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Here's how the monthly membership works:

ONE (1) MS Word document containing 15 articles, recipes or product descriptions will be added to your member account every month


Our Weight Loss PLR Monthly Membership will include 15 new articles each month in the following niches:

Keto and Low Carb Content
Healthy Lifestyle Practices
Self Care
Whole Foods


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February 2022 PLR Articles - coming soon!


Fitness for All Seasons PLR - 10 Articles or 7386 words total

Titles include:

1. Why Exercise Outdoors Year-Round?
2. Tips for Exercising Outdoors Year-Round and in All Weather
3. Make the Most of Your Outdoor Exercise Plan Year-Round
4. Outdoor Exercise in the Fall: Safety Tips
5. Best Tips for Running in the Rain
6. How to Be Safe When You Run in the Snow
7. Getting Motivated to Exercise Outdoors in the Winter
8. Safety Tips for Runners
9. Simple Stretches for Before and After You Run or Exercise
10. Outdoor Exercise for Allergy Sufferers

This content can be edited and brand as your own, to sell ebooks, make blog posts, offer coaching packages and more!


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January 2022 Weight Loss PLR:


Weight Loss and Organ Health PLR - 13 Articles or 8400+ words total NOW LIVE.

Weight loss content with PLR or private label rights. Make into blog posts, newsletters, add to your member area, sell as an ebook, include in a bigger course, and more.

Titles include:
1. Intro to Weight Loss and Organ Health
2. Organs: The Giver of Life and Good Health
3. Exercise Your Way to a Healthy Cardio-Vascular System
4. Heart Health is Affected by the Type of Fat You Consume
5. What Types of Foods are Best for Your Heart?
6. Protein Feeds the Muscles, Helps You Stay on Track with Weight Loss
7. Don't Overlook Good Mental Health as Protection for Your Heart and Organs
8. Worst and Best Foods for Heart Health
9. Too Much Salt Takes its Toll on the Kidneys. How Much of Your Weight Gain is Actually Water?
10. Avoid These Foods to Lower Your Salt Intake
11. Uncover the Hidden Sugar in Everyday Foods, Give Your Pancreas and Heart a Break
12. Stop Punishing Your Liver. Alcohol Consumption Causes Weight Gain, Wreaks Havoc on Organ Health
13. Avoiding Toxic People May Help the Health of Your Organs, and Can Get You to a Healthy Weight Quicker

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December Weight Loss PLR Articles:

Plant-Based Eating for Healthy Weight Loss - 20 Articles or 8433 words total with private label rights. Now Live!

1. Intro
2. What Are Your Options for Going Meatless or Increasing Plant-Based Meals to Aid in Weight Loss?
3. What Will Your Plant-Based Eating Plan Look Like?
4. Is Going Meatless Risky to Your Health?
5. Benefits of Going Meatless Some or All of the Time
6. What Do Vegans Eat?
7. How Does Eating Plants Help You Lose Weight?
8. Benefits of the Plant-Based Diet or an Increase in Plant Based Foods on Your Digestive Health
9. Adjusting to a Mostly or All Plant-Based Diet
10. Plant-Based Eating to Balance Hormones
11. Plant-Based Eating, and Hormone Balancing Foods
12. Plant-Based Eating Can Help You Lower Cancer Risk
13. Increase Plant-Based Eating Without Going Full Vegan or Vegetarian
14. What's the Difference Between Vegetarian and Vegan?
15. Ideas for Occasionally Going Meatless Without Being a Vegan or Vegetarian
16. Going Meatless: Good for You, and for the Planet, Too
17. Plant-Based Protein Sources
18. Best Snacks for Plant Eaters
19. How to Make a Veggie Burger at Home from Scratch
20. What to Do With Tofu?

Sample of the Content:


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November Weight Loss PLR Articles:


Winter Weight Loss: Hormones, Healthy Comfort Foods, Recipe Makeovers and Exercise Motivation. Now Live!


