMBER ACCOUNT

Titles include:

  1. What does Honesty Mean to You?
  2. Honesty in Relationships and Why It Matters
  3. Honest About the Big Things, Honest in Everyday Situations
  4. How Does Honesty Shape Our Ability to Trust, and Vice Versa?
  5. Is it Ever Okay to Be Dishonest?
  6. Examples of Honesty that We May Take for Granted
  7. Why Is It So Hard for Some People to Be Honest?
  8. What Happens When We're Not Honest to Each Other?
  9. How to Increase Honesty in a Relationship
  10. Honesty in Your Partnership is More Than About Being Faithful
  11. How Does Being Dishonest in Our Relationships Pull Us Further from Happiness?
  12. How to Be Both Honest and Emotionally Supportive in a Relationship
  13. How Honesty Leads to a Life of Integrity
  14. When Do Little White Lies Become Big Fat Dishonesty?
  15. Honesty in Your Family Life and Why It's Important

Writing Sample Screen Shot:


June Artices Set 1: Increase Empathy, Fight Less, Love More - Live and Inside YOur Paid Member account

Titles include:

  1. What is Empathy?
  2. Why is Empathy Important to Our Happiness?
  3. How Does a Lack of Empathy Affect Social Skills?
  4. Teaching Empathy to Kids
  5. Empathy Training Begins in Preschool
  6. Why Do Some People Have More Empathy Than Others?
  7. How Can We Practice Empathy?
  8. Can Empathy Be Learned as an Adult?
  9. Real-Life Examples of Empathy
  10. Empathy in the Digital Age
  11. How is Empathy a Trait of Strong Leaders
  12. How can Empathy be Used for Good?
  13. The Dark Side of Empathy: Manipulation
  14. What Happens When People Don't Have Empathy?
  15.  How to Deal With Family Members to Seem to Lack Empathy

Screen Shot of the Writing:


May Articles, Set 2: "On Being Humble" - 7200 Words Total, Now Available in Your Paid Wordfeeder PLR Member Account:

15 Articles Total with Private Label Rights. Now Live in your Paid Member Area

Titles include:

  1. What Does it Mean to be Humble?
  2. How Can We Teach Kids to Be Humble?
  3. 5 Ways to Put Humility into Practice in Everyday Life
  4. How Does Being Humble Improve Our Relationships?
  5. How Does Humility Help You Become a Better Leader?
  6. 5 Traits of Humble People
  7. The Difference Between Humility and Having Low Self Esteem
  8. Humility is About the Human Condition and Interconnectedness of Us All
  9. The Value of Being Humble
  10. Why Is Humility so Hard to Understand?
  11. What is Humility in Psychology?
  12. How Does Humility Breed Resilience?
  13. Retaining Humility in an Increasingly Self Oriented World
  14. Using Technology as a Reminder to be Humble
  15. How to be Humble Yet Assertive When Needed
  16. Can Practicing Humility Help You Overcome Depression?

Screen Shot of the Writing:


May Articles, Set 1: Validation PLR - 15 Articles, 7300+ words. Now Available Inside Your Member Account!

Titles Include:

  1. What is Validation?
  2. Why is Validation So Important to Our Happiness and Well Being?
  3. What Happens When We Don't Get Enough Validation?
  4. Were You Raised With Validation?
  5. Simple Ways to Validate People You Care About
  6. Signs That You Could Use More Validation in Your Life
  7. How to Surround Yourself with Friends Who Validate You
  8. To Get More, Give More When it Comes to Validation
  9. Take The Test: Are You Emotionally Validated in Your Relationship?
  10. Why Do Some People Refuse to Validate Others?
  11. Symptoms of Being in a Low Validation Situation
  12. Validation at Work and Why It's Important to Employee Performance
  13. Validation at Home and Why It's Important to Your Kids' Self Esteem
  14. Validation in Your Love Life and Why It Matters
  15. Show Your Love: 5 Simple Ways to Validate Someone Today

Screen Shot of the Content:



April Articles Set 2: "Choose Connection" 15-Day Challenge - Download Now from Your Paid Member account!

