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How to Set Up a Journaling Challenge Using Done-for-You Content

Do you want to know how easy it is to set up a journaling challenge using done-for-you content?

The basic steps are as follows:

Gather written content to include in the journal

Decide and set up a journaling platform for your students to work from. This can be your private Facebook group, emails sent via autoresponder, publicly in your blog, or at an in-person class that you teach.

Determine what media you'd like them to use. Canva offers lots of nicely styled blank journals that you can offer for download.

Decide the mode of teaching. Your options for conducting the journaling challenge could be...

One of our private label journaling challenges that you might love to offer:

Peaceful Summer 10-Day Journaling Challenge to share with your readers, you may be missing out!

It won't take much effort at all to set this up and get your readers warmed up to the idea of some introspective writing.

First, let's do a quick run-through of HOW to set this up, in case you don't know. The content contains 10 days' worth of exercises. It's a neat alternative to sitting on a coaching call or turning around an assignment to have a coach review the client's progress.

This could be a great way to relieve stress, encourage mindfulness and help people connect more fully in their relationships as well as engaging in activities to live well and be happy.

Set Up Your 10-Day Challenge Autoresponder: Here's How

If you like, you may also want to customize this message and add a bit of an intro about you and the services you provide. It's always good to customize PLR content.

Repeat the process for DAY 2 of the challenge, until you reach day 10. On Day 10, you can either send 2 emails, just like you did for DAY 1. OR, you can simply paste the contents of both the DAY 10 exercise AND the conclusion that came with your done-for-you challenge.

Remember, as always, that you can always include an upsell to go along with your message. Add it to a "PS" or work in a mention or two in your personalized email. You can hyperlink a word that takes your readers to a sales page where you offer another product, such as an ebook or your coaching program.

Another option is to slip in a few extra sales emails that will go out along with the rest of the sequence. The idea is that since they are already enjoying being engaged in this challenge, they may also appreciate other, similar info products or programs of yours. For example, maybe you have a stress relief course that would offer them some relief.

Q: What if you don't have a way to set up an autoresponder series via email?

A: This challenge could actually help you build your list!

Well, if you have yet to run a mailing list, this challenge could be a great place to start building one. You can still collect email addresses even if you have not yet set up an account with Aweber or some other company like them. Just invite people to participate, and grab their contact details before you let them into your private Facebook group where the event will be held.

Here's a possibility: run the challenge on your Facebook or LinkedIn group if you have one. For each "day," check in with your group and invite them to read and follow along with a new BLOG POST (on your blog) that contains the same information. So when they go to your blog, they see DAY 1 of the Peaceful Journaling Challenge, with the article, exercise, journal prompt, and intention to set for that day.

A final idea is to make this into an ebook to either sell or set up for free on a site like e-junkie or gumroad. With just a few extra steps, you can turn your Word document into a PDF and upload it as a new product to sell from their platform. E-junkie is very economical, so check it out if you have yet to find a reliable way to sell ebooks online.

I hope this gives you some great ideas for using a 10-day challenge to connect with your readers, provide an alternative to traditional hourly coaching, and get more people excited about what you offer.

The 10-Day Peaceful Summer Journaling Challenge can be found for purchase right on this page.

If you have any trouble downloading your product, please get in touch right away via email.

Thanks, and have a fantastic week!
Dina at Wordfeeder PLR

Fun Fact: Wordfeeder has Created Several Prewritten Journaling Courses or Challenges for You to Customize and Launch as Your Own

Go here to explore our selection. Start planning which journaling challenges you'll offer this year.