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Wordfeeder Smart Coach Business, Life Coach and Weight Loss Memberships Are Currently Closed.

Wordfeeder offers an exclusive, Smart Coach PLR monthly membership that delivers a high volume of high quality written content. Clients use this content to publish ebooks, emailed courses and coaching packages.

Our Smart Coach membership enrollment is currently CLOSED to new sign-ups.

If you would like to be notified of when enrollment opens again, click here and sign up for our Basic PLR membership for just $10.

You will instantly receive 20 to 40 free sample article packs to edit and publish as your own.

Here is what our existing Smart Coach PLR members have access to.

Use the content to get known as an authority in your niche, invite new subscribers, coach, run memberships, and sell info products online.

Complete content marketing tasks in a timely and effective fashion.

How to Best Take Advantage of Your Smart Coach Monthly PLR Membership(s):

Step 1: Log into your Wordfeeder Member area and navigate to the page in your member area that contains the current downloads for your Business, Life Coach or Weight Loss PLR Membership.

Step 2: Choose an article topic that meets your marketing needs, or provides support to your clients and followers. EXAMPLE: "Keys to Becoming a Successful Business Coach", for your online business audience.

Step 3: Download your MS Word or Google Doc file. Open it and peruse the included articles (around 15 total on that single topic of choice, or the 7K+ word equivalent).

Step 4: Choose a task that you'd like to tackle using the included content. EXAMPLE: You'd like to send an email blast that shares one out of the 15 articles. Highlight and copy the text from that article.

Step 5: Launch your publishing platform of choice (in this case, if you're creating a newsletter, it'll be your email list manager, such as Aweber). Start a new post or broadcast. Paste the text in. Customize any parts you'd like to change, such as the title or body text details. Add any necessary details, such as a greeting and sign-off.

Step 6: Add a call to action. Is there a list you'd like your readers to sign up for? Maybe you're planning on launching a mini course to help your new business coaches and coaches in training push start on their business plans and dreams. This is the opportunity to gauge interest by offiering a sign-up to get them on a separate list.

Step 7: Publish!

What would have easily taken you five hours to write and edit ONE article, took you about 30 minutes to complete one content marketing action (again, in this case it was sending an email blast).

STOP paying thousands to freelancers or doing it all yourself. We write the articles, you edit and publish. Easy, quick, economical and awesome for your business and brand growth.

Sign up here to be notified of when our Smart Coach PLR Membership Enrollment opens again.

If you have recently been active as a Smart Coach member and need help accessing your content or staying current with member dues, email dina@wordfeeder.com.