Day 1: Choose Connection With Family
Day 2: Choose Connection Over Shoulds
Day 3: Choose Connection Over Virtual Connection
Day 4: Choose Connection Over Misunderstanding
Day 5: Choose Connection Over Nagging
Day 6: Choose Connection Over the Need to be Right
Day 7: Choose Connection Over Stuff
Day 8: Choose Connection Over Fear
Day 9: Choose Connection Over Performance
Day 10: Choose Connection Over Competition
Day 11: Choose Connection Over Perfection
Day 12: Choose Connection With Friends
Day 13: Choose Connection With Kids
Day 14: Choose Connection Instead of Being Stressed
Day 15: Choose Connection, Choose Reflection


aPRIL arTICLES, sET 1: "Suddenly Home Schooling" Survival Guide - 15 ARticles WITH plr rIGHTS- RELEASED AND INSIDE OF YOUR MEMBER ACCOUNT

(More than Double the Word Count DELIVERABLE at 15,400+ Words. My gift to you, Hang In There AND STAY HEALTH AND SAFE, Everyone.)

1.         Intro
2.         Tips for Supporting Your Child's Teacher During Virtual School Sessions
3.         Set Up Your Home School Scenario for Success: Organize Space
4.         Routine is Everything When Teaching Kids at Home
5.         E-Learning is Great, But Make Time for Breaks
6.         Virtual School is in Session: Make Yours a Crash Course in Life Skills Too
7.         Combine Learning and Play in Your Home School Day
8.         4 Great Projects for Home School Kids to Try
9.         Balance Tech Based Teaching with Real Life Instructions
10.       How to Cope with Waning Attention Spans While Teaching Kids at Home
11.       Home School Success for Kids With Learning Challenges
12.       Tech Must Haves to Ensure Kids' Safety Online while Virtual Learning
13.       Creative Ways to Connect with Other Kids While Learning Virtually
14.       Virtual School Life Skills Challenge Checklist
15.       Connecting Meaningfully, Yet Keeping Social Distance

Screen Shot Sample of the Writing:


"Spring Cleaning for Your Soul" PLR - 15 ARticles Total -7K+ words with PLR Rights

Includes the following titles:

  1. Freshen up your perspective

  2. Lighten up your outlook

  3. Clear away worries

  4. Purge your regrets

  5. Clean up your chaos

  6. Scrub away guilt

  7. Buff and shine your attitude

  8. Organize your mental clutter

  9. Simplify your schedule

  10. Make room for gratitude

  11. Declutter your relationships

  12. Cleanse your soul

  13. Plant the seeds of optimism

  14. Nurture joy

  15. Repurpose your life



March Articles, Set 1: Emotional Intelligence PLR - 15 ARticles Total - 9500+ words with PLR Rights




Includes the following titles:

  1. What is Emotional Intelligence?

  2. Low Versus High Emotional Intelligence and What it Can Mean for You

  3. 5 Types of Emotional Intelligence

  4. How Does Higher Emotional Intelligence Help You Live Better?

  5. Emotional Intelligence is the Key to More Fulfilling Relationships

  6. How Can Emotional Intelligence Help You Become More Successful?

  7. Signs of High Emotional Intelligence

  8. Symptoms of Low Emotional Intelligence

  9. Ways to Improve Your Emotional Intelligence

  10. Why Are Some People More Emotionally Intelligent Than Others

  11. How is Low Emotional Intelligence Detrimental to Your Success?

  12. Habits of Emotionally Intelligent People

  13. Emotional Intelligence Means Knowing How to Channel Your Energy in Healthy Ways

  14. Exercise Can Help You Gain Control of Your Emotions

  15. Emotional Intelligence is About Paying Attention to Your Own Inner Signals

Screen shot sample of the writing:


February Articles, Set 2: Quizzes for Coaches - Available Now in Your Member ACcount

Quiz titles include:

  • Are You a Natural Born Leader
  • Are You an Empath?
  • How Are Your Boundaries?
  • What's Your Superpower?
  • Are You Organized?
  • Are You a Risk Taker?
  • How Positive Are You?
  • Are You a Natural Entrepreneur?
  • How Good Are Your Homesteading Skills?

Screen shot sample of the writing:

February Articles, Set 1: "Avoiding Drama in Your Relationships for a More Peaceful Life - 9K+ Words total (that's a bonus of 2k extra words FREE)



This content pack includes:

  1. Intro
  2. What Constitutes Drama in Relationships?
  3. Why Do Some People Attract Drama in Their Relationships?
  4. How Do Drama Addicts Differ from Regular People?
  5. Why Do Some People Always Seem to Attract Drama Wherever They Go?
  6. Are You a Magnet for Drama? Take the Quiz
  7. Want Less Drama? Work on Your Emotional IQ
  8. Want Less Drama? Avoid He-Said, She Said Games
  9. Family Drama, Why it Happens, and How to Avoid It
  10. Healthy Outlets for People Attracted to Drama
  11. Red Flags to Help You Avoid Drama Queens and Divas
  12. What Do Hype, Spin and Black and White Thinking Have to Do With Drama in Your Relationships?
  13. 5 Steps for Cutting Drama Out Of Your Life
  14. Gossip Mongers and Why They Do What They Do
  15. Lessons to Learn from People Who Know How to Avoid Drama


