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FREE Yoga PLR Images - 34 Poses Total

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FREE Yoga PLR Images - 34 Poses Total

Hey there, this is Dina with Wordfeeder PLR. Are you a yoga instructor, health coach, holistic healer, or health and wellness publisher who would like to offer more yoga-related content... BUT you can't get past the hurdle of having NO yoga pose images to work with, and frankly you're not sure where to start with this?

Well, let me help you. I sell done-for-you content on Wordfeeder.com, and I've created some really nice, rebrandable yoga courses that you could pick up for mere dollars (instead of thousands that you would have paid a writer to create this for you.)

Yoga PLR

You get to take the courses we write for you here at Wordfeeder, and sell them as your own!

One day, maybe you could sell a yoga course - either one you find here, or one you create yourself, from scratch. That's up to you.

But before you can do that, you need some nice yoga pose images.

You KNOW that if you don't include the yoga poses in image or video form, no one is going to read your yoga course. Why? Because without the visuals, the reading material will be too difficult to understand and follow along with as people are trying to learn yoga.

Knowing this, and knowing that I love to practice yoga as well as write about it... I had to come up with a source for private label rights images for you to have. I searched high and low to find the best quality yoga images I could find that would show the poses so your readers can truly learn from this.

So I packed up 34 high quality yoga images, and now you can have them to download right now, for free. This will be just the missing element that you need to get going on that yoga course you want to sell or offer in exchange for new email signups!

You get to instantly download 34 free image files as soon as you sign up to hear from us via email. I email done-for-you content deals every day, and I'm happy to share the best offers on PLR content with you!

Here are the YOGA pose IMAGES you get in Image Pack 1:

Here are the YOGA pose IMAGES you get in Image Pack 2:

Here are the yoga images that you get in pack 3:


And here's a sample of one of the yoga images... pretty nice, right?

Yoga Image PLR Plank Pose

Here's another one of triangle pose:

Yoga PLR Image - Triangle Pose

(Both of those images, along with 32 others, will be available to you to use in your own online yoga course after you purchase this content.)

What can you do with these free yoga images?

Add them to your promotional marketing materials and ebook or email challenge content created from the "Everybody Can Do Yoga" 30-Day Challenge PLR.

Okay, so how does PLR (private label rights) content work again?

I'm a long-time copywriter, so here at Wordfeeder you'll find professional-quality writing on a wide variety of subjects. YES, I write and sell rebrandable yoga courses. So if you purchase one of these to edit and sell as your own, you will GREATLY free yourself of many, many hours of sweat and toil. So if that sounds incredible to you, here's how PLR works:

You purchase a package of pre-written articles (or several of them) that are researched and written by a qualified expert, such as myself or any of the other fantastic writers here at Wordfeeder.com.

Download the file containing your content. It will be sent to you via email. Save the file to a labeled folder on your computer where you'll be able to locate it easily later.

Edit and brand to your liking. When it's time to create the course, just pop open the document and set to work on making this unique to your brand. To do this, you can change the order of points listed, add your own stories and ideas... rewrite all of the headlines, and add logos and images that match your brand.

Again, the content we offer at Wordfeeder becomes YOURS to do whatever you like with. You can...

Sell it for an affordable price point. Think of all your coaching clients who would love to learn more about getting healthier and easing the stress in their lives by embarking on a daily yoga practice. Trouble is, they may not be willing to book you for individual coaching hours. Or... they're just overwhelmed at where to start.

An online course that arrives instantly via email, in ebook form, or one article at a time via autoresponder, could be the perfect learning method for them! (You'll find an option to purchase the full course at checkout after you click the buy button at the bottom of this page.)

Give away the content. Let's say you're a health coach just stepping out in the great, big world of online marketing. You'd love to begin selling coaching packages and instant-download courses... but so far, very few people know about you.

Smart business owners know that the money is in the list. So if your list is tiny or nonexistent, you can use this content to get prequalified buyers on your list by giving it away for free.

Include the yoga series as part of a bigger package. I mentioned your coaching package earlier. As stated, not everybody is up for trading hours for dollars when it comes to having their own personal trainer or health coach.

But if you entice them with a ready-made informational packet that they gain instant access to after signing up for your paid monthly subscription.... you can be sure they're getting the instructions, knowledge, and encouragement they need to keep motivation levels high and achieve their health goals.

Turn it into printables. Print this out, make copies, and distribute at your next in-person health coaching seminar or class. Why limit use of this excellent quality information to online coaches?

Professionals such as holistic health practitioners, personal trainers, certified yoga instructors, dieticians and more can use this prewritten yoga content to help their customers and clients master the fundamentals of yoga.

File Delivery Details

Deliverable includes 3 zipped folder containing image files - a total of 34 yoga pose images. You'll receive them via email after you sign up for our free membership on Wordfeeder. You can also access your content each time you log into our website.

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