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Legal Disclaimers and Disclosures

It is our goal to offer you excellent customer service and satisfaction. Please direct any complaints or positive feedback to dina@wordfeeder.com.

Please Note:

Due to the nature of the deliverable (once emailed, PLR cannot be returned), +we do not offer refunds for content that you purchase on our site. Even if you find an error or two, you will be able to utilize the information that you have purchased. You are free to change this content any way you like.

Permission-Based Email Policy

You are in control of the email address where you receive communication with our website. You may sign up, change the address where we contact you, remove your email from our mailing list, and re-subscribe as needed.

We do not add subscribers to our email list. However, anyone who makes a purchase is automatically added to our list. In order to make a purchase on our website, you must first sign up as a member. In doing so, you offer permission for us to contact you via email in order to provide details about the product. Once the product is obtained, you are free to unsubscribe to our emails. However, please note that unsubscribing may cause you to miss an important future communication related to your purchase. Please choose the email where you sign up to receive our mails wisely.

Privacy Policy

We respect your email privacy. The information you provide when signing up to receive our emails will never be sold, rented or shared. When you make a purchase through our website, the information you provided when creating your member account is visible to our administrators. It is not shared.

Your purchase and account information remains on our website for 2 years. Any third-party website such as PayPal to which you may have supplied personal information, is outside of our control and responsibility.

If you wish to anonymize, or delete personal details from an account you created on our website, please contact dina@wordfeeder.com.

You will be contacted via email once your member account and all associated purchases have been anonymized. Please note that payment information on any purchases you may have made will be retained for tax purposes.

SSL Encryption

This website employs Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption to ensure that your user experience and any purchases made here remain safe and secure. All information is encypted for your safety and security.

Any personal information you provide when signing up as a member or editing member details, such as name and email address, may at times be visible to the administrators of our website. Your personal information is not shared with CGI Central or aMember Pro.

The original IP address you use to sign up, as well as any other IP address that you log in with, is visible to the administrators and technicians of our website via our member software. It is not shared with outside parties.

Cookie Policy

This website makes use of "sessions cookies" to track customer purchases. We do not store cookies for customer tracking purposes. Please note that your use of this website and your purchasing of our products implies your express consent of the use of session cookies.

Disabling cookies from our website will impact the funcionality of our site. If you wish to use our services and submit information via our forms, cookies must be enabled.

If you sign up as an affiliate of our website but then set your browser to not accept cookies from our website, you will lose the association needed to credit your account each time a sale is made via your affiliate link.

This website processes payments through PayPal. We are not responsible for or liable for any content on or actions taken by this or any other third-party website.

Children's Privacy Act

This website does not permit children under age 13 to submit information via our forms or make use of our products and services. We do not collect identifiable information from individuals under 13 years of age.

Any member account which is discovered to have been created by a person under the age of 13 will be deleted immediately.

Affiliate Disclosure

Some links on Wordfeeder.com lead to other people's websites. I ONLY share links to products and services that I trust, recommend, and either have purchased, or would purchase myself because I'm personally familiar with the source of said products and services.

If you click an affiliate link on my site that results in a sale, your purchase generates passive income for me. My affiliate earnings help me contribute to our family's household income. Thank you for your support!

Affiliate income offers several advantages. One, it helps bring together great people and great companies. Two, it's a nice way to make extra money, or even a respectable living, depending on how much income you generate.

If you'd like to support Wordfeeder's PLR content sales while making money as our affiliate, then sign up by clicking "affiliates" in the top navigation.

Information Disclaimer

Wordfeeder is in no way responsible for any loss or damages that may result directly or indirectly as a result of using or applying the information we supply via our website. None of the information provided by our site is meant to serve as medical advice or legal counsel.

Earnings Disclaimer

We make no guarantees as to the amount of earnings you may experience as a result of applying any of the advice, tools or products provided on our website.