1. Hormone Balance and Your Weight
2. Easy Ways to Healthy Up Your Favorite Comfort Foods
3. What Should You Eat on Cozy Family Nights When You're Trying to Lose Weight?
4. *Hot and Sour Cabbage Soup Recipe
5. Healthier Meat Loaf Recipe Your Family Will Love
6. Choose Simple Swaps for Healthier Chili
7. Healthier Stew Doesn't Have to Be Tasteless
8. Comforting Chicken Pot Pie That's Healthy
9. Weight-Loss Friendly Desserts Taste Delicious
10. Creamy Substitutes for Healthier Mashed Potatoes
11. Exercising When It's Cold Out: Harder to Motivate, But Worth the Effort
12. Layering Tips to Dressing for Winter Fitness
13. 6 Tasty, Weight-Loss Friendly Substitutes for White Potatoes
14. Low Sugar or No-Sugar Pie Recipes to Enjoy This Winter
15. Indoor Exercises to Get You Moving This Winter

Sample of the Content:

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Sensible Weight Loss PLR - 15 Articles or 6800 words total NOW LIVE

Need health coaching content for your blog, social media, ebook creation and more? This weight loss content with private label rights was created with you in mind as the user who will be publishing it in your blog, sharing on social media or making ebooks and courses from it.

Articles included:

1. Simple Tips for Setting and Achieving Weight Loss Goals
2. Lose Weight the Healthy Way... with Sensible Methods that Work
3. Want to Lose Weight? Try These Lesser-Known Tips and Tricks
4. RECIPE: Spinach Dip with a Healthy Makeover
5. Even More Eating Tips to Help You Lose Weight and Get Healthy
6. Examples of a Balanced, Healthy, Weight Loss Friendly Breakfast
7. How to Eat Carbs Without Getting Out of Control
8. How Much Exercise Do You Need in a Day if You Want to Lose Weight?
9. How to Break an Unhealthy Relationship with Food
10. What do Nordic People Know About Weight Loss that We Don't?
11. Does the Mediterranean Diet Work for Weight Loss?
12. Where to Find Support Around Eating Healthier and Becoming More Active
13. The Skinny on Wine, Beer and Weight Loss
14. Nuts: Good or Bad for Weight Loss?
15. Weight Loss and Your Body Type

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Lose Weight, Look and Feel Great PLR Articles – 7700+ words total LIVE

Titles include:

1. The Best Kind of Diet is Not a Diet
2. Myths and Misconceptions About Weight Loss
3. Calories and Your Weight
4. Is Being Overweight Really Genetic?
5. The Direct Connection Between Stress and Weight Gain
6. Get Over the Sugar Hump to Reduce Cravings
7. Tips for Cutting Sugar from Your Diet
8. Exercise Alone Won't Help You Lose Weight the Healthy Way
9. Tricks to Help You Eat Less for Weight Loss Success
10. How to Avoid Starving Yourself While Dieting
11. Juicing for Weight Loss and Good Health
12. Juicing for Weight Loss: Tips
13. Vegetable Juicing Recipes to Try for Weight Loss and Improved Health
14. What Will You Gain with a Weight Loss Program?
15. Fun Facts About Losing Weight and Being Healthy

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August: Healthy Recipe Makeovers Volume 1 - 7600+ words total NOW INSIDE OF YOUR PAID MEMBER AREA

Titles include:

1. Intro
2. The Mainstays of Good Nutrition
3. Know Your Lipids for Weight Loss
4. Weight Loss and Protein
5. The Story on Carbs and Weight Loss
6. The Basics of a Healthy Recipe Makeover
7. Favorite Meal Healthy Makeover: Classic Cheeseburgers
8. Healthy Meal Makeover: Chicken Parm
9. Healthy Recipe Makeover: "Grand Slam" Breakfast with Eggs, Pancakes and Breakfast Meat
10. Give Your BLT Sandwich a Healthy Makeover
11. Healthy Recipe Makeover: Pizza

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July: Weight Loss Tricks for Halloween Season – PLR Articles – 6900 words total - NOW INSIDE OF YOUR PAID MEMBER ACCOUNT

Titles include:

  1. How to Stay on Track with Weight Loss Goals During Halloween Season
  2. What to Eat at Halloween Parties When You're Trying to Lose Weight
  3. For a Healthier Halloween, Make Jack-O'-Lantern Fruit and Veggie Snacks
  4. Healthy Food Project: Zucchini Jack-O'-Lanterns with Yogurt Dip
  5. Healthy Halloween Recipe: Bell Pepper Jack-O'-Lanterns with Hummus
  6. Healthy Halloween Recipe: Baked Apple Crisp Jack-O'-Lanterns
  7. Turkey Meatball Witch Heads for Your Halloween Party Menu
  8. Healthy Halloween Recipe: Crab Stuffed Mushroom Spider Snacks
  9. Healthy Halloween Recipe: Frankensquash Heads
  10. Tricks for Staying Skinny this Halloween Season
  11. Emphasize Fall Fitness with Outdoor Exercise
  12. Stay Fit as a Fall Fashionista: Weight Loss Mindset is About Looking and Feeling GREAT!
  13. The Right Way to do Pumpkin Spice When You're Trying to Eat Healthy at Halloween Time
  14. How to Add Powerful Pumpkin Spices to Your Diet for Beneficial Weight Loss
  15. Make Healthy Chai at Home for Weight Loss 

