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Your Options for Creating a DIY Ecourse Using Pre-Written Content

There are a couple of ways to handle creating an ecourse that makes you money while working with limited funds. These are:

OPTION 1: Purchase an "Ecourse-in-a-Box" Style of Rebrandable Online Course

Purchase pre-written content (PLR) packs from reputable sources, which you can then edit and brand before arranging in a pleasing ecourse format to present to your readers. Sounds simple, but it could get complicated depending on how much you plan to change the content you purchase and morph it into your own, unique creation.

Purchase an entire ecourse that you can customize with your own special touches and use as teaching materials. This is really pretty perfect if you're a business expert or coach who works one on one helping clients build their businesses.

I have several sources of rebrandable e-course content that I'd wholeheartedly recommend because it's created by intelligent, hardworking people who have experience in launching and running ecourses.

Not only would buying a pre-designed, pre-written ecourse template make total sense for both your budget and your timeframe, BUT you'd also have access to the ecourse creators, who could walk you through the teaching process so that you can ensure the highest comfort level with the course material before sharing with your clients.

(And as far as timing... chances are, you'd prefer to launch within a week or two, and be ready to promote all over the place so you can start taking payments immediately, right?)

OPTION 2: Buy Pre-written, Private Label Rights Content, Turn it Into an Online Course

This ecourse creation solution could be for people who may not have much experience with coaching or who just don't feel ready for a soup-to-nuts rebrandable ecourse kit. Maybe you want more control over the project and the budget.

Maybe you ONLY want to offer your ecourse as an e-guide download, and an autoresponder, and you aren't ready for more complex elements that may be offered in Option 1.

OR... maybe you just enjoy mixing and matching different content packs to enhance your coaching courses and add more value. PLR articles and ebook content make it really easy to do that!

How will you know if the done-for-you ecourse content that you purchase is legit?

Not all PLR is created alike. You may know this if you've purchased PLR before and found it to be lacking in some way. As a long-time copywriter with a rep to protect, I understand where you're coming from. No good coach would want to share content that features wrong information, bad writing, or poorly developed ideas.

Instead, you want exceptional quality content that teaches, informs, inspires, imparts knowledge, and tells a story. You could create it from scratch, if you like. But why do that when the're already so much awesome content out there to add to your products?

At Wordfeeder, quality content is a must. We offer two types of ecourse content for you. The first type is in-house, written by me or my writer friends. The other is private label rights content that comes from people I know in the PLR industry.

I only work with a handful of PLR providers. That's because I want to make sure you're getting the cream of the crop in online content!

I don't have time to read all this, Dina. Yes, I'd like the MS Word version of this emailed to me after I sign up for Wordfeeder's FREE PLR Membership.

Yes, I'm going to keep on reading and learning.

This DIY Ecourse Development Series from Wordfeeder PLR includes...

  1. Ecourse Creation from Scratch
  2. Your Options for Creating a DIY E-Course
  3. DIY Online Course Creation: Hot, Evergreen Topics in Online Business
  4. Brainstorming Your Online Course: What Do Coaching Clients Want?
  5. Choosing a Re-Brandable E-Course to Sell Via Your Blog
  6. Ecourse Readiness Checklist
  7. Teaching Ecourses: Performance Anxiety and How to Blow Past It
  8. Stepping Back to Assess: What About Stress in Your Self Care Ecourse?
  9. Yoga and Stress Relief Ecourse Content

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