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Health Coach... 34 FREE Yoga Pose Images with Our Done-for-You Yoga Course Content

Every "Body" Can Do Yoga. Teach Them How, Thanks to Our Done-for-You Online Course.

Hey, my health coach friend. I'm Dina from Wordfeeder and I wanted to talk to you about that yoga course you keep meaning to launch. What's stopping you from moving forward with your plans? Is it the writing? Lots of people can be experts at doing yoga, teaching the poses, and explaining the principles of yoga to others. But when it comes time to sit down and write that yoga course... you just can't do it, can you?

Well, thank goodness I'm here to change all of this for you. In case you're not familiar with the term, private label rights or "PLR" is the label we give to unbranded content that's sold as a writing product that you can purchase and make your own. Other names for this are done-for-you content, brandable content, and ready-to-go content.

Edit This, Brand it, Publish and Sell as Your Own! Here's How it Works:

You purchase a package of pre-written articles (or several of them) that are researched and written by a qualified expert, such as myself or any of the other fantastic writers here at Wordfeeder.com.

Download the file containing your content. Save the file to a labeled folder on your computer where you'll be able to locate it easily later.

Edit and brand to your liking. When it's time to create the course, just pop open the document and set to work on making this unique to your brand. To do this, you can change the order of points listed, add your own stories and ideas... rewrite all of the headlines, and add logos and images that match your brand.

Again, this content becomes YOURS to do whatever you like with. You can...

Sell it for an affordable price point. Think of all your coaching clients who would love to learn more about getting healthier and easing the stress in their lives by embarking on a daily yoga practice. Trouble is, they may not be willing to book you for individual coaching hours. Or... they're just overwhelmed at where to start. An online course that arrives instantly via email, in ebook form, or one article at a time via autoresponder, could be the perfect learning method for them!

Give away this content. Let's say you're a health coach just stepping out in the great, big world of online marketing. You'd love to begin selling coaching packages and instant-download courses... but so far, very few people know about you. Smart business owners know that the money is in the list. So if your list is tiny or nonexistent, you can use this content to get prequalified buyers on your list by giving it away for free.

Include this yoga series as part of a bigger package. I mentioned your coaching package earlier. As stated, not everybody is up for trading hours for dollars when it comes to having their own personal trainer or health coach. But if you entice them with a ready-made informational packet that they gain instant access to after signing up for your paid monthly subscription.... you can be sure they're getting the instructions, knowledge, and encouragement they need to keep motivation levels high and achieve their health goals.

Turn it into printables. Print this out, make copies, and distribute at your next in-person health coaching seminar or class. Why limit use of this excellent quality information to online coaches? Professionals such as holistic health practitioners, personal trainers, certified yoga instructors, dieticians and more can use this prewritten yoga content to help their customers and clients master the fundamentals of yoga.

What about yoga videos and images? Wouldn't these make the course so much better and easier for students to understand?

Absolutely! So check this out... not only do I have a reputable source of high quality yoga images and videos for you... but you also get 34 FREE high quality, high-resolution images featuring the following poses, when you purchase this course content.

Your 34 free image files will arrive right along with your GIANT 82-page MS Word document after payment goes through.

Here are the YOGA pose IMAGES you get in Image Pack 1:

  • Child's Pose
  • Crescent Pose
  • Lotus Pose
  • Meditating
  • Mountain Pose in Prayer Position
  • Pigeon Pose
  • Plank Pose
  • Prayer Pose
  • Seated Forward Fold
  • Seated Twist
  • Tree Pose
  • Triangle Pose
  • Upward Dog Pose
  • Warrior 1
  • Warrior 2

Here are the YOGA pose IMAGES you get in Image Pack 2:

  • Bound Angle
  • Child's Pose
  • Crescent Pose (better quality than in pack 1)
  • Downward Facing Dog
  • Downward Facing Dog Modified
  • Essential Oil
  • One Legged Downward Dog
  • Seated Twist
  • Standing Forward Fold
  • Tailor Pose
  • Warrior
  • Yoga Class

UPDATE: FREE Yoga Images Pack 3 has been added! This is available in the top menu after you make your yoga course purchase and log in. Look under HEALTH AND WELLNESS. Image files names start with FREE YOGA IMAGES.

Here are the yoga images that you get in pack 3:

  • Camel pose
  • Eagle pose
  • Kneeling lunge
  • Seated twist (group)
  • Warrior 1
  • Mountain pose in a yoga class

If you're concerned about which yoga images that I was NOT able to locate to fill this package and correspond with the poses that are described in the done-for-you yoga course... still searching for Bridge Pose, Bow Pose, Fish Pose, Plough Pose, Cat and Cow, Star Pose, Locust Pose, Shoulder Stand, Legs-up-the-wall, Cow Face, Humble Warrior

If I come across these, I will add a 3rd yoga image pack FREE of charge, and notify you via email if you purchased this course.

And here's a sample of one of the yoga images... pretty nice, right?

Here's another one of triangle pose:

(Both of those images, along with 32 others, will be available to you to use in your own online yoga course after you purchase this content.)

Looks great, right? Okay, so let's hear more about this beautiful online course and what type of info you gain instant access to that you can brand as your own and share or sell to your readers!

