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Buy Prewritten Blog Posts

Stop Procrastinating Posting in Your Blog. We Have Prewritten Blog Posts for You to Customize and Use

Procrastinating your blog again? Instead of randomly posting an article in your blog, then sharing the link to your mom, sister and cousins on Facebook, you need a better strategy. Here it is:

Think of a topic that you'd like to coach, teach or sell a digital product for that helps people learn something new, or solve a problem.

Start talking about it on your blog. Make a category for it. Then post to that category daily.

You can also create an entire niche blog around solving ONE problem, with the goal of selling ONE ebook from that blog. Like "How to Raise Respectful Kids Without Yelling" or "How to Host a Garage Sale." Each of those topics is ONE blog with ONE digital ebook to sell, and you post articles on your blog that speak to the topic, EVERY day.

If you work as a coach online, dedicate a month or a season to posting on your blog about ONE topic or problem people want to solve.

The formula for posting each new blog post is simple:

Most bloggers add a pop-up form right away to get people on your list. MANY READERS FIND THIS ANNOYING. That's why you want to add the link at the end of the article. It will help you convert signups who have read to the bottom and are genuinely interested in learning more from you.

You can use the SAME blog post package that you purchased, to make an ebook (info product) to sell. It's a good idea to tweak and tool the content a bit before doing this.

When you download the articles with private label rights that you purchase from Wordeeder, do this:

  1. Save a copy to make into a paid info product.
  2. Save another copy to edit, change, and turn into shorter versions, for your blog.

You can also just take the articles you purchase, and start posting modified versions of them in your blog, to repurpose later and make the info product to sell!

No matter what your strategy, the more topic-specific or deep content you share to your blog, the more sales you're likely to convert once you launch your digital products, announce your coaching or teaching program, or promote your services.

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