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June: SwimSuit Season Weight Loss PLR - 15 Articles - NOW INSIDE YOUR PAID MEMBER ACCOUNT

  1. Lose Weight This Summer: Try These Tricks!
  2. Enjoy Summer's Bounty For a Flatter Belly
  3. 5 Healthy Makeovers for Summer Grilling Season
  4. Summer Salads Healthy Remix for Weight Loss and Great Taste
  5. Pack a Healthy Summer Snack: Take These To Go, Avoid Junk Food
  6. Lower Your Carbs for Weight Loss This Summer
  7. Skinny-Licious Summer Drink Recipes
  8. Waist-Saving Exercises for Swimsuit Season
  9. Slim Down and Stay Active This Summer! 5 Fun Exercises to Do Outdoors
  10. Amazon product description: Fitness Hoop
  11. Amazon product description: Roller Skates
  12. Shake Up Your Summer With Healthy, Weight-Loss Friendly Smoothie Recipes
  13. Yoga: The Low-Pressure, High Relaxation Form of Exercise that Helps You Lose Weight
  14. Amazon Product Description: Yoga Accessories
  15. Burn Calories This Summer: Outdoor Activities to Stay Fit and Have Fun

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coming soon

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"Get and Stay Slim This Summer. Grill, Exercise and Eat to Your Healthy Heart's Content"


15 PLR Articles, 9600+ words (Bonus Gift of 2K EXTRA Words FREE!)

Titles include:

1. 5 Great, Healthy Grilling Hacks to Help You Lose Weight This Summer
2. Make Your Own Healthy Marinade: Add Flavor, Aid Digestion and Keep Losing Weight
3. Get Into Lean Grilled Chicken For Weight Loss the Delicious Way
4. Low Carb Swap-Outs to Keep Things Tasty While Keeping the Weight off This Summer
5. Healthy Fats Help Your Health. Try These with Lean Meats on the Grill This Summer
6. Consider Carbs Before Committing to Keto
7. Go "Lower Carb" But Not Keto – Tips from the CDC for Limiting Carbs
8. 3 Easy, At-Home Exercise to Whittle Your Middle in Time for Swimsuit Season
9. Sugar, Alcohol and Weight Gain
10. The Skinny on Cocktails for Staying Slim This Summer
11. 4 Fun and Different Outdoor Activities to Get Your Cardio in This Summer
12. Lose Weight With Summer Exercise: Get Your Swim In
13. Hula Hooping for Health, Fitness and Weight Loss
14. Delicious, Nutritious Summer Smoothie-Making Tips
15. The 4-11 on Fruit for When You're Trying to Lose Weight

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April: Salt, Sugar, Weight Loss and Your Health - Articles and Recipes - 8500 words total

Titles include:

1. Reasons Your Weight Fluctuates and What to Do About It
2. Avoid These Foods if You're Trying to Reduce Sodium for Weight Loss
3. RECIPE: Simple Tomato Sauce NO SUGAR, LOW SALT
4. RECIPE: Homemade Ranch Salad Dressing or Dip – LOW SALT, LOW SUGAR
5. What Foods Should You Eat to Reduce Water Weight Gain When Dieting?
6. RECIPE: Healthy Nacho Bake
7. What is a Weight Loss Accountability Partner and Why Do You Need One?
8. What Type of Weight Loss Accountability Partner is Right for You?
9. How to Choose a Weight Loss, Health or Fitness Coach
10. What Time of Day is Best to Exercise?
11. Why Do a Sugar Detox?
12. When to Do a Sugar Detox
13. How Does a Sugar Detox Work?
14. What Symptoms Can You Expect When Doing a Sugar Detox?
15. What Foods Should You Eat When Doing a Sugar Detox?