Here's a screen shot of the content:

January Articles Set 2: SElf Talk PLR - Nearly 10K Words! (That's 3,000 extra words for FREE)

More than ever, your target audience is turning to the internet to solve their relationship dilemmas and find coping skills for dealing with the difficult problems in their lives. We've created this done-for-you content package to help you help them find clarity and peace of mind.

Titles include:

  1. What is Self Talk?
  2. What's the Difference Between Positive and Negative Self Talk?
  3. How Does Positive Self Talk Work to Build Your Confidence?
  4. How Does Negative Self Talk Sabotage Success?
  5. What is the Origin of Your Own Self Talk?
  6. What Are Some Examples of Positive Self Talk?
  7. What Are Some Examples of Negative Self Talk?
  8. Self Talk: What Are the Voices Saying to You?
  9. Exercise: Become More Aware of Your Own Self Talk
  10. How to Change Your Self Talk from Negative to Positive
  11. How to Create Positive Self Talk in Your Children
  12. What Do Your Relationships Have to Do With Your Self Talk?
  13. Is Negative Self Talk Ever Constructive or Useful?
  14. Can Too Much Positive Self Talk Make You Over Confident?
  15. 6 Steps to Stifle Negative Self Talk and Accentuate the Positive

Screen shot of the content:


January Articles Set 1: "Coping Skills for Empaths and HSP's" - 7500+ words, released and Inside of your Member account

Titles Include:

  1. Empaths versus HSPs: What's the Difference?
  2. Are You an Empath? 8 Possible Signs
  3. Health Risks of Being an Empath or HSP (Highly Sensitive Person)
  4. Empaths and Boundaries
  5. How to Protect Your Own Energy as an Empath
  6. Self Care for Empaths and HSPs
  7. Ideal Careers for Empaths and HSPs
  8. Where to Find Other, Like-Minded Empaths and HSPs
  9. How to Survive Socially as an Empath or HSP
  10. Strengths of Empaths
  11. How to Organize & Decorate Your Home When You're an Empath or HSP
  12. Yoga for Empaths and HSPs: Ease Your Stress
  13. Creative Outlets for Empaths and HSPs
  14. Pet Therapy: Perfect for Empaths and HSPs
  15. Empaths and the Need for Down Time

Here's a screen shot sample of the content:


December 2019 Articles, Set 1: Peaceful Holiday Season. 15 Articles, 7400+ words - released and Inside of your Member account

Titles include:

1. What Does Peace Mean to You?
2. Why Has Peacefulness Become Such a Challenge?
3. Seeking Peace for the Holidays
4. 5 Ways to Cultivate Peace in Your Family
5. 5 Ways to Create Peace in Your Neighborhood
6. How to Communicate Peacefully
7. Find Peace in the Great Outdoors
8. 5 Habits of Peaceful People
9. Can Pets Help Us Discover Peace?
10. Practice Mindful Conversations in the Name of Peace
11. How to Lessen the Chaos and Increase the Peace in Your Home
12. Share Peace During a Meal
13. Follow Your Heart to Peaceful People
14. Help Kids Spread Peace
15. Self Care Keeps Us Peaceful Inside

Here's a screen shot of the content so you can get an idea of the quality:

December 2019 Articles, Set 2: "Dealing With Difficult People" - 8K+ words - released and Inside of your Member account

Titles include:

  1. How to Deal With Difficult People
  2. Should You Stand Up For Yourself Against a Difficult Spouse, Parent or Partner?
  3. Signs of a Difficult Spouse, Partner, Parent, Boss, Friend, Etc.
  4. Why Do Difficult People Play Mind Games?
  5. Why Are Difficult People So Often Two –Faced?
  6. How to Rise Above the Emotions of Dealing With a Difficult Person
  7. How to Stop Giving Away Your Energy to a Difficult Person
  8. What is Crazy Making Behavior?
  9. Examples of Crazy Making Behavior
  10. The Importance of Emotional Support When Dealing with a Difficult Person
  11. Where to Find Support When Dealing With a Difficult Partner, Spouse or Family Member
  12. How to Get a Difficult Person to Stop Playing Head Games With You
  13. Why Difficult People Do What They Do
  14. How to Stop Arguing With a Difficult Person
  15. Your Exit Strategy for Ending Your Relationship with a Difficult Person

Screen Shot Sample:


November 2019 Articles, Set 1 - RELEASED and inside of your member account:

"How to Be Peaceful at Home" - 7,466 words - 15 ARTICLES

Searching for high quality private label rights content covering the topic of Peacefulness with home and family? Download How to Be Peaceful at Home - 15 articles - 7,466 words total.

