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Do you want to make an online cookbook to sell or share and grow your list?

Here's a simple formula for making a recipe book FAST!

  1. Gather a collection of themed recipes. Could anything from fresh spring favorites to low-carb lunches to Christmas classics to Mexican-themed appetizers to plant based Thanksgiving.
  2. Collect the images that you plan to share with each recipe
  3. Type out and proofread the written content of your recipes including intro, ingredients, instructions and serving size.
  4. Find a great recipe book template to work from in Canva.
  5. Create the recipe pages, one at a time, until all content is inputted.
  6. Add your cover page with company logo and images.
  7. Add a back page with any upsells you might want to include - like a cooking class or paid cooking video series you offer.
  8. Make sure all links are live and all content is styled correctly, with no typos.
  9. Download as a PDF file.
  10. Upload the PDF to your web server and save the link to share.
  11. Set up an auto-delivery of your online cookbook by email (paid product, or free with sign-up), so that customers receive a thank-you for signing up and the link to your cookbook by email.

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