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Wordfeeder Life Coach PLR Membership - 2022 Article Topics

Here's the list of titles we released in 2022.

Drama vs. Trauma - PLR Articles - 6857 words total with private label rights

Titles include:

  1. Intro
  2. Exploring Drama as We Know It
  3. What is Trauma?
  4. Drama in Relationships
  5. Why Do People Create Drama?
  6. How Can Drama Escalate into Trauma?
  7. How to Tell if It's Drama Versus Trauma
  8. The Effects of Long-Term Trauma in Relationships
  9. Dramatic Scenes Versus Traumatic Scenes
  10. Emotional Reactions to Trauma
  11. Repercussions of Trauma
  12. Types of Drama that Occur Online
  13. Risk of Suicide Increases for Those Subjected to Trauma Who Don't Seek Support and Treatment
  14. Working Through Trauma
  15. Short-Term Acute Trauma versus Long-Term Chronic Trauma 

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Cultivating a Positive Outlook for a More Meaningful and Rewarding Life PLR - 10 Articles or 7300+ words total

Titles include:

  1. Intro
  2. The Importance of Starting Your Day with a Positive Attitude
  3. Putting a Negative Attitude in its Place to Set Yourself Up for Success
  4. Planning to Be Positive: Put it On Paper
  5. To Increase Positive Feelings, Try Meditation
  6. Want to Be More Positive? Try Reward-Based Behavior
  7. Using Music as Motivation to Stay Positive and Feel Empowered in Your Life
  8. Stay Positive: Surround Yourself with Supportive Friends
  9. A Gratitude Practice Each Day Keeps Negative Thoughts Away
  10. To Make the Most of Your Life, Think Positively 

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Surviving and Thriving During a Life Transition – 13 Articles or 8K words total with private label rights

Titles include:

  1. Intro
  2. What Will You Gain by Embarking on a Life Transition?
  3. Journaling Your Way Through Life Transition
  4. How to Feasibly Construct a Life Transition and Make it Work for Your Situation
  5. How to Tackle a Life Transition that Involves Relocating to a New Residence
  6. Coping With Transition, Getting Back to Life After a Mental Health Crisis
  7. The Importance of Minimizing Negative Influences During a Life Transition
  8. Questions to Journal Your Way Through
  9. Different Life Transition Scenarios
  10. Loss of a Loved One Counts as a Major Life Transition
  11. Life Transition Tips for New Parents
  12. General Pep Talk for People Undergoing a Life Transition 

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Making Room For What's Important PLR Articles

Titles include:

1. Intro
2. Making Room for What's Important
3. Great Reasons to Declutter Your Life
4. Signs It's Time to Declutter Certain Aspects of Your Life
5. Declutter Your Home Environment: Step 1 on the Path to Positive Change
6. Questions to Ask Before and As You Declutter and Reorganize Your Home and Personal Space
7. Important Questions to Ask During the Decluttering Process
8. Downsize Your Daily Habits, Enjoy a Lighter and More Peaceful Life
9. Decluttering Relationships: Unburden Yourself of the People and Activities that Weigh You Down
10. Cutting Back on Family Commitments Can Be a Really Smart Thing to Do
11. Your Personal Development: Letting Go of What's No Longer Relevant
12. Clearing Away the Non-Essentials of Your Career Life: Where to Start, What to Choose
13. A Spiritual Cleanse to Right You on the Path to Personal Fulfillment
14. A Consolidation of Your Hobbies and Pastimes to Make Room for What's Important in the Here and Now

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Mindfulness 10-Day Challenge PLR - 5800 words. With MS Word, Canva Doc, sales copy

Grow in Awareness

Awareness Exercise
A Mindful Morning
Before You Journal: Morning Mindfulness Exercise
Mindless vs. Mindful Comparison Sheet

Staying Mindful for Our Daily Tasks
Before You Journal... Mindful of My Day's Work
Mindless vs. Mindful in Your Daily Tasks and Chores

Mindful at Mealtime
Slowing Down to Savor
Before You Journal... Mindful About My Meals
Mindless vs. Mindful About Food and Eating

Relating Mindfully
Being Present for the People We Care About
Before You Journal... Practicing Mindfulness in Relationships
Mindless vs. Mindful in Your Relationships and Dealing With People

Mindful of Our Self-Talk
What's Your Inner Voice Saying to You?
Before You Journal... Mindful Self-Talk
Mindless vs. Mindful Self-Talk

Mindful Self-Care
Be Engaged in and Committed to Good Health
Before You Journal... Mindful Self-Care in Practice
Mindless vs. Mindful About Your Self-Care

Mindful Positivity
Be the Conscious Optimist
Before You Journal... Becoming the Mindful Optimist
Mindless vs. Mindful About Any Topic on Your Mind

Mindful Companions
Being Present for Our Pets
Before You Journal... Offer Your Pet the Gift of Mindfulness Today
Mindlessness vs. Mindfulness in How We Treat and Care for Our Pets

Self-Care Leads to Mindful Living
Before You Journal... Schedule Self-Care with a Goal of Being Mindful
Mindless vs. Mindful Self-Care and Stress Relief

DAY 10
Grow in Mindful Awareness
Before You Journal... Set Mindful Intentions

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10-Day Empowering Self-Talk Challenge with Private Label Rights

File Deliverables:


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Includes MS Word document, editable Canva template with printable pages, 2 bonus blog posts, and sales letter copy to market this as a digital coaching product.

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Time-Audit Your Life PLR Articles | Positive Psychology Content | 12 Articles or 7300 words total with private label rights

Titles include:

1. Time is an Illusion
2. Is Time Travel Possible?
3. What Time Is It? Interesting Historical Time Facts
4. The Issue of Lateness for Time-Challenged People
5. Time Auditing, a.k.a. Task Timing
6. Time is Money: Where You Spend Your Time Holds Value
7. Time to Say No (Creating Boundaries and Pruning Away the Less Important Stuff)
8. Try a Time Audit for Your Life
9. Use Mindfulness Meditation to Control Distractions and Improve Focus
10. Multi-Tasking: The Time Saver that's Actually a Time Waster
11. The Effect of Time on Your Sleep
12. Down Time: Taking Breaks Helps with Productivity


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What's With Mean People PLR Articles - 7500+ words total

Titles include:

1. What's With Mean People – Intro
2. Characteristics of Mean People
3. Mean People on the Internet
4. Why Are Some People Mean?
5. The Psychology of Mean People
6. What Do Mean People Think About?
7. The Odd Lack of Empathy in a Mean Person
8. The Real Reason You Stay with a Mean Person
9. Can Mean People Change?
10. The Social Impact of Mean People
11. How to Stop Mean People from Having their Way All the Time
12. How to Tell if a New Acquaintance is Mean
13. How to Tell if a Mean Person is Making Up or Twisting Stories About Others
14. How to Ditch a Mean Person

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Awareness PLR – 8000 words or 14 PLR Articles total

Using Awareness to Increase Emotional Intelligence, Improve Relationships and Inspire Personal Growth

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Audiences: Life Coaching, Positive Psych, Wellness

Titles include:

1. Becoming Aware of Our Own Awareness: The Emergency Awareness Mechanism
2. An Exercise in Time Awareness to Increase Your Productivity
3. Task Awareness Helps You Lock in on Priorities
4. To Sharpen Goal Setting Skills, Employ Results Awareness
5. Try a Tensing and Releasing Exercise to Increase Body Awareness
6. Sensory and Observational Awareness Tune Us Into the Subtle Nuances of Human Communication
7. Try an Exercise in Observational Awareness
8. To Increase Awareness and Connection with Others, Practice People-Watching
9. Active Listening as a Way to Increase Social Awareness
10. Increase Your Awareness to Improve Social Skills
11. Perspective Awareness and Seasons of Life Awareness Help Us Grow in Empathy
12. Empathy Versus Sympathy as It Relates to Awareness
13. Work on Awareness to Increase Your Emotional Intelligence
14. Use Awareness of Self-Talk + Self-Regulation to Shift Your Perspective
15. How to Solve Problems by Increasing Awareness: Take Responsiblity, Have Patience, and Practice Safety
16. Improve Interpersonal Skills at Work Using Informal and Social Awareness
17. Group-Structural Awareness as it Relates to Leadership
18. Deepen Your Sense of Mindful Awareness (Mindfulness)
19. Meditation Profoundly Increases "Present-Moment" Awareness
20. Offer the Gifts of Compassionate Awareness and Non-Judgment to Yourself and Others
21. Awareness in Action: Set SMART Goals
22. Sharpen Creative Awareness: Imagine, Play, Create
23. Sharing Your Awareness Through Writing
24. Live Aware

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How to Care Less About What Other People Think - PLR Articles - 14 Total or 8300+ words total

Titles include:

  1. Does Caring About What Other People Think Stop You From Knowing What YOU Think?
  2. Caring About What Others Think is Key to Human Survival... But So is Not Caring What They Think.
  3. Keeping the Perspective on Caring What Others Think... But Not Too Much.
  4. Why Do We Care What Other People Think? 
  5. Emotionally, Why Do We Care What Other People Think? 
  6. Is it a Good Idea to Stop Caring About What Other People Think? 
  7. How to Stop Letting Other People's Opinions Cripple Your Individuality 
  8. When We Worry Too Much About What Others Think, We Forfeit Our Right to Self Expression 
  9. How to Know if You Care Too Much About Other People's Opinions 
  10. Do You Care Too Much About Others' Opinions? Take the Assessment. 
  11. Best Teacher to Help You Stop Caring About What Others Think? Life Experience. 
  12. What Should You Do if Other People Make You Feel Judged or Criticized? 
  13. How to Deal with People Who Tell You What to Do or How to Live 
  14. Let's Work on Caring Less About What Others Think.

Screen shot of the content sample:

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"Toxic Relationships PLR: Escaping Toxic Relationships, Dealing with Toxic Personalities

Titles include:

1. We All Have That One Toxic Friend or Family Member
2. What Does a Toxic Relationship Look Like?
3. Healthy Relationships Versus Toxic Ones
4. Why Do We Stay in Toxic Relationships?
5. Why Is it So Hard to Just Leave a Toxic Relationship?
6. What Does it Take to Escape a Toxic Relationship With an Intimate Partner?
7. How Will You Know that Leaving a Toxic Relationship is the Right Thing to Do?
8. Should You Try Therapy with a Toxic Person?
9. How to Break it Off with a Toxic Person
10. Toxic People Are Everywhere. Here's What's Good About That.
11. How to Minimize Contact with Toxic People
12. Things Toxic People Do
13. Things Toxic People Say
14. Or are They Just Stuck in a Negative Communication Pattern?
15. Toxic People on Facebook: When Will the Madness End?
16. How to Handle a Toxic Argument on Social Media

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Life Coach PLR: How to Be a Strong Person PLR Articles - 15 Total or 8300 words with private label rights. NOW LIVE.

Titles include:

  1. What Does it Mean to be a Strong Person?
  2. What Are the Hallmark Traits of a Strong Person?
  3. Why is Personal Strength Vital to Your Happiness?
  4. Assess Your Self Worth. How Strong Are You?
  5. Steps You Can Take in Your Life to Become Stronger
  6. Mindful Living Makes Us Stronger
  7. Surround Yourself with People Who Help You Grow into a Strong Person
  8. Consistency is Essential to Being a Strong Person
  9. Does a Strong Person Have a Strong Personality? Not Always.
  10. Are You Strong? A Quick Assessment.
  11. Personal Strength Training 101
  12. Being Strong is Different from Being Controlling. Here's How.
  13. To be Strong, Get Good at Defending Your Personal Boundaries.
  14. How to Be a Strong Person Who Influences Others in Positive Ways
  15. To Become a Stronger Person, Find a Role Model

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