Titles include:
1. Peace at Home: Keeping Quiet Spaces
2. What Does Peace Mean to You?
3. Peace at Home Means Making Time for Different Activities
4. For a Peaceful Home, Be Active During the Day
5. Peace at Home Begins with Common Courtesy
6. Want a Peaceful Home? Offer Respect and Benefit of the Doubt
7. Avoiding Unnecessary Conversations Helps Keep Peace at Home
8. Limit Screen Time, Keep a Peaceful Home
9. Peaceful Activities to Replace Screen Time
10. Pets Bring Peace to Your Home
11. Evening Yoga for a Peaceful, Restful Bedtime
12. Peaceful Home: What to Do When Conversations Become Confusing
13. Prayer and Brings Peace to the Family Home
14. What Does a Healthy Diet Have to Do With Peace at Home?
15. Making Peace at Home Starts With You

Please note: this content is exclusive to our monthly PLR membership. You get to download it instantly as soon as you sign up and log into your PLR member area on

Here's a screen shot of the writing:

November 2019 Articles, Set 2:

Gratitude as Positive Psychology - 15 articles, 8K+ words, RELEASED!

1. Gratitude as Positive Psychology
2. Powerful Ways that Gratitude Can Improve Your Life and Health
3. Learning to Love Yourself Means Practicing Gratitude
4. How Does a Gratitude Practice Rewire Your Brain?
5. Can Gratitude Set You on the Path to Your "Flow?"
6. Daily Gratitude Reduces Worry and Fear, Increases Hope and Optimism
7. 5 Simple but Powerful Gratitude Habits to Practice Daily
8. Going Deep with Your Gratitude Practice Means Embracing Both the Bad and the Good
9. Pass the Gratitude, Please: 5 Simple but Powerful Gratitude Habits to Practice Daily
10. Small Gestures of Gratitude Have a Ripple Effect
11. Gratitude as an Empowerment Tool
12. Mindfulness, Gratitude and the Next Generation
13. How to Approach a Family Gratitude Practice
14. Gratitude, and the Art of Searching Out Happy
15. Gratitude Does Not Mean Obligation

Here's a screen shot of the content in production:

Here's another screen shot of the writing:

October 2019 ARticles, Set 1: REleased and Already inside of your Member Account.


Boost Your Brain Power PLR - 15 articles - 7,423 words total

Contents Include:

1. Boost Your Brain Power, Live Each Day to the Fullest
2. Skilled Hands, Agile Mind: Crafting Improves Brain Health
3. Feed Your Mind: Cooking Boosts Brain Health
4. Why Too Much Screen Time is Bad for Your Brain
5. Smart Phone, Smarter Brain: How to Use Computers to Enhance Brain Function
6. Learning a New Language Translates to Better Brain Health
7. Dance Your Way to Improved Brain Function
8. Writing is Really Good for Your Brain
9. Want to Think Faster? Travel More
10. Your Brain Eats Books for Breakfast: Discover How Reading Improves Mental Function
11. Yoga Helps You Think, Improves Brain Health
12. Your Brain Thrives on Music
13. Want a Smarter Brain? Go Outside
14. Caring for Pets is Healthy for Your Brain
15. How Do Naps Improve Brain Function?

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Boundaries and Your Relationships - 15 articles - 6,608 words total

  1. What Are Boundaries?
  2. Types of Boundaries
  3. Children of Narcissists, and Boundaries
  4. Identifying Boundary-Violating Behavior
  5. Boundaries in Relationships: What Does Trust Have to Do With It?
  6. Are You Co-dependent? Signs Your Boundaries Are Weak
  7. How to Establish Better Boundaries
  8. How Do Boundaries Help to Improve Your Relationships
  9. Giving and Taking: What do Boundaries Have to Do With It?
  10. Real-Life Examples of Boundary Violations
  11. Let's Talk About Emotional Boundaries
  12. Physical Boundaries: Your Invisible Force Field
  13. Boundaries, Bullies and Body Language
  14. How to Re-Establish Boundaries With a Boundary Violator
  15. "How Strong Are Your Boundaries" Quiz

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