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Meditation and Yoga Ecourse PLR: How Detailed Should You Get in Your Ecourse?


Continuing on with our discussion on how to use pre-written content to fill up your health and wellness ecourse...

What Else Would Your Readers Want to Learn? How About Meditation?

Moving on with our quest for prewritten content to make into an ecourse… there are other, yoga, health and stress-related packs in Master PLR's content arsenal. Here's another topic that relates to yoga and stress-relief: meditation.

Many people do not understand meditation - what it is, or how it's done. But they've likely heard that it can improve their lives by bringing a sense of calm clarity. So, they'r eager to learn more about it.

Here's a meditation private label rights content pack that you could include in your health and wellness ecourse if you wanted to:

Meditation PLR from Master PLR

The 10 Meditation articles included in this pack are:

In addition to the articles, here's what else is included:

As you can see, pre-written meditation content that was purchased from a reputable source can greatly enhance and "beef up" any holistic health ecourse that you plan to create and sell.

How Detailed Do You Want to Get in Your Ecourse?

Before we go on searching for more healthy living, stress and yoga related content… it may be time to consider how far you want to go with your ecourse. The more information you include, the more you can charge for it. And of course, the more time it will take to organize, add your branding, finesse and perfect until it looks, feels and sounds like you. Keep this in the back of your mind as you continue to search for done-for-you articles and ebook content to include in your ecourse.

So, since we're on the topic of yoga, let's take a look at what other topics are available from Master PLR as related to yoga content. I'm continuing to search Master PLR because their content packs are likely to complement each other and be an offshoot of a single topic.

Should You Stick With Beginner Knowledge, or Go In-Depth?

There will come a point in creating this ecourse from PLR where you might ask yourself: just how much content will I need? And you may think that if, say, you wanted even more information on yoga to put in your ecourse, you could find it from other PLR sellers than the one site you've been shopping on (in this case, Master PLR).

What you would NOT want to do, if you were creating a yoga for stress ecourse, is to go around to different PLR sellers and pick up the cheapest packs that cover "beginner" knowledge.

Content packs that are tailored to newbies are the easiest to write, which is why they're plentiful online. Having repeat topics like this is absolutely fine if you're publishing to your blog. This is because your blog will drive people in who want to know more. So, your "yoga for newbies" content will ALWAYS attract more signups if you continue to post a variety of different articles that speak to new learners.

Your ecourse, however, should be a bit more in-depth. So a topic like Kundalini yoga, which has become more known in recent years, might be something to include for people who hope to go deeper with their knowledge and understanding of yoga as a holistic health practice.

Master PLR has a Kundalini Yoga pack that's definitely worth a peek.

Kundalini Yoga

This PLR pack from Master PLR has already been made into a rebrandable, special report on Kundalini yoga. So you could pop it right into your ecourse (ebook?) as its own section. Or, you might tell customers that they get a bonus with purchase - and it's sought-after information on Kundalini yoga which is the next big craze in the holistic health realm.

Here's what's included in this PLR pack:

A report – 2,145 words long and 13 pages. It has a table of contents, disclaimer and conclusion…and great content

What Else Might They Want to Know?

Another area of life that may change for your readers once they incorporate a routine yoga practice, is eating. Mindful eating is extremely important to our health and well-being. And yet, it's so often overlooked in our stressed-out world where people sail through the drive-through and gobble on the go.

But once people begin a yoga practice, they will find that emotional eating suddenly takes a back seat to stretching. Interestingly, once the whole yoga light bulb turns on for them, they are much more likely to choose yoga as a response to stress or tension.

Also, people who embrace a habitual yoga practice may also notice that it takes less food than it previously did to help them stay full.

Thus, mindful eating may be something they want to know more about, as they plunge deeper into mind-body awareness thanks to yoga.

If your customers are searching for ways to calm down, keep stress at bay, live healthier and be happier, then mindful eating could be something that strikes their curiosity. Master PLR has a superb content pack that covers this topic in detail. This content is already in ebook format, which makes it super easy to add to your existing holistic health ecourse.

Eating Mindfully PLR

·  ebook “Mindful Eating – Eat Mindfully for Better Emotional and Physical Health”

·  It contains 14 pages, 2,099 words with introduction, disclaimer and conclusion.

·  Table of contents with hyperlinked pages.

·  Plus, fully formatted and royalty free, commercial use images.

·  eCover Graphics – 4 different styles to choose from, plus provided in JPG and PNG formats.

·  PSD file included for editing.


Think 14 pages of detailed information on mindful eating would be well received as part of this ecourse by people who want to get healthier, be less stressed and practice routine self care? Chances are good that the mindful eating portion of your ecourse will flow nicely along with the rest of the content.

I don't have time to read all this, Dina. Yes, I'd like the MS Word version of this emailed to me after I sign up for Wordfeeder's FREE PLR Membership.

Yes, I'm going to keep on reading and learning.

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