Everyone Can Do Yoga: 30 Days of Information and Instruction on an Ancient Health Practice that Works Wonders in Our Modern World

This jumbo-sized, high quality online course includes 23,431 words total. 82 pages in an MS Word document. Here's what's inside:


DAY 1:
Intro to the Course
Learn Yoga: Cat and Cow Poses

DAY 2:
Article: Yoga Myths and Misconceptions
Learn Yoga: Seated Forward Fold

DAY 3:
Article: What Can Yoga Do for You?
Learn Yoga: Bridge Pose

DAY 4:
Article: How to Do Yoga Breathing
Learn Yoga: Tree Pose

DAY 5:
Article: Yoga Basics for Beginners - Poses: Mountain, Downward-Facing Dog, Plank, Lotus Pose, Cobra, Child's Pose

DAY 6:
Article: Yoga for Stress Relief
Learn Yoga: Legs-Up-the-Wall

DAY 7:
Article: Yoga for Weight Loss
Learn Yoga: One-Legged Downward Facing Dog

DAY 8:
Article: Yoga for Hormone Balance
Learn Yoga: Locust Pose

DAY 9:
Article: Yoga for Strength
Learn Yoga: Shoulder Stand

DAY 10:
Article: Yoga and Your Blood Pressure
Learn Yoga: Seated Twist

DAY 11:
Article: Yoga for Insomnia
Learn Yoga: Pigeon Pose

DAY 12:
Article: Why Yoga is Better Than the Gym for Many People
Learn Yoga: Crescent Pose

DAY 13:
Article: Combining Essential Oils with Yoga for Ultimate Relaxation
Learn Yoga: Plough Pose

BONUS: Essential Oils Amazon Products to Link To

DAY 14:
Article: Prayer During Yoga
Learn Yoga: Prayer Pose

DAY 15:
Article: Yoga for Out of Shape or Overweight People
Learn Yoga: Eagle Pose

DAY 16:
Article: Yoga for Muscle Tone: Long and Lean
Learn Yoga: Seated Straddle Pose

DAY 17:
Article: Yoga for Balance
Learn Yoga: Humble Warrior Pose

DAY 18:
Article: Yoga is Ideal for Today's Computer Users
Learn Yoga: Cow Face Pose

DAY 19:
Article: Overcome Your Fear of Yoga: Embark on a Routine Practice to Change Your Life!

Learn Yoga: Bound Angle Pose

DAY 20:
Article: Yoga Can Help You Become More Regular
Learn Yoga: Standing Forward Fold

DAY 21:
Article: Yoga for Organ Health
Learn Yoga: Camel Pose

DAY 22:
Best Yoga Instructional Videos (Product Links Included)
Learn Yoga: Reclining Hero Pose

DAY 23:
Best Yoga Books (Product Links Included)
Learn Yoga: Reverse Triangle Pose

DAY 24:
Yoga Equipment for Your At-Home or In-Studio Practice
Learn Yoga: Star Pose

BONUS: Amazon Yoga Product Links

DAY 25:
Article: Music for Mindful Meditation During Yoga
Learn Yoga: Corpse Pose

BONUS: Soothing Music and Nature Sounds: Amazon CDs/Products to Link To

DAY 26:
Article: Yoga and Hydration
Learn Yoga: Bow Pose

DAY 27:
Article: Essential Oils to Match Your Mood During Yoga
Learn Yoga: Fish Pose

DAY 28:
Article: How Does Yoga Help Increase Your Emotional Intelligence?
Learn Yoga: Upward-Facing Dog Pose

DAY 29:
Article: Unexpected Benefits of a Long-Term Yoga Practice
Learn Yoga: Bridge Pose

DAY 30:
Article: Yoga to Help You Relax and Unwind
Learn Yoga: Happy Baby Pose


  • Yoga Poses to Help You Reach Your Health and Fitness Goals
  • Disclaimer Content
  • 3 Image Packs! First folder contains 15 images. Second folder contains 13 images. Third folder has 6 images.

Want a sample of the writing, so you know what to expect?


BONUS GIFTS: Amazon product links for essential oils, diffusers, yoga books, audio cds and more

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Limited Time Only! Grab this amazing offer on beautiful yoga course content that would cost thousands to have custom-written for your company.

Don't forget, the BONUS GIFT of 34 high-quality, high resolution yoga pose images arrive via email along with your 82-page MS Word file featuring 30 articles, 30 yoga pose instructionals, and bonus product lists.


PS: Want to see EXACTLY what you're getting with this? I take you for a run-through of this course with my recently created video that shows the document on screen. (Please excuse my video production skills or lack thereof. I'm a writer, this is the important part!) Click that link to view the video... YouTube will open in a new window, so you won't lose this one if you decide you'd like to order.


How to Access Your PLR Content:

Once your order processes, you will be asked to create a login to the Wordfeeder member site. Do this, then check your email for a confirmation, plus another email containing your delivery of the files.

If you have any questions or trouble with your download, email me and I'll get back to you as quickly as possible.

PS: Don't forget! In addition to these high quality articles, you also get a TON of free content once you log into the Wordfeeder member area. Check the top menu and look under FREE PLR to see what's offered.

THANKS for supporting my freelance business. CHEERS to you in yours!