Writing Sample Screen Shot:


March: Weight Loss PLR: Hit Those Goals, Drop the Weight, Feel and Look Great – 15 Articles - 7,166 words total

Titles include:

1. Inspiration to Tackle Your Weight Loss Goals
2. What's the Deal With Carbs and Your Weight?
3. Is the Keto Diet Right for You? Fast Facts to Help You Decide
4. Great Reasons to Embark on a Weight Loss and Healthy Lifestyle Plan ASAP
5. Mind Tricks to Get You on the Path to Healthy Weight Loss
6. Must-Know Tips for How to Eat to Lose Weight – without Starving OR Sacrificing Your Favorite Foods
7. Make the Switch to Healthy Fats
8. What Type of Exercise Fits Your Lifestyle?
9. Help for People Who Have Trouble Fitting Exercise into Their Busy Day
10. How to Eat Healthy But Not "Diet"
11. How to Stop Overeating
12. Are Appetizers Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Goal? Tips for Making Better Choices
13. Why Add a Stretch to Your Workout?
14. How to Stretch Using Proper Form and Technique
15. How to Avoid Weight Gain as a Daily Computer User

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February 2021 ARticles: Now available Inside yOUr Paid member Account.


Weight Loss Goals for Couples: Get Healthy and Fit, For and With Your Partner

Need weight loss PLR that targets health and fitness for couples? Help them get fit and fabulous together! This private label rights content from Wordfeeder contains more than 8400 words. Purchase the rights to publish as you wish. Ideas: share in your blog, member area, on your website, on social media, in your newsletter, or any place else you can think of. Edit and brand it under your own name or company name. Turn it into an ebook or use as part of a bigger course that you sell. Print out or share as a PDF for use in your classes and workshops. Only rules are: do not resell as PLR. Do not publish the name of the originator. Titles include:

1. Intro
2. "Does This Make Me Look Fat" and Other Weird Ways Couples Avoid Losing Weight and Being Fit
3. When It Comes to Couples and Weight Loss… It's Not What You Say, but HOW You Say It
4. How to Broach the Topic of Being Overweight With Your Partner or Significant Other
5. What to Say to Your Partner When It's Time to Lose Weight
6. Fitness is a Gift to Give Your Partner
7. Why Does Being Healthy and Fit Matter for Your Long Term Relationship?
8. Spice Up Your Sex Life: Get in Shape Together!
9. How Does Weight Loss Improve Your Sex Life
10. "You Should Love Me No Matter What I Look Like" is NOT an Excuse to Let Yourself Go
11. Design Your Perfect Couples Workout: Here's How
12. Stuck on Couples Weight Loss Goals? Make it a Friendly Competition with Your Partner
13. Connect with Your Fit Bod Attraction Factor: Couples Quiz on What's Hot About You
14. Home Workout Essentials for Fitness-Minded Couples
15. 5 Totally Superficial Yet Legitimately Fun and Motivating Reasons to Get Healthy and Lose Weight for Your Husband, Wife or Partner

Screen shot sample:


January 2021 Weight Loss PLR - "Healthy Soup for Weight Loss" Articles and Recipes

  1. Total word count is 7200+ and the included titles are:

    1. ARTICLE: Soup for Weight Loss
    2. ARTICLE: What Makes Soup Nutritious?
    3. ARTICLE: How to Make Sure Your Soup Meals Stay Weight Loss Friendly
    4. ARTICLE: Soup Ideas for Winter Weight Loss
    5. ARTICLE: How to Make Sure Your Soup Meals Stay Weight Loss Friendly
    6. ARTICLE: Let's Talk Lentils and Legume Soups for Weight Loss
    7. ARTICLE: Seafood Soups Are Great for Your Health
    8. RECIPE: Bountiful Borscht
    9. RECIPE: Healthy Split Pea Soup
    10. RECIPE: Garden Vegetable Soup
    11. RECIPE: "Soup Cleanse" - Pureed Potato, Celery and Broccoli Soup
    12. RECIPE: Hunter's Chili
    13. RECIPE: Swiss Chard, Turkey Sausage and Potato Soup
    14. RECIPE: Creamy Spinach and Broccoli Soup
    15. RECIPE: Asian Inspired Seafood Soup
    16. RECIPE: "Salad in a Bowl" Soup
    17. RECIPE: Summer Squash Soup


Total word count is 7300+ and the included titles are:

  1. Why Does Stress = Weight Gain?
  2. Cortisol and Weight Gain, What's Stress Got to do With it
  3. When Our Digestion and Reproduction are Disrupted, We Gain Weight
  4. Stress and Your Metabolism
  5. How to Reduce Stress so You Can Lose Weight
  6. Want to Lose Weight? Nab Stress at the Source
  7. Sources of Stress that Can Lead to Weight Gain and How to Manage Them
  8. Stress and Sugar Cravings
  9. Stress and the Fat Tooth
  10. What to Eat to Relieve Stress that Won't Make You Gain Weight
  11. Stress, Poor Sleep Habits, and Weight Gain
  12. How to Improve Your Sleep so You can be a Healthy Weight
  13. Yoga for Stress Relief and Weight Loss
  14. Herbal Teas to Help You Feel Calm and Lose Weight
  15. Good Gut Health for Less Stress and Healthy Weight Loss 


PLEASE NOTE: The below listed article packs contain a total of 10 articles each because that was the original deliverable when this membership launched.


Fall and winter Weight Loss Tips - 6,600 words Total NOW AVAILABE INSIDE YOUR PAID MEMBER ACCOUNT!

Post the fun, informative, inspiring articles in your blog, newsletter, social group, everywhere! Blog the Amazon product descriptions along with your link for some great affiliate income.

Titles include:

  1. Avoiding Weight Gain Around the Holidays: Let Fashion Inspire and Motivate You!
  2. Soup is Your Salad When it Comes to Winter Weight Loss
  3. Great Veggies to Add to Your Winter Soup Recipes for Weight Loss
  4. Hearty, Healthy Soups to Help You Lose Weight
  5. Smart Weight Loss Tips for Foodies Who Don't Want to Sacrifice Their Favorite Meals
  6. Things Most People Do That Explain Why You're Overweight
  7. BRR, It's Cold and I Don't Want to Go Running: How to Stay Fit in the Winter
  8. Home Workout Equipment – Exercise Indoors During the Winter
  9. PRODUCT 1: FLYBIRD Adjustable Weight Training Bench – Portable, Folds Easily
  10. PRODUCT 2: All-in-One Weight Bench – Multi Functional Workout
  11. PRODUCT 3: Sit-Up Bench for Your Total Ab Workout - Home Gym Bench, Recline Adjustable and Multi Functional
  12. PRODUCT 4: MaxKare Flat Weight Bench 600 LBS Capacity 42x18.5x19'' for Home Gym Strength Training
  13. PRODUCT 5: Exercise Hand Weights – Set of 2 Dumbbells – Neoprene Coated
  14. PRODUCT 6: Barbell Weights for Your Home Gym – Unisex Workout Equipment
  15. PRODUCT 7: Hhusali 25 lbs Adjustable Dumbbell with Weight Plate (Single)
  16. PRODUCT 8: RitFit Adjustable Dumbbells Set with Baked Enamel Finish, Fitness Free Weights 40, 50, 60, 80, 100 lbs with Connector Options
  17. PRODUCT 9: Heathyoga Bootcut Yoga Pants for Women with Pockets High Waisted Workout Pants  

Low Carb Recipes for Fall Cooking Plus Articles & Amazon Products – PLR Content - 5400+ WORDS TOTAL - NOW INSIDE OF YOUR PAID MEMBER ACCOUNT

What's Included?


• Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Protein on a Low Carb Diet?

• Why Are They Called Carbohydrates?

• What Are Some Tips for Staying Low Carb When You Have a Family to Feed?

Low Carb Recipes for Fall Cooking

• Sausage-Filled Spaghetti Squash

• Mediterranean Turkey Meatballs on a Bed of Zoodles

• Lamb Chops, Sauteed Mushrooms and Creamy Cucumber Salad

• Shrimp Alfredo with Zoodles

• Greek Chicken and Fresh Veggie Medley

• A Taste of Low Carb Thanksgiving Any Night of the Week

• Low Carb Thai Noodle Bowl with Fresh Seafood and Veggies

• Low Carb Cauliflower and Asparagus Cream Soup

• Seared Salmon With Fresh Greens and Cottage Cheese Product Descriptions from Amazon

• 7-Blade Spiralizer

• 4-in-one Cast Iron Cooker Combo

• Mandolin Slicer

• Kitchen Shears 

Screen Shot Sample of the Content:

"When Hunger Strikes" - 10 Articles Total - 7600+ words - NOW AVAILABLE INSIDE YOUR MEMBER ACCOUNT

