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Wordfeeder Life Coach PLR Membership - 2023 Article Topics

Increase Empathy. Fight Less. Love More! Canva Ebook Template

For Life Coaches to Share with Clients or Offer as a Digital Product

Includes 38-Page Canva Template

Topics include:

  1. Welcome
  2. Introduction
  3. Why is Empathy Important to Our Happiness
  4. How Does a Lack of Empathy Affect Social Skills?
  5. How to Practice Empathy in Your Life
  6. Teaching Empathy to Kids
  7. Empathy Training Begins in Preschool
  8. Why Do Some People Have More Empathy Than Others?
  9. Learning to Practice Empathy
  10. Can Adults Learn Empathy?
  11. Empathy in Real Life
  12. Empathy in the Digital Age
  13. Tips for Communicating with Empathy Online
  14. Empathy as a Trait of Strong Leaders
  15. Using Empathy for Good
  16. The Dark Side of Empathy: Manipulation
  17. What Happens When People Don't Have Empathy?
  18. Dealing With Family Members Who Lack Empathy
  19. In Summary
  20. Thank You for Reading  

Screen Shot Sample of the Empathy Ebook


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Empowered Woman PLR Articles

How to Live as an Empowered Woman PLR Articles and Journal Exercises - 6500 words with Private Label Rights

Titles include:

  1. Hallmark Traits of an Empowered Woman
  2. Deciding that You Want to be an Empowered Woman
  3. Your View of Yourself as a Woman: Limited, or Empowered?
  4. Embracing an Empowered Woman Mindset
  5. Empowered Woman: Defining Your Values and Beliefs (with Journaling Exercise)
  6. An Empowered Woman Works to Integrate Her Values into How She Lives
  7. Life Changes to Consider on the Road to Women's Empowerment
  8. Establishing and Defending Boundaries as an Empowered Woman Living an Empowered Life (with Journaling Exercises)
  9. Habits and Attitudes of an Empowered Woman
  10. Empowered in Awareness of Negative Family Cycles and How to Break Them
  11. Surrounding Yourself with Empowering Friends (with Journaling Exercise)
  12. Empowered Woman: How to Identify and Move Away from Negative Influences
  13. Self Care for the Empowered Woman
  14. Set Your Self Care Goals on the Path to Women's Empowerment (with Journaling Exercise)
  15. Raising Daughters to Become Empowered Women
  16. Closing Remarks

Empowered Woman PLR Articles - Screen Shot Sample


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Reconstructing Your Life PLR:

Articles on Divorce and Breakup Recovery, Financial Rescue Plan, Self-Care Priorities, Relationships Overhaul, Escaping from a Trapped Life

Includes 20 PLR Articles with some Bonus Journaling Exercises - 9116 words total (more than 2K words FREE!)

Articles include:

  1. How to Recover After a Difficult Breakup or Divorce
  2. How to Take Care of Your Own Emotional Health After a Breakup or Divorce
  3. How to Approach Your Living Situation After a Breakup or Divorce
  4. Journal Your Way to a Happy Home LIfe After Divorce or a Breakup
  5. How to Separate Financially After a Divorce or Breakup
  6. The Importance of Good Self-Care After a Divorce or Breakup
  7. Journal Your Way to Better Self-Care
  8. Nurturing Your Relationships After a Breakup or Divorce
  9. What to Do if You're Struggling Financially
  10. How Does Being Broke Impact Your Life
  11. How Does Someone End Up Broke? Tips for Gaining Control of Your Finances
  12. How to Cut Spending to Get Out of Debt
  13. What to Do if You Lack Self Care
  14. Telltale Signs that it's Time for Better Self-Care and How to Start Immediately
  15. Journal Your Way: Write Down Your Personal Goals for Self Care
  16. What to Do if You Feel Trapped by Your Life
  17. Feeling Trapped in Your Own Life? Give Yourself These Simple Gifts
  18. Stuck in a Career Trap? Make These Steps Toward Positive Change
  19. Escape the Trap of Fake Friendships and Burdensome Social Obligations
  20. How to Restore Balance in Your Social Life so You Won't Feel Trapped in Obligation 

