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What About Conquering The Performance Anxiety Aspect of Teaching Ecourses?

Another thing that may hold you back from taking the plunge into selling ecourses is the performance anxiety factor. If you buy pre-written ecourse materials... who's to say you'll be able to actually TEACH them?

Thankfully, I have friends who create e-course solutions that tackle this issue. Business Consultant and Online Selling Expert Kelly McCausey has created a tremendously high-value e-course-in-a-box that you can not only customize to your own niche and teachings, BUT she even gives you step-by-step implementation training so that you'll know exactly how to turn around and teach this ecourse to others.

Here's A Powerful, 4-Week Workshop with full PLR rights... and it INCLUDES comprehensive training That You Can Use to Train Others

Kelly McCausey says it best when she says, "A lot of time and money are lost when folks chase business ideas that don't suit their personality, skills or desired lifestyle. We can skip right past all that regret by crafting our business choices around all the best we have available to bring to the table."

Each module of Kelly's rebrandable ecourse includes a Teaching Guide, Slide Decks and Student Worksheets that you can easily adapt and brand. You'll even get a simple sales page to modify and use as your own!

Kelly's e-course modules guide participants through the following:


MODULE #1: Start With Knowing Yourself

Worksheets help your reader on the path to self discovery with an assessment of personality type, spiritual gifts, skillset, entrepreneurial experience, relationship priorityes, personal and business values, financial goals, inspiration, and vision casting.

MODULE #2: Target Market: Who Will You Serve With Your Business?

A series of worksheets to help clients get clear on their USP, client attraction factor, community development potential, master needs list, content sources, top paid products, social hubs to zero in on, and crafting of community profiles.

MODULE #3a: Designing Your Brand: How Will Others View & Be Attracted To Your Business?

Worksheets Include a more in-depth exploration of the USP (unique service proposition), goals for what and how to reveal your unique personality to your community, business culture for success, and domain name selections for your blog or website.

MODULE #3b: Visual Branding: What Will People See?

Walk through all the key elements of design and brand development, including color palette selection, logo style, images that suit your brand, and how to keep visuals congruent with your message.

MODULE #4: Platform Solutions: What Tools Will You Use To Launch Your Business?

Video Introductions to online business expert Kelly McCausey's favorite tools:
1. WordPress
2. Studiopress/Genesis Themes
3. Aweber
4. Leadpages
5. PayPal
6. Amember
7. Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools
8. Useful Plugins
9. Basic WordPress Management Demonstrations

You'll receive Kelly's teachings as a recording and transcript. Use the recordings to train yourself, then use the transcript to teach your own Workshop. All related ecourse documents will be made available for your teaching use as well.

For just $97, you can run through the course for your own business. When you've completed everything, customize, brand and teach to your own people! Learn more and order on Kelly's sales page.

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Please note that the links contained in this document contain my affiliate ID. The commissions that I earn when you purchase through my links help me to support my family, so thank you!

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