Download this high quality weight loss PLR instantly - available ala carte or via our Weight Loss PLR Monthly:

1. How to Know It's True Hunger When You're Trying to Lose Weight
2. Control Your Sugar Intake, Lose Weight
3. How to Know if It's Actual Hunger Versus Cravings
4. How to Exercise When You Hate Exercising
5. Things Families Do To Turn Us Into Over Eaters
6. What to Do About Family Who Sabotage Your Weight Loss Effort?
7. Myths You've Been Fed About Healthy Eating and Weight Loss
8. Best Method for Lifestyle Change that Results in Permanent Weight Loss
9. How to Eat Healthier When You Don't Enjoy Vegetables
10. What to Do if You Blow Your Diet

Sneaky Weight Loss, Dieting and Exercise Tips PLR is READY for You to Publish and Profit From - 11 Articles - 8300+ words - now available inside your paid member account.

(that's a BONUS GIFT of 2K words free)

Titles include:

  1. Why Are Skinny People Skinny? Healthy Weight Loss Breakthroughs
  2. How to Enjoy Delicious Desserts Yet Still Stay Skinny
  3. Say YES to Exercise - Even With a Busy Family Life
  4. What to Do When Your Partner Does Not Support Your Weight Loss and Exercise Goals
  5. Best Exercise Routines for Your Body Type
  6. Fit, Fab and Fun: Exercise that Don't Seem Like Exercise
  7. Wallet-Friendly Weight Loss Wardrobe Workarounds
  8. Pointers for Staying in Proportion While Losing Weight
  9. Get Stuff Done and Get Your Steps In: Exercise Multi Tasking
  10. Best Snack Foods that You Can Eat a Lot Of and Still Lose Weight if You Exercise
  11. How to Add Substance to Your Veggie Snacks so You Don't Die of Starvation While Dieting

Here's a writing sample:

Weight Loss Tips for Success - 11 Articles, 7,668 words total Now Available Inside Your Member Account

  1. Want to Lose Weight? Consume Less Alcohol. Here’s How.

  2. Lose Weight: Make Friends With the Scale

  3. How to Eat Less Yet Not Starve to Death

  4. Retrain Your Mind to Eat Healthy and Lose Weight

  5. On a Diet But Can’t Sleep Because You’re Hungry? What to Eat for a Healthy Midnight Snack

  6. What’s a Healthy Weight?

  7. Commit to Exercise so You Can Lose Weight and Keep It Off

  8. How to Stop Overeating

  9. Eat Slower, Lose Weight

  10. How to do Desserts When You’re Dieting

  11. Top Healthy Protein Choices for Weight Loss

Screen shot of the content:


"Let's Get Healthy" 10-Day Social Distancing Weight Loss Challenge PLR NOW AVAILABLE INSIDE YOUR MEMBER ACCOUNT

Titles include:

Day 1: Can Social Distancing Help with Weight Loss?
Your Challenge: List 5 Simple Habits to Change on Your Path to Better Health

Day 2:  Why Being Around Other People Makes it Harder to Lose Weight
Your Challenge: Set 5 Simple Weight Loss Goals This Week

Day 3: Less Trips to the Store Means Less Temptation
Your Challenge: Plan Healthy Choices for Your Next Grocery Shopping Trip

Day 4: Social Distancing Means More Time to Menu Plan
Your Challenge: Give Your Favorite Recipe a Healthy Makeover

Day 5: Just Add Vegetables: They Keep You Healthy
Your Challenge: Add 2 Veggies to Each Meal You Serve Today

Day 6: Social Distancing = More Time for Exercise
Your Challenge: Pick a Workout and Commit to Doing It

Day 7: Together at the Park, Keeping 6 Feet Apart
Your Challenge: Get Outside and Move

Day 8: Smaller Portions Means Fewer Trips to the Grocery Store
Your Challenge: Healthify Leftovers, Stretch Your Meals

Day 9: Social Distancing and Emotional Eating: Rise Above the Struggle
Your Challenge: Grow in Awareness of Your Emotional Eating Tendencies

Day 10: Being Healthy Means a Stronger Immune System
Your Challenge: Check In With Your Healthy Habits

Screen shot of the writing:



Titles include:

  1. Mindset is Key To Weight Loss and Living Healthy
  2. 8 Ways to Shift Your Weight Loss Mindset
  3. Great Looking Yet Affordable Workout Clothes: A Fun Way to Stay Motivated with Weight Loss Goals
  4. Water for Weight Loss
  5. Body Changes During Weight Loss: What to Expect
  6. Weight Loss Goals: You Got This!
  7. The Importance of Exercise for Your Weight Loss Goals
  8. Prepare Your Kitchen for a Healthy Eating Makeover
  9. Meal Prepping Tips to Keep You on Track with Weight Loss
  10. Trust the Process of Making Permanent, Healthy Lifestyle Changes that Result in Weight Loss Success

Writing Sample Screen Shot:

This is available to order ala carte or via our Weight Loss PLR Monthly membership.