"Reconstructing Your Life" Articles - Writing Sample


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September 2023: BRAND NEW PLR

Loneliness Workbook Package PLR - with Canva Template, MS Word Doc, 3 Articles and 15 Bonus Images

Content package includes:

Here's a Sample of the Content (screen shot of the Canva template):


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August 2023

Boundaries PLR 3: Setting and Maintaining Boundaries for Healthier Relationships and a Happier Life PLR - 12 Articles Total or 8K words

Titles include:

  1. Intro to Boundaries
  2. 4 Types of Boundaries for Your Personal and Professional Life
  3. Examples of How to Set Boundaries in Your Life
  4. The Benefit of Setting and Enforcing Boundaries in Your Life
  5. Establishing Professional Boundaries with Clients
  6. Strategies to Use When a Client is Violating Your Boundaries
  7. Establishing Boundaries in Your Family Life
  8. How to Set and Maintain Emotional Boundaries in Your Relationships
  9. Boundaries and Social Media
  10. How to Set Boundaries on Social Media
  11. 8 Steps to Setting Boundaries in Your Social Involvements 

Screen shot sample of the content:


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July PLR 2023

"How to Know What to Do With Your Life" PLR Articles

Titles include:

  1. Intro
  2. Things to Think About While You Figure Out What to Do With Your Life
  3. Why Do People Pretend to Know What They Want to Do in Life?
  4. It's Okay to Not Know What to Do with Your Life. Here's Why.
  5. What Will Your Life's Purpose Be? Let's Brainstorm.
  6. Your Values Shape What to Do with Your Life
  7. To Figure Out What to Do with Your Life Involves Knowing Your Own Strengths and Skills
  8. Who is Most Likely to Influence the Plan for Your Life?
  9. Your Personal Timeline for Milestones and Life Goals
  10. Not Everyone Follows Their Life Path at the Same Speed and Here's Why
  11. What to Do When Others Try to Plan Your Life for You Factors that Determine What You Should Do With Your Life
  12. Aspects of Your Life: Ask the Questions of Yourself:

Sreen shot sample of the writing:

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Relationships PLR

Tackle tough relationship topics thanks to our done-for-you coaching content. Turn a set of 15 articles on subject like boundaries, high maintenance friends, and other key topics of the times, into an ebook for download. Or use the articles in your work with clients!

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June 2023

Coping with Critical People PLR Articles

Titles include:

  1. Intro
  2. Real-Life Examples of Someone Being Overly Critical
  3. Why Are Some People So Critical?
  4. How to Cope with a Family Member or Friend Who is Always Criticizing
  5. Do Critical People Know They're Critical?
  6. How to Handle Someone who is Critical to the Point of Being Annoying
  7. What Kind of Personality Does a Critical Person Usually Have?
  8. How to Handle Criticism: Strategies for Coping with Overly Critical People
  9. Developing Resilience: How to Deal with Chronic Criticism from Others
  10. Keeping Your Cool: Tips for Staying Calm and Collected When Facing Criticism
  11. The Art of Setting Boundaries: How to Protect Yourself from Critical People
  12. Turning Criticism into Growth: How to Use Constructive Criticism to Your Advantage
  13. The Importance of Surrounding Yourself with Positive People when Dealing with Critical People
  14. Avoiding Escalation: How to De-escalate Tense Situations with Critical People

Here's a screen shot of the content so you can get an idea of the quality:

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May 2023

Relationship Triangles and What They Mean PLR - 14 Articles with Private Label Rights

Titles include:

  1. What Is a Relationship Triangle?
  2. You're in a Relationship Triangle. Now What?
  3. Toxic Triangulation as a Tool of Manipulation
  4. How to Assess the Dynamic of a Relationship Triangle
  5. Relationship Triangles in a Marriage or Intimate Partnership
  6. Tension in Your Relationship Triangle and What it Can Mean
  7. Can a Marriage Interrupted by a Relationship Triangle be Saved?
  8. Relationship Triangles as a Functional Dynamic of Friendship
  9. Family Relationship Triangles
  10. What to Do if You are in a Relationship Triangle and Things are Getting Uncomfortable
  11. Triangles as the Basic Building Block of Family, and Self Actualization
  12. Relationship Triangles can Reveal a Need to Grow and Separate, or Merge and Fuse
  13. What's Good About Being in a Relationship Triangle?
  14. Things to Remember About Relationship Triangles

Screen shot of the writing:


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Self Development PLR

Guide your coaching clients to a more purposeful and meaning-filled life, with our self development articles on your side. Grab a set of articles on a single topic, to post in your blog. Copy and paste part or all into emailed courses and workbooks.

