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Hey, Coach! Want to Host a Gratitude Challenge This Fall?

Wordfeeder has your Private Label Rights Content all written and ready to go...

Introducing the "30 Days Thankful" Challenge Rebrandable, Teachable Course

Need some beautifully written gratitude content to make a connection with readers during the busy and bustling Thankgiving season?

According to University of California Professor of Psychology, Robert Emmons, viewing life as a gift can open the door to better relationships, stronger communities and improved emotional and physical health.

We have several gratitude challenges available with private label rights from Wordfeeder. These are my favorite type of content to create.

How so? This is writing therapy for me. Once I've completed a full challenge, I feel light, happy and delighted with life and the world around me.

I hope your readers feel the same when they get a chance to learn, think and grow by way of this high quality writing, each with its own journaling exercise for you to use as a teachable course and assignment for clients to hand in if they like.

30 Days of Content: One Daily Rumination and One Matching Journal Exercise for 30 Days

What to do with this content?

The possibilities for putting this beautifully, written, thought provoking content are endless!

Here's what to do as soon as your download your 30 Days of Gratitude Challenge content:

Step 1: Save this file to a folder on your computer where you'll be able to easily access it later.
Step 2: Paste the content into a .txt file to strip out all non-HTML code.
Step 3: Edit if needed, and add your brand where appropriate, add images, style and save in a new file of your own.

I've included the intro right here for you to have a free sample:

30 Days Thankful: A Rumination on the Beauty of Life

Welcome to the 30 Days Thankful Challenge. This series is designed to serve as a joyful reflection on the beauty of life.

There is much to be grateful for, not just around the Thanksgiving table, but every day of our rich and blessed existence. Even the most ordinary moments can fill us with rapture if we take the time to acknowledge the profound in the mundane, the small miracles all around us that can slip by in a blink if we forget to notice them.

Who can benefit from focusing on all the reasons to give daily thanks?

...your clients, fans and followers, of course. And that may include...

Here's a screen shot of the content in production, so you can get an idea of the writing quality and sentiments expressed:

Here's what's included:

30 Days Thankful: A Rumination on the Beauty of Life. Journaling Challenge PLR - 14,821 words total

Content includes:

Day 1: Thankful for Me
JOURNAL EXERCISE: Giving Thanks for ME

Day 2: Finding Joy in Simplicity
JOURNAL EXERCISE: Keeping it Simple

Day 3: Thankful for People Who Care
JOURNAL EXERCISE: Give thanks for the caring spirit of others.

Day 4: Thankful for Challenges that Help Us Grow
JOURNAL EXERCISE: Giving Thanks, and a Pat on the Back for Overcoming Challenges

Day 5: Thankful for Friends
EXERCISE: Give Thanks for Friends Old and New, Near and Far

Day 6: Thankful for the Change of Seasons
JOURNAL EXERCISE: Give Thanks for the Change of Seasons

Day 7: Thankful for the Honesty of Children
JOURNAL EXERCISE: Embracing Child-Like Honesty

Day 8: Thankful for Creature Comforts
JOURNAL EXERCISE: Show Gratitude for Creature Comforts

Day 9: Thankful for a Bounty of Fresh Food
JOURNAL EXERCISE: Give thanks for the food on your table.

Day 10: Thankful for Simple Acts of Kindness
JOURNAL EXERCISE: Practice Being Kind Today

Day 11: Thankful for Nature
JOURNAL EXERCISE: Celebrate and give thanks for nature.

Day 12: Thankful for Our Furry and Feathered Friends
JOURNAL EXERCISE: Give thanks for your pet today.

Day 13: Thankful for Freedom of Expression
EXERCISE: Practice free expression that does not insult or degrade others.

Day 14: Thankful for Natural Resources that Power and Illuminate Our Lives
JOURNAL EXERCISE: Thankful for energy sources

Day 15: Thankful for Difficult People
JOURNAL EXERCISE: What do we learn from people who challenge us?

Day 16: Thankful for Beautiful Music
JOURNAL EXERCISE: Appreciating Great Music

Day 17: Thankful for Those Who Serve
JOURNAL EXERCISE: Tipping Our Hats to Those Who Serve

Day 18: Thankful for Amazing Technology and its Power for Good
JOURNAL EXERCISE: Using Technology for Good

Day 19: Thankful for Celebrations
JOURNAL EXERCISE: Reflecting on Celebrations

Day 20: Thankful for the Morning
JOURNAL EXERCISE: Morning Musings and Meditations

Day 21: Thankful for Special Memories
EXERCISE: Give thanks for memories past and future.

Day 22: Thankful for Art and Culture
JOURNAL EXERCISE: Have an artful day

Day 23: Thankful for Family
JOURNAL EXERCISE: Give thanks for family.

Day 24: Thankful for Peaceful Times and Peaceful People
JOURNAL EXERCISE: How Can You Practice Peaceful Relations Today?

Day 25: Thankful for Life's Precious Gifts
JOURNAL EXERCISE: Become mindful of all of life's precious gifts.

Day 26: Thankful for Our Mentors
JOURNAL EXERCISE: Give thanks for mentors.

Day 27: Thankful for Dancing
JOURNAL EXERCISE: Tell about the last time you danced.

Day 28: Thankful for Grandparents
JOURNAL EXERCISE: Give thanks for grandparents.

Day 29: Thankful for Carefree Times
EXERCISE: Plan for a carefree day.

Day 30: Thankful for Those Who Have Passed On
JOURNAL EXERCISE: Celebrate the living while honoring those who have passed.

I chose the above image to represent this online course material because this woman (and her faceless friend) look like they're having a GREAT time just being present and in the moment.

It's my wish that you're able to use this content to help your clients, fans and followers rediscover their zest for life while celebrating life's gifts big and small!

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