Home Workout PLR - 13 Amazon Product Descriptions plus Product Recommendations Plus Helpful Tips to Share



Content includes:

  • Benefits of Using an Exercise Ball
  • How to Use an Exercise Ball
  • Exercise Ball Workout Ideas
  • Try Some Exercise Ball Yoga

Exercise Ball - Amazon Product Descriptions

  • Exercise Ball 1
  • Exercise Ball 2
  • Exercise Ball 3 - Mini with Pump
  • Benefits of Exercising with a Fitness Hula Hoop

  • How Many Calories Can You Burn Hula Hooping with a Weighted Hoop?

  • Choosing the Right Fitness Hoop for You - Size, Weight

  • Easy Methods for Learning to Hoop for Fitness

  • Try These Fun Fitness Hoop Exercises

Fitness Hoop - Amazon Product Descriptions

  • Fitness Hoop 1
  • Fitness Hoop 2
  • Fitness Hoop 3
  • Benefits of Working Out with Free Weights
  • Tips for Buying Free Weights for At-Home Use
  • Free Weight Workout Ideas

Free Weight Dumbbells - Amazon Product Descriptions

  • Free Weight Dumbbells 1
  • Free Weight Dumbbells 2
  • Free Weight Dumbbells 3
  • Benefits of a Yoga
  • 5 Yoga Poses for Beginners to Try
  • Tips for Getting Started with Yoga
  • Why Use Blocks and Bolsters in Yoga

Yoga Accessories - Amazon Product Descriptions

  • Yoga Mat 1
  • Yoga Mat 2
  • Yoga Mat 3
  • Yoga Blocks and Bolster Set




This pack of PLR recipes includes the following titles:

  1. Keto Blackberry Popsicles
  2. Keto Friendly Chocolate Brownies
  3. Keto Lemon Cheesecake Recipe
  4. Decadent Chocolate Keto Cake
  5. Raspberry Cream Keto Dessert
  6. Keto Healthful Fudge Recipe
  7. Low Carb Strawberry Mousse Recipe
  8. Nutty Buddy Chocolate Keto Bombs
  9. Keto Lemon Bars
  10. Raspberry Low Carb Gelatin Dessert


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Titles include:

  1. Are You Prone to Emotional Eating?
  2. What is Emotional Eating?
  3. Real-Life Examples of Emotional Eating that You Have Probably Experienced
  4. Why Do We Eat to Satisfy Our Emotions?
  5. Is Your Emotional Eating Based in Family Patterns?
  6. Release Stress, Stop Emotional Eating, Get on Your Way to Being Fit, Fab and Feeling Fantastic
  7. Identify Your Emotional Triggers that Lead to Cravings
  8. What to Do When Emotional Eating Strikes
  9. Top Tips for Curing Cravings Related to Emotional Eating
  10. Kick the Sugar Habit, Break the Cycle of Emotional Eating

*Also includes BONUS ARTICLE of more than 1400 words:

"How to Turn Your Emotional Eating Problem into Personal Motivation, Weight Loss, and a More Vibrant and Empowered YOU"


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  1. Bacon-Wrapped Bell Pepper Bites with Horseradish Cream Cheese
  2. Warm Feta, Spinach, Olive and Cream Cheese Dip
  3. Savory Chestnut Bacon Spread
  4. Tricolor Marinated Peppers
  5. Antipasto Platter
  6. Grapefruit Blueberry Cups with Fresh Mint
  7. Horseradish, Bacon and Pimiento Deviled Eggs
  8. Creamy Crab and Water Chestnut Dip
  9. Shrimp Scampi Spaghetti Squash Bake
  10. Succulent Roast Beef
  11. Herbed Rosemary Pork
  12. Parmesan Broccoli
  13. Prosciutto- and Swiss-Rolled Asparagus Tips
  14. Coconut Snowballs

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