April 2023

Do Your Family and Friends Hold You Back and What Can You Do About It? - 11 PLR Articles or 7K words total

Titles include:

  1. Intro
  2. A Real-Life Example of Well-Meaning Parents Who Dash Our Dreams
  3. Be Careful and Selective in Who You Share Your Goals and Dreams With
  4. Why is it So Difficult for Family and Friends to Support Us in Realizing Our Life's Purpose?
  5. Why Does Your Family Discourage You from Following Your Dreams? Maybe They Want to Save You.
  6. If Things are Going Wrong in Your Life, How Involved Should Your Family Be?
  7. Should You Share Your Life's Goals with Family and Friends?
  8. How Should You Handle Family's Reactions to Your Failures and Setbacks?
  9. How to Cope with Family Members Who Don't Support Your Dreams
  10. What to Do About Family and Friends Who Say I Told You So
  11. Is Your Small Town Life Holding You Back?

Screen shot of the writing:


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March 2023

Positive Thinking and Visualization: Harnessing the Power of Your Mind to Achieve Your Goals - 13 PLR articles or 7200 words total with private label rights.

Titles include:

  1. Intro: The Power of Positive Thinking and Visualization
  2. Overcoming Limiting Beliefs to Unleash Your Full Potential
  3. Setting and Achieving Goals to Turn Your Dreams into Reality
  4. Building Resilience and Mental Toughness: Overcome Adversity and Achieve Success
  5. Harness the Power of Affirmations: Using Positive Self-Talk to Transform Your Life
  6. Overcoming Procrastination and Self-Doubt: Strategies for Achieving Your Goals
  7. Find Purpose and Meaning in Life: Strategies for Discovering Your Passions and Pursuits
  8. Gratitude and Mindfulness: Strategies for Increasing Positive Thinking
  9. Emotional Well-being: Developing a Winning Attitude and Success Mindset Toward Achieving Your Goals
  10. Mindful Meditation and Stress Reduction: Finding Inner Peace
  11. Boosting Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem: Empower Yourself
  12. Develop a Positive Attitude Towards Failure: Embracing Setbacks as Opportunities for Growth
  13. Building Emotional Intelligence and Empathy to Improve Relationships and Enhance Your Life 

Screen shot of the content - writing sample:


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February 2023

Downsize Your Life PLR

Titles include:

  1. Downsize Your Life
  2. Simplify Your Life: Can it Be Done?
  3. What Can We Gain by Downsizing Our Life?
  4. 10 Steps to Declutter Your Home
  5. Living the Frugal Lifestyle
  6. How to Downsize Your Overstuffed Existence to Make Room for a Frugal Life
  7. Ways to Downsize Your Life
  8. The Benefits of Downsizing Your Possessions
  9. Minimalist Living: How to Keep Only the Essentials
  10. Downsizing Your Career
  11. The Art of Downsizing Your Kitchen
  12. How to Downsize Your Social Calendar and Relationships
  13. The Emotional Challenges of Downsizing 


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January 2023

Bullying PLR Articles

Titles include:

  1. The Truth About Bullies
  2. Why People Bully
  3. Bullying Can Be A Social Issue And Possibly A Mental Health Issue
  4. How to Avoid Bullying
  5. Bullying: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  6. How to Handle Cyber Bullying
  7. How to Help Others in a Bullying Situation
  8. Bullying in the Workplace
  9. How to Stop Bullying 

Bullying PLR Sample - Excellent Quality Content that Can Work for the Life Coaching, Self Development, Psychology and Parenting Audiences:

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