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Mindfulness Keyword Research to Help You Sell Your Digital Product and Help More People

Do you want to sell digital products that teach people about Mindfulness and Mindfulness Exercises?

Here at Wordfeeder PLR, the 2022 summer life coaching content theme is mindfulness. We have several meaty, white label content packs for you to pick up at value prices and turn into digital products to sell. You can even use some of the content to publish on your blog or make a short mindfulness handout to attract ready buyers to your list. 

WHAT types of professionals can and should teach mindfulness?

Coaches, therapists, counselors, nurses, teachers, trainers, guides, speakers

WHO wants to learn mindfulness? 

  • Your health and wellness readers
  • Your mental health, trauma recovery and psychology students/followers
  • Your audience who seeks to heal their energy
  • People in search of stress management techniques
  • Your life coaching followers
  • Your recovery coaching audience
  • Teachers, parents of students, educators in general
  • People in performance-based fields

The below keyword research on Mindfulness Exercises was taken from WordTracker.com. Here's what we know about keywords:

  • The more general the term, the more searches happen in a month. The more specific or drilled-down the search, the fewer searches happen in a month.
  • The more broad your search terms, the more competition you'll have from other marketers, AND the less likely you are to attract ready buyers in the first place.
  • The more specific and drilled down your keywords, the fewer monthly searches are likely to occur.

The drilled-down keyword searches that do happen will be very likely conducted by people who are actively hunting the internet with the intention of making a purchase.

Even if they don't purchase today, people who drill down with their word searches are more likely to visit your site, read your advice and sign up out of genuine fascination with the subject matter.

Think about this: 200 people who searched "mindulness exercises for teens" seems like a less exciting number than 15,000 people who searched for mindfulness.

BUT, 200 searches in a month is still a pretty good number if you're hoping for high conversions of your info products. 

Here's the keyword search results for Mindfulness Exercises in summer of 2022.

Hope you use these to tune up your blog posts with the right phrases for your audience, so you can be found by ready buyers, and get your digital products into the right hands!

Mindfulness Keyword Research - August 2022

  • Mindfulness exercises 9300 searches in a month
  • Mindfulness activities 5458
  • Practice mindfulness 4900
  • Mindfulness techniques 2750
  • Mindfulness activities for adults 1425
  • Mindful waking 1057
  • Mindfulness activities for teenagers 1052
  • Mindfulness exercises for anxiety 907
  • Mindfulness skills 837
  • Mindfulness breathing exercises 776
  • Mindfulness meditation exercises 690
  • Mindfulness group activities 685
  • Mindfulness exercises for adults 598
  • Mindfulness exercises for groups 598
  • Mindfulness techniques for anxiety 523
  • Mindfulness strategies 376
  • Mindfulness exercises PDF 358
  • Mindfulness art therapy activities 328
  • Mindfulness exercises for teens 236
  • Mindful breathing meditation 209
  • Mindful walking meditation 202
  • 5 minute mindfulness activities 185
  • Mindfulness activities for middle schoolers 131
  • Simple mindfulness exercises 130

Want Mindfulness PLR Content to Brand and Sell Digital Products that Help People?

Wordfeeder has thoughtfully-written, professional-quality content for you that speaks to mindfulness seekers. Choose from our brand new Mindfulness Exercises PLR (written content + images), 10-Day Mindfulness Journaling Challenge PLR, or  "Mindfulness Every Day" 15 Mindfulness PLR articles with private label rights. Order all 3 packs, and you have enough content to launch and market a mindulness coaching product AND use the content for your one-on-one work with clients.

Mindfulness Exercises PLR + Images

10-Day Mindfulness Journaling Challenge PLR with MS Word doc + Canva Template

"Mindfulness Every Day" 15 Mindfulness PLR Articles+ Images

If you work as a Life Coach PLR Monthly Members, you might already have some of this content in your Wordfeeder paid account.

IF you  are ALREADY A LIFE COACH PLR MONTHLY MEMBER, you will be able to download the 10-Day Mindfulness Journaling Challenge AND the "Mindfulness Every Day" 15 Mindfulness Articles and matching Mindfulness Images from inside your PAID member account right now. (The links I just gave you go directly to the product pages for download. If you don't get files to download it means you did not order.) You